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Sherri Gansen, Product Strategist January 28, 2007 Session 106 – SmartSystems™ Does What? Tips and Tricks for Leveraging SmartSystems.

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1 Sherri Gansen, Product Strategist January 28, 2007 Session 106 – SmartSystems™ Does What? Tips and Tricks for Leveraging SmartSystems

2 Slide 2 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Agenda SmartSystems Foundation v3.21 is available Tips & FAQs Sneak peek – Upcoming Features

3 Slide 3 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL When should I use SmartSystems Foundation? When should I use a different product? Start with SmartSystems Foundation Ships on every Intermec computer as default method for handling common device mgmt tasks Also shipping on printers & RFID readers Basic Console/Server available via free download Advanced AutoDeploy Features licensed at Server (no per device fee) Example: Use 15 device license to upgrade 30 computers by managing as 2 groups (15 devices each). OS update capability tested with each OS release

4 Slide 4 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL One size doesn’t fit all. Get SmartSystems support with following products ProductStrengths SmartSystems Foundation  Basic device mgmt (No charge)  Shipped on every Intermec computer, latest printers & RFID readers. Peripheral support.  Advanced AutoDeploy features licensed at Server (no per device fee)  OS upgrades for Intermec equipment, Intermec Update Wavelink Avalanche  In-premise device mgmt  Scheduling for unattended updates  Mgmt of wireless infrastructure, printers, and RFID readers  Supports multi-vendor installations GATC Skynax  In-field device mgmt (DSD, field service, POD)  Robust, enterprise-level data mgmt for thick client apps (6920 replacement) SOTI MobiControl  Remote Control & Help Desk functionality for support organizations  Supports multi-vendor installations

5 Slide 5 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Installation Tips Read the release notes! SQL Server Install on networked pc requires authentication to network Intermec users -- This means you need to be on the VPN Understand your network Active Directory security policies? Let the network administrator know you need to create local user account on server with rights to run services

6 Slide 6 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Networking Tips Ways to connect devices to SmartSystems Server Connect via ActiveSync (1 device at a time) Discovery Out of Box WLAN -- Open Access Point (SSID = INTERMEC) Ethernet -- DHCP Previously deployed devices Device must typically be on same local network as Server Associate Device with a Server (i.e. Enrollment) Also prevents device from being discovered by other servers

7 Slide 7 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Ways to Associate Device with Server Use the new “Server Association” option to associate a device with a preferred Server Associate with current server by accepting IP. OR enter IP address of target server

8 Slide 8 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Provide IP address of SmartSystems Server to associate device with Intermec Settings also provides methods to Associate devices with a preferred Server. Access these settings by using the Console or the Intermec Settings applet on computer. OR provide Name of SmartSystems Server to associate device with. When Server Name used, devices without the name are filtered. Assign a name to your SmartSystems Server via Core Messaging Server -> Intermec Settings.

9 Slide 9 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Automatically discover new devices when they’re added to the network by turning on the “Broadcast Interval”. To access option: Core Messaging Server -> Intermec Settings.

10 Slide 10 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Limit discovery traffic by disabling network adapters for unwanted networks. Ex – If your Server has ethernet & wireless connection, disable wireless adapter to limit discovery activity to ethernet network. Configure “keep alive” messages. Important for use on WWAN networks

11 Slide 11 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Is there an easy way to configure static IP addresses? Use the “Prompt During Restore” option Create a back-up that includes all common settings Designate the IP address as being unique per device Drag settings to each device You’ll be prompted to enter an IP address for the device




15 Slide 15 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Drag settings to device. You’ll be prompted for device IP address.

16 Slide 16 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Can you show me how to upgrade OS/SSPB? Example: Upgrade CN3 to OS v3.23, SSPB v5.30 For 1 or 2 CN3’s use an Active-Sync connection to upgrade one computer at a time. You’ll need: CN3 USB single dock & USB cable Active-Sync v4.0 or later SmartSystems Foundation No Screwdrivers Required!

17 Slide 17 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Step 1 – Dock the CN3 & initiate guest ActiveSync Connection ActiveSync Monitor (Select “close on disconnect” if using ActiveSync for multiple computers)

18 Slide 18 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Step 2 – Drag OS from software vault and drop on CN3, then wait while OS files copied to CN3 Watch Upgrade Server to monitor upgrade status

19 Slide 19 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Step 3 – Wait while CN3 reflashes. Calibrate CN3 screen after OS update is complete. CN3 loses network connectivity during flash process

20 Slide 20 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Step 4 – Wait for CN3 to regain network connection. Then drag SSPB from software vault and drop onto CN3. Wait for SSPB files to be copied. CN3 comes back on-line when OS upgrade complete.

