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MASTICATORY MUSCLES n. V3 – n. MANDIBULARIS derivates of 1st pharyngeal arch m. temporalis m. masseter m. pterygoideus medialis m. pterygoideus.

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6 MASTICATORY MUSCLES n. V3 – n. MANDIBULARIS derivates of 1st pharyngeal arch m. temporalis m. masseter m. pterygoideus medialis m. pterygoideus lateralis

7 Lower jaw movements elevation (elevatio) depression (depressio) protraction / propulsion (protractio / propulsio) retraction / retropulsion (retractio / retropulsio) lateropulsion (lateropulsio)

8 m. temporalis m. masseter

9 Jakub Štefela,Svaly hlavy a krku, 20129

10 m. pterygoideus lateralis m. pterygoideus medialis

11 m. pterygoideus lateralis m. pterygoideus medialis

12 Jakub Štefela,Svaly hlavy a krku,

13 Mandibular sling Mandibular sling fibrous sling below angulus mandibulae connection of m. masseter and m. pterygoideus medialis

14 FACIAL MUSCLES n. VII – n. FACIALIS derivates of 2nd pharyngeal arch muscles around the eye muscles around the nose muscles around the mouth muscles of the cranial vault muscles of the auricle m. buccinator


16 Muscles around the eye m. orbicularis oculi pars palpebralis pars profunda (former pars lacrimalis) pars orbitalis m. procerus m. corrugator supercilii m. depressor supercilii Muslces around the nose m. nasalis pars alaris pars transversa m. depressor septi nasi

17 Muscles around the mouth modiolus anguli oris m. orbicularis oris pars marginalis pars labialis m. levator labii superioris m. levator l.s. alaeque nasi m. depressor labii inferioris m. levator anguli oris m. depressor anguli oris m. zygomaticus major m. zygomaticus minor m. risorius m. mentalis m transversus menti

18 Modiolus anguli oris fibro-muscular node connecting the insertions of facial muscles serve as the „hub“ and forms a dimple on the cheek

19 Galea aponeurotica Epicranial sponeurosis tough aponeurosis covering the vertex of skull

20 Scalpation

21 Subgalear hematoma

22 Muslces of the cranial vault = m. epicranius m. occipitofrontalis venter frontalis venter occipitalis m. temporoparