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Dorset Schools Athletics Association Squad Development Day 2011.

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1 Dorset Schools Athletics Association Squad Development Day 2011

2 Plan for the afternoon 2.30pm Athletes join Chris in the sports hall for a team building session. 3pm Parents join Gavin in classroom 2 for a session looking at the school season that lies ahead. 3.45pm Athletes join Chris in classroom 1 for a workshop on athlete expectations 4.30pm Parents and athletes join for last session in the studio. 5.15pm Time for informal discussion and buffet.

3 The season that lies ahead Area Trials Poole & East Dorset 12 th Kings Park Bournemouth 18 th Kings Park North Dorset 10 th Bryanston South & West 11 th Budmouth (7 & 8) 12 th Hardye’s (9 & 10)



6 South West Schools SATURDAY 18 TH JUNE EXETER ARENA Selected team and all details will be on line by 6pm on Sunday 12 th June. Replies needed by 6pm Tuesday 14 th June.

7 South West details Dorset is entitled to 120 entries across the Junior, Intermediate & Senior age categories. Please note that there is no competition for the Minor age group. For each event that we do not enter an athlete, we lose one from the 120 total. A maximum of 3 athletes for any one event. Except in very strong circumstances, athletes need to have achieved County standard to be selected.

8 Plans for South West Champs It is our intention to have a slightly larger team management structure this year. Whilst there will be a core on admin duties (vests, numbers, monies, etc), we are striving to have more support for the athletes, especially those not connected to clubs and specific coaches. A key aim is to continue to develop the strong team ethic that was growing throughout last season.

9 ENGLISH SCHOOLS CHAMPIONSHIPS GATESHEAD 1 ST & 2 ND JULY Bus departing Kings Park approx 8.30am on 30 th June

10 Details for ESAA Champs A provisional team will be selected on Tuesday 14 th June and entered with ESAA. This is a new stipulation for this year, with the Championships being a week earlier than normal. Dorset is allowed to select a team of 25 athletes. Final selection deadline is 9pm on Sunday 19 th June. The Dorset squad and details will be online by 6pm on Sunday 19 th June.

11 Details for ESAA Champs All members of the provisional squad will be contacted to ensure that they are available. However, they must not consider their selection final until the Sunday. Last year 2 athletes came from nowhere to achieve Entry Standard at the South West Schools and therefore gained selection. Last year 23 athletes in Dorset gained either National or Entry Standard. Hence, 2 others were selected for their consistent performances throughout the season and their national rankings. However in 2008, 29 athletes achieved National or Entry Standards and sadly 4 could not be selected. With the shorter timescale this year, Gavin will phone potential squad members on Saturday evening or Sunday morning and also if needed phone those members of the provisional squad who may miss out.

12 Message from ESAA received this week; We will announce on the website, advertise in Athletics Weekly, and ask teachers to tell club coaches when the registration system becomes available. It is anticipated that this will be by the 2nd week in May at the latest. Athletes who think that they might be eligible for County Team selection will be asked to register, as a minimum, the following details (preferably before the County Championships): * School postcode – they can find that from their school website, or just ask their school secretary. * address and a password – this will enable them to update their registration later if required. If they don’t have an address, they can enter their name instead. * Name, sex, date of birth – we need their date of birth to allow us to verify that they are in the right agegroup. * Up to 3 events for which they might be considered for County Team selection: event, PB, when and where achieved. We will warn athletes that any attempt to cheat on their PBs may result in them not being selected – it is up to County selectors to check PBs as usual. They will then be asked to enter the following details if they choose to: * Their club (if any), and the name of their coach * Any other information about them or their athletics which they don’t mind being passed over to TV commentators if they appear in a televised final.

13 South West Multi Events MILLFIELD SCHOOL 25 TH & 26 TH JUNE

14 Details for South West Multi’s Squads of 5 will be selected to represent the County in the following events; Junior Boys Pentathlon Inter Boys Octathlon Senior Boys Decathlon Junior Girls Pentathlon Inter Girls Heptathlon Senior Girls Heptathlon Selection Details and Team Managers will be on the website by 14 th June.

15 Contact details After any race or meeting with ratified timekeepers or judges (individual school sports days do not count) either Chris Buller or Gavin Rusling would be delighted to receive details of times, distances or heights. This will help us to keep track of athletes who have attained entry qualifications and also monitor those who are performing consistently close to such standards. Contact details are; or

16 Junior Boys Standards JB 100m JB 200m JB 400m JB 800m 2: : :13.00 JB 1500m 4: : :36.00 JB 80m Hurdles JB High Jump JB Long Jump JB Triple Jump JB Pole Vault JB Shot JB Discus JB Javelin JB Hammer

17 Inter Boys Standards IB 100m IB 200m IB 400m IB 800m 1: : :05.00 IB 1500m 4: : :20.00 IB 3000m 8: : :30.00 IB 100m Hurdles IB 400m Hurdles IB 1500m S/C 4: : :58.00 IB High Jump IB Long Jump IB Triple Jump IB Pole Vault IB Shot IB Discus IB Javelin IB Hammer

18 Senior Boys Standards SB 100m SB 200m SB 400m SB 800m 1: : :02.00 SB 1500m 3: : :15.00 SB 3000m 8: : :20.00 SB 110m Hurdles SB 400m Hurdles SB 2000m S/C 6: : :30.00 SB High Jump SB Long Jump SB Triple Jump SB Pole Vault SB Shot SB Discus SB Javelin SB Hammer

19 Junior Girls Standards JG 100m JG 200m JG 800m 2: : :29.00 JG 1500m 4: : :10.00 JG 75m Hurdles JG High Jump JG Long Jump JG Shot JG Discus JG Javelin

20 Inter Girls Standards IG 100m IG 200m IG 300m IG 800m 2: : :25.00 IG 1500m 4: : :04.00 IG 3000m 10: : :50.00 IG 80m Hurdles IG 300m Hurdles IG High Jump IG Long Jump IG Triple Jump IG Pole Vault IG Shot IG Discus IG Javelin IG Hammer

21 Senior Girls Standards SG 100m SG 200m SG 400m SG 800m 2: : :25.00 SG 1500m 4: : :00.00 SG 3000m 10: : :48.00 SG 100m Hurdles SG 400m Hurdles SG 1500m S/C 5: : :55.00 SG High Jump SG Pole Vault SG Long Jump SG Triple Jump SG Shot SG Discus SG Javelin SG Hammer

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