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Retrosheet A Ten-Year Retrospective. First Meeting: 6/17/1994.

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1 Retrosheet A Ten-Year Retrospective

2 First Meeting: 6/17/1994

3 The Vault: October 1994 About 50% of games played (1901-83) Total computerized games: 9,607 Completed seasons: NONE Address: 6 Penncross Circle, Newark,DE

4 Commemorating Our 1 st Meeting

5 Second Meeting: 6/17/1995

6 Third Meeting: 6/9/1996

7 Fourth Meeting: 6/22/1997

8 Fifth Meeting: 6/27/1998

9 North View

10 South View

11 Sixth Meeting: 6/26/1999

12 The President Takes Action

13 Seventh Meeting: 6/23/2000

14 Eighth Meeting: 7/15/2001

15 Ninth Meeting: 6/28/2002

16 The Vault: June 2003 About 63% of games played (1901-83) (74,067 of 116,962) Total computerized games: 68,485 [at least 1 game for every year since 1901] Completed seasons: 19 Address: 20 Sunset Drive, Newark,DE

17 The Vault: June 2003

18 Data Collections Courtesy Runner List Strange & Unusual Play List Passing Runners on the Bases List Batting Out of Turn List Hidden Ball Trick List (contributions)

19 Services Provided Provided details of first game to over 500 fans Provided career details to over 30 players Provided data for 8 team Media Guides Posted responses to many SABR-L threads Pre-game radio appearances for 5 teams

20 Services (continued) Comprehensive ballpark summaries for teams moving to new homes Provided data to STATS, Inc and Elias Sports Bureau Supplied data to 3 baseball game companies Provided data for several books, most notably the recent Koufax book

21 Services (continued) Consulted on several movie productions Recent media notices include: Jayson Stark, Paul White, Rob Neyer, Gary Thorne, Jim Kaat, Pete Van Weiren, Chris Wheeler, Jon Miller, Dave Neihaus, Bob Chandler, John Lowe

22 Jayson Stark’s thoughts Do we even remember life before Retrosheet? I spent 15 years pasting every day's box scores in a notebook so I could refer back to them. Then something great would happen to evoke memories of some game in the past, and I'd look in my book and it seemed like HALF of those games I'd forgotten to paste in there. So I'm eternally grateful that Retrosheet pasted every one of them in its notebook out there in cyberspace. For triviologists like myself, it's like hitting the lottery every time I click on it.

23 The Founder

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