21 Slide 21 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL CN3 loses network connectivity during reboot after SSPB upgrade. CN3 comes back on-line after reboot. Step 5 – Wait for SSPB to load. Upgrade is complete!

22 Slide 22 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL How can I automate the process of updating OS/SSPB on a large population of CN3’s? No Screwdrivers Required! Choose your connection: DHCP Ethernet IP Addresses auto-assigned Wireless via Open Access Point SSID = INTERMEC No WEP key or other Security OS updates over WWAN not advised due to size of OS/SSPB and data costs Use AutoDeploy to upgrade multiple computers at once (Requires AutoDeploy license)

23 Slide 23 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL AutoDeploy Saves Time Upgrading Computers

24 Slide 24 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Max# of CN3s in folder depends on # licenses. i.e. 15 device license = Max of 15 devices in folder at once. Step 1 – Group CN3’s into logical groups. Create folder for each group, and drag CN3s to folder. NOTE: AutoDeploy license required

25 Slide 25 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Step 2 – Drag OS from software vault & drop on folder.

26 Slide 26 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Step 3 – Open the Upgrade Monitor to monitor upgrades for each computer.

27 Slide 27 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Tranfer Status of Entire OS Bundle Transfer Status of Current File Upgrade Status

28 Slide 28 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Step 4 – Wait while CN3’s reflash. Calibrate each CN3 screen after OS update is complete. CN3s loses network connectivity during flash process This is the view when selecting the folder during the upgrade.

29 Slide 29 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Step 5 – Wait for CN3s to regain network connection. Then drag SSPB from software vault and drop onto folder. Wait for SSPB files to be copied.

30 Slide 30 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Step 6 – Upgrade is complete after SSPB loads and CN3s reboot & return on-line.

31 Slide 31 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL How can I automate the process of updating settings? Use AutoDeploy to update settings on multiple computers Drag & drop settings on a folder Same process we just reviewed for OS/SSPB updates Can also be used to upgrade software OR designate a golden configuration that will be deployed to the computer when it initially connects to the SmartSystems Server Can also use SmartSystems DHCP client to deploy software & settings Example: Use AutoDeploy to update CN3 Settings

32 Slide 32 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL AutoDeploy Saves Time Configuring Computers

33 Slide 33 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Configure one device & back-up settings. Designate this as your golden configuration.

34 Slide 34 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL This is your golden configuration for CN3 computers. When CN3 initially connect to the server, these settings will be pushed to CN3 without user or administrator interaction.

35 Slide 35 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL How can I update devices in remote locations? Admin & Server located in central location, devices located remotely Devices must be associated with Server Must have network connectivity between Server and devices Devices may be managed via central Server Admin located in central location, Server & devices located in remote location Use Remote Desktop (standard in Windows XP) to access remote Server Manage devices using remote server NOTE: Devices must be online – no scheduled updates

36 Slide 36 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL How can I use SmartSystems to configure and update peripherals? Peripherals treated as slave devices and Configured via a host computer Examples: SF51 Scanner PB42 Printer

37 Slide 37 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL How do you use the Bundle Tool? Helps integrators, developers, or other IT personnel package their software for use with SmartSystems Foundation Software Bundles appears in software vault Software Tools appear as right-click options Available as a separate download Can also install software to devices by dragging from the desktop (doesn’t have to be in software vault) Provide device installation directory

38 Slide 38 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Package your software for installation in Console Software Vault Example: Use Bundle Tool to package Microsoft Remote Display for use with Software Vault (Can also add a right-click option to launch Remote Display) Open an Existing Bundle such as TE 2000 or iBrowse to see example of Bundle settings Context sensitive help also provides hints on use


40 Slide 40 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Provide path name for an icon. Icon will display when software installed in software vault Select “Package, Upgrade, CAB” to package an existing CAB file. (Most commonly used bundle type.)

41 Slide 41 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Select target devices for this software. (i.e. which products will this CAB file run on?) Can select more than one. Common devices are listed. Can key in device name if it doesn’t appear in list.

42 Slide 42 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Hardware mask prevents software from being installed on a non-supported device. (Ex. Only install GPS app on CN3 that supports GPS) Mask based on config string ?, * as wildcards (Ex. CN3* -- installs software on all CN3 computers) What will install your CAB? Usually autocab or or wceload to install mobile apps. Can be blank.

