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Raymond J. Arroyo VP, Chief Diversity Officer / Robert O’Brien, National Practice Lead for Higher Education, Aetna December 9, 2011 Diversity Management:

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1 Raymond J. Arroyo VP, Chief Diversity Officer / Robert O’Brien, National Practice Lead for Higher Education, Aetna December 9, 2011 Diversity Management: A Business & Employee Strategy

2 2 Aetna’s Diversity Journey Deeper consumer insights lead to increased customer satisfaction with Aetna’s products and services

3 3 Aetna’s Diversity Definition Diversity At Aetna, Diversity is an attitude of respect and inclusion. Diversity is also a business strategy that engages employees and drives business growth by helping us better understand the needs of the people we serve.

4 4  Articulated by management, reinforced via the planning process and linked to company strategy and individual rewards  Reflected by investing appropriately in its initiatives  Embraces all types of diversity and is expressed in all aspects of the work  Monitored and shared on an on-going basis  Supports our company goals and positively impacts our business results Aetna’s Values Link to Diversity

5 5 Aetna’s Diversity Strategy and Goals Aetna’s Diversity Strategy Statement Aetna will be a recognized global leader in diversity. We will leverage the benefits of our diversity to deliver the highest valued services to each of our population segments through an agile workforce that understands the unique needs of our customers. Pillars of Aetna’s Diversity Strategy  Inclusive Culture – Create and sustain a positive work environment that will enable us to attract, develop and retain the highest performing talent in an increasingly global and diverse marketplace.  Community Partnerships – Broaden and deepen partnerships that amplify and strengthen our contributions to the communities we serve.  Business Partnerships – Leverage our employees, suppliers and community partners to develop products and services that meet the needs of our customers and create profitable growth. Pillars of Aetna’s Diversity Strategy  Leverage our diversity focus to drive business growth.  Vault into DiversityInc’s “Top 10” List by 2013.  Leverage our diversity strategy and relationships to help us enhance our reputation in a post healthcare reform environment.

6 6 Employee Resource Groups (ERGs): Intelligence to Support Differentiation and Preference Attraction and Retention BusinessTalent Product Design Marketing Distribution Targeted Sourcing Development/Learning Benefits Design/Pay 15 ERGs with more than 14,000 are members (more than 12,000 employees) Company-supported and employee-managed groups comprised of employees who share an affinity, a common background or a similar set of experiences

7 7 Aetna’s 15 ERGs  Aetna Families Employee Resource Group  Caregivers Employee Resource Group  Aetna African American Employee Resource Group  Aetna Hispanic Employee Resource Group  Aetna Native-American Employee Resource Group  Asian-American Employee Resource Group  Aetna Women's Employee Resource Group  Aetna Veterans Employee Resource Group  Employees with Disabilities Employee Resource Group  Aetna Employee Resource Group of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Employees  Christian Employee Resource Group  Boomers Employee Resource Group  Gen X Employee Resource Group  Gen Y Employee Resource Group  Telework Community Employee Resource Group

8 8 High Expectations for ERGs

9 9  Angle ERG developed alliance with CABO, bringing new customers to Aetna  ERG member focus groups helped Aetna better tailor its products to market segments, including LGBT, Hispanic and Asian consumers ERG Support of Business Strategy  ERGs participated in pilots to inform the company’s approach for using social and business networking sites, as well as the use of mobile technology to engage members Building Careers at Aetna For Gen Y  Gen Y ERG members helped develop a workforce strategy to attract and retain Gen Y, including a recruiting video  ERG members participated in Medicare referral program and plan sponsor open enrollment meetings 15 ERGs / 14,000 employees ERGs

10 10 Strategic Business Partnerships Enhance Diversity Strategy  Aetna and Magic Johnson Enterprise (MJE) have formed an alliance to improve health literacy, wellness and racial and ethnic equality in healthcare. Working together, both companies are striving to empower businesses and ethnically diverse communities to make informed choices about health care options.  Aetna was selected to provide individual products and services to AARP members ages 50-64 and their families  Partnership supports goal of increasing access to affordable, high quality coverage  Aetna’s faith-based organization initiative was created based on the connection between healthy businesses and healthy communities  Customized solutions for faith-based organizations help clergy and lay workers reach optimal physical, emotional and mental health  Aetna Foundation supports efforts of faith-based organizations to serve the needs of the uninsured and combat obesity

11 11 How We Measure Success Enterprise 2011 Diversity Scorecard GoalMetric Improve workforce representation of ethnic/racial minorities and Generation Y employees Enterprise % people of color and Gen Y representation Create a more inclusive work environment Diversity survey index results Increase expenditures in supplier diversity Percent of enterprise spend with minority-owned, women-owned, LGBT and small businesses Customer care index / increase share of the marketplace Customer care index (customers with disabilities, LGBT, women, and people of color)

12 12 Recognized as an Industry Leader  DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity Top 10 Companies for Employees with Disabilities Top 10 Companies for Gays/Lesbians Top Company for Community Development Top Company for ERGs  National Academy of HR and Society of HR Management  G.I. Jobs – Top Company for Military Friendly Employers Some of the Accolades

13 13 2010 Aetna Diversity Annual Report View the web version:

14 14 Discussion Diversity Management = Relationships = Margin Questions & Answers

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