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By Seth Mischke Head Track and Field Coach Black Hills State University.

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1 By Seth Mischke Head Track and Field Coach Black Hills State University

2  Keep area clean and clear of potential dangers  Grip – too wide, too narrow, just right  Carry-Fluid, comfortable, quiet  Sprint Posture – Tall, cycling, out front not behind body, attacking mentality  One continuous motion is the goal  Understand pole/athlete relationship (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!)

3  THE most important part of the vault for most athletes no matter skill level. Moving the pole to the bar!!!!!!!!!!!!  Stay out in front with mechanics  Attacking last 4-6 total steps (accelerate with purpose)  Early, high and “in front” planting action  Goal #1 – transfer as much approach energy into pole as possible in the proper direction

4  Keep it simple  Establish direction down the middle, and keep pole moving towards the bar  Deceleration phase of vault (hopefully the only one)  Nice vertical stretch at take-off as you move/push the pole towards the bar. Think of top hand and trail leg ankle being the forces that keep the pole moving towards the bar (storing energy!).  Be light on the pole as you flow up into the swing (swing from the hands)  Bending and unbending of the pole only, NO double bending or sinking

5  Invert and turn, should happen almost simultaneous – Right hand to right hip (right handed vaulter)  Here you are re-accelerating vertically up the tube and not stopping that mindset until you leave the pole  Skinny – wide – skinny: get back to skinny as soon as you can  Complete the turn around the axis and get off the pole!!


7  Again, keep it simple  Pike to hollowing out  Thumbs down, elbows up!  Stay in the moment until you exit pit

8  Monday – speed/vaulting  Tuesday – conditioning (specific workout, vault specific circuit, etc…) weights  Wednesday – lighter activity day……..drills, mental reps  Thursday – vault day w/speed endurance work, weights  Friday – pre-meet activity  Saturday – COMPETE, TRAIN, LEARN!

9  Hanging v-ups  Hanging v-ups with pause  Hanging v-ups to bubka  Bubka’s  Pausing bubka’s  Any swinging activities (monkey bars, one- armed, two-armed)  Swimming (crawl stroke, butterfly, one- arm pulls)  Pool vaulting

10 Pole Bend Too Little Normal Too Much Landing Short Deep Very Short Slightly Short Slightly Deep Short Deep Adjustment Retire pole Raise Grip Softer Pole Standards Up Standards Back Lower Grip Stiffer Pole By Bryan Carrel Gill Athletics


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