43 Slide 43 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Add files to be packaged in the bundle Source – Where can the bundle tool grab the file from? Destination – Where the file be installed when it is sent to the computer? “Add” adds a file to the list

44 Slide 44 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL For this example, leave this screen blank. Press Next. Press “Done” to build bundle Optional – Add a bitmap that will be displayed while someone installs your bundle Optional – Add licensing terms for use of the bundle

45 Slide 45 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Screen displays after bundle is built. Click “Finish” Click “Yes” to test bundle Click “No” to grab.exe for use on other SmartSystems Servers (just need exe)

46 Slide 46 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL How does the License Server Work? Eliminates many of the hassles associated with managing client licenses Licenses activated for use with specific SmartSystems License Server (vs. specific mobile computer) No need to provide device serial#s in order to receive your license License not permanently tied to ONE mobile computer -- Transfer client licenses between the license pool & mobile computer as needed Provides tools to track and manage licenses owned/available, maintenance expiration/renewal Several easy methods to distribute TE licenses (require Server Connection): Automated license distribution – License Server automatically grants license at application start-up – No user intervention required Drag and drop license distribution – Licenses are displayed in product vault. Drag license to a computer prior to or after application start-up. Return licenses to license pool via Intermec Settings option or automatically upon TE exit

47 Slide 47 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Create License files for use outside SmartSystems You can distribute licenses using other methods To create a license file that can be distributed via any file transfer method: Gather List of Device ID/Serial#s Import (or manually enter) list into License Server License Server exports licenses from the pool & generates ONE file that is valid for use on any computer on device ID/Serial# list No painful 1:1 matching of keys and computers Transfer file to mobile computer just like any other file Exported licenses cannot be returned to the license pool managed by the SmartSystems License Server OR reassigned to other computers without product support assistance

48 Slide 48 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL View Licenses Owned / Track Maintenance Product Name. TE licenses NOT platform specific License Expiration Date. Purchased TE licenses are perpetual and have no expiration date. Maint Expiration Date set when maint purchased. Typically 1 year. License valid for use with updates released prior to exp date Status changes to alert administrator that maintenance is nearing expiration or has expired. Qty of licenses owned and assigned to current SmartSystems Server. Unused licenses

49 Slide 49 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL I’ve tried tweaking device settings by hacking the settings.xml file. Is there any documentation on how to do this? Intermec Settings Options are documented in the context sensitive help displayed in the SmartSystems Console when “Intermec Settings” is running See the Intermec Settings prototype at the Solution Center Contains “favorites” so you can focus on a subset of settings vs. all settings

50 Slide 50 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Intermec Update: Software Updates Delivered to your Desktop For administrators, integrators & developers using Intermec equipment Similar to “Windows Update” found on your PC Learn about the latest updates with automated or on-demand notification Easily accept & download updates to your desktop Get “Intermec Update” by installing SmartSystems Foundation v3.20

51 Slide 51 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Notifications Appear Automatically. Or You can check for updates On-demand.


53 Slide 53 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Updates are deposited into Software Vault for easy distribution to devices Intermec Update

54 Slide 54 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Create an SD card image. Useful for OS updates. -Prevents digging through directory structure to find files -Prevents keeping multiple copies of files Create Software bundles from existing settings files. - Useful for sending info to support for debug purposes - Useful for sharing config files between servers

55 Slide 55 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Can’t find a computer? Send it a message Administrators can send simple text messages to a single mobile computer or a group of mobile computers. Send audio tone to device to locate the device. Please note that this feature is intended for device administrators, it is not a 2-way “instant messaging” feature. (Beep feature not supported on CE 4.2/5.0 devices)

56 Slide 56 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Upcoming Features

57 Slide 57 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Scan to Connect Scan network settings to connect computer to network Easy Non-technical users can perform network provisioning Secure Works on secure WLAN network. No open access point needed. Saves Time & Money Administrator creates network configuration, then forwards barcodes where needed See the demo in the Solution Center

58 Slide 58 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL For CN3 GPS Users… Automated, over-the-air ephemeris data updates Ephemeris data improves GPS time to first fix, but must be updated weekly Automatic updates via web eliminate need for special update procedure Features: Enable/Disable (disabled by default) Select update frequency & time window Updates occur in background Can use SmartSystems Console to retrieve & distribute updates if WWAN connection not available SmartSystems Console not required if CN3 obtains update via web

59 Slide 59 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL User Interface Updates for SmartSystems Console

60 Slide 60 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Comments or Questions

61 Thank You!

62 Slide 62 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL SmartSystems™ Making it easier to use Intermec devices SmartSystems Foundation Wavelink Avalanche + SmartSystems Extensions SmartSystems Foundation, + Advanced Features No Charge $ $$ Functionality Price Enterprise Advanced Basic FeaturesProducts Device and Data Management GATC Skynax + SmartSystems Extensions Other 3 rd Party SW + SmartSystems Extensions

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