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Introduction to the NEW. Ryko Power Wash Systems Too many components, too many connections Too much equipment room space required Separate RO system,

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1 Introduction to the NEW

2 Ryko Power Wash Systems Too many components, too many connections Too much equipment room space required Separate RO system, Foaming Brush system, Foaming Wax system, and Tire Clean system Pumps that are good for reclaim, but not well accepted in the industry We did it our own way, uniquely different from the competition

3 The competition! Jim Coleman Company Dilling/Harris GinSan National Pride Performa Dultmeier Many MORE!

4 Ryko can now compete with them all! Distinguished Discussion Panel: Jim Nelson, Rich Grier, Steve Statkewicz, Jasha Tribbett, Jody Carroll Unable to attend today: Jeff Dubel

5 Simple ball valve to turn on weep per bay. Boat Motor Flush option will be offered. The heart of the Signature Series Equipment is the Pump Bench All Stainless Steel construction using latest laser cutting equipment. Simple modular construction for ease of manufacturing, but all connected onto one pump bench. Bench is pre-plumbed, pre-wired for easy utility connections. Tank Stand modules can be separated in tight equipments rooms. One connection point for Hot Water, Cold Water, Air, and Electrical Service. Pump Bench

6 Modular Pump Stand Either 3 or 6 Bay Module Cat 5CP2120 Pump Standard, others optional Choose 3 or 5 HP Baldor motor Choose V-Belt or Synch Belt Dual Manifold simplifies plumbing on the pump for easier servicing. Hot Detergent, Wax and Clear Coat optional Medium Pressure Option for Presoak, Wax or Clear Coat available Pump Tray pulls out for servicing SS Belt Guard with RYKO Logo and vision slots Pump Module

7 SS electrical enclosure with cam lock for security to allow central control of all of the bays 208/230 Volt and soon to have 460 Volt version Each bay has separate circuit breakers for individual servicing Display option allows for diagnostics to be displayed Electrical Control Module PLC controls weep water timing, diagnostics, tank level indication, accounting and colored foam timing. Modem can be added for diagnostic reporting when not using Credit Card system. Capable of Emailing status of system. Optional immersion heater or recirculating hot water boiler to maintain temperature

8 Chemical Mixing Tank Concentrated liquid chemicals used to mix up to 12 bays consistently. Mixing tanks use Hydrominders with variable mixing tips to achieve accurate mixing ratios. Only need to fill the bottom tanks with concentrate. Optional Float switches indicate low tank levels if diagnostics is ordered. Decals were added to the top of the concentrate tank to show which chemical is in each tank. Chemical tanks can be separated from the pump stand for tight equipment rooms. Concentrate chemicals can be shared with automatics where appropriate- TriFoam Detergent, TriFoam Wax, Wax, Clear Coat, Tire Cleaner. New Rainbow Foaming Brush and Rainbow Foaming Wax modules are optional.

9 Bench can include RO Spot Free Rinse module onboard. System is designed just like Rainmaker III: 1-4 filters 1800-7200 GPD Repressurization system can be used for up to 12 bays of wand An additional pump can share the RO with up to 2 automatic bays Holding Tank sizes available – –67 Gallon, 100 gallon, 165 gallon, 260 gallon, and 300 gallon RO Spot Free Rinse Module

10 Coin Box shells built with all SS construction using laser cutter. All boxes will be the same size for which ever face is chosen. Designed to be inserted into a standard 8” block wall for high security. Since all the boxes are the same size, this allows the customer to upgrade to a different type of coin face in the future Can be installed in-the-wall or wall mounted versions. Coin box shells can be shipped to the site early in the construction phase. Coin Vaults are design to be built into an 8” block wall for high security. Similar to the vacuum vault design, the vault face will incorporate a high security puck lock on a removable door, which is easily replaced if damaged by thieves or vandals. Separate coin drawer inside to collect the coins - $1200 capacity. Two coin boxes can share one vault by adding a wye to the collection pipe. Can be ordered with puck locks keyed alike, along with the vacuum vaults Vac-It-Up system that vacuums coins into a vault in the equipment room is also available. Coin Boxes and Vaults

11 Four types available 1.8 or 10 position rotary selector switch version 2.8 or 10 position rotary selector switch with Dollar Bill acceptor 3.16 position keypad version for code activation 4.16 position keypad with Dollar Bill acceptor All use an electronic Coin acceptor – has a built-in funnel and water deflector Optional wash down Key switch Optional Last Coin alert Coin Meter Box Face Plates External Coin Alert kit available External Countdown Timer Display (Big Timer) available Voice Message Kit coming soon using MM32 ComSys with new self-serve messages. Vac-It-Up Coin Collection system vacuums all coins on site into a vault in the back room for heightened security. It can also collect from vacuum islands, vending machines, etc.

12 All stainless steel Spring Ceiling Booms standard as today New extended shaft boom option for mounting on top of ceiling joists in the attic New SS Truck Boom Extension allows more reach on outside bays. Standard single SS Foaming Brush Boom – current design can be used for both foaming brush and foaming wax booms. New Dual SS Boom can be used for both. Swivels on hose to prevent hose tangling. Boom connections will assume the site to have heated ducts using an in-floor heat tube run through the duct. Booms

13 Wand Guns – Weep Trigger Guns Vinyl covered Lance with tip protector – optional colors: Red, Blue, Black Optional Flex Wand is available Wand Guns

14 Foaming Tire Cleaner/Engine Degreaser Product comes out of the same high pressure wand gun Foaming product sticks to the tires and engine surfaces to increase cleansing Can be used as a Bug and Tar Remover by turning off the air and applying a liquid. Foaming Tire Cleaner

15 Foaming Brush – Optional nylon, hogs hair, and possibly FoamBrite Brush in the future. Foaming Brush Handle Colors: Red, Blue, Black. SS Foaming Brush Tray has drain pipe to allow foam to be drained into the pit. Handle clips to the wall using a roller clip. Can be used for single colored Foaming Brush or Rainbow Foaming Brush. Foaming Brush

16 Foaming Wax Guns create a single colored foam or a Rainbow of color with three colors. Uses a separate Wax gun - colorful gun (without trigger) with nozzle protectors – Colors: Red, Blue, Black Colorful coil hose with built-in swivel available in dark blue, neon green, red, yellow, or transparent blue Freeze Protection done through air blowout, water weep or anti- freeze Foaming Wax Gun

17 Stainless Steel spring clamp Mat Holders 4 per bay standard Labels could be different colors – Red, Blue, Black Mat Holders

18 Wand Holders, FB Holder and FB Tray Wand holders are made from stainless steel pipe construction Same holder used for Foaming Wax gun Allows for piping into the pit using a 45 degree wye into the floor. SS Foaming brush tray and roller clamp holder allows the brush to be mounted vertically Allows for piping into the pit.

19 Bay Instruction signs – standard is the current design, optional bilingual signs available. Wash Cycle signs – Text only or Picture signs available soon Price Signs – as needed General signs such as: Squeeze Trigger, Return Wand to Holder, etc. Bay Instruction Signs

20 Vending Machines One column Vendor Three Column Vendor 5 Column Fragrance Vendor Custom decals available Electronic Coin acceptors allow vending by code activation.

21 Vending Islands - these are examples of competition Stainless Steel base Canopies – Multi-colored Lighted Canopies Vending Islands

22 Credit Card System - still in development Will allow credit card acceptance to generate a 4-digit code useable at any wand bay, vending machine, vacuum or automatic on the site Color Touch Screen will be more than twice as bright than Jim Coleman unit for sunlight viewing Improved Printer with greater paper roll capacity Internal Computer will allow report generation, setting price and time, modem communication, maintenance reports, perform diagnostic functions and accounting functions. Could be a clearinghouse for all diagnostics for the site using RykoNet If a code is generated at the AMTT for an automatic wash, the same code can be used on the rest of the site. Will be designed to interface with the CAW IV and new CAW V, also Entry Wizard, Auto Cashier and other activation devices. Can be used in conjunction with Camera and Security system. Credit Card Acceptance System by RYKO

23 Vac-It-Up Coin retrieval system Can be mounted in the ceiling crawl space to minimize noise Can collect from Bay Coinboxes, Vacuum Islands, and Vending Better Security for collecting money – in the Equipment Room, not in open public Vac-It-Up Coin Collection System

24 Large Countdown Timer 3 digit display tied to the Coinbox timer Same Countdown timer used on other products Big Timer Accessory

25 Water Heaters and Boilers Same sizes as we offered before Raypak, AO Smith, others available from Huron Valley Sales Water boilers and recirculation pumps will also be offered. Water Heaters

26 In-floor Heat Boilers Raypak boilers and pumps In-floor heat layout site customized by Huron Valley Sales. In-Floor Heat Systems

27 Single or Duplex available Larger capacities available for sites with Self Serve, RO systems, AND Automatics Water Softeners

28 Hamilton Bill Changers In-Wall Security – rear opening Multiple bills can be programmed Single or Dual Changer available Bill Changers

29 Concentrate Chemicals Ryko, Turtle Wax, Stone Soap, Blue Coral, Arcadian, Warsaw and any other chemical company’s Concentrated chemicals can be used Chemicals

30 Building Plans Full set of plans stamped “Not for Construction 2-12 Bay Plans available Could design a building that has “Franchise” look Specials with Automatic Bays can be included: Cover Sheet Custom Site Plan * Foundation Plan Floor Plan Elevations Electrical Plan Plumbing Plan Custom Equip Layout * Vacuum Island Detail Drying Shed Plan? *can be ordered separately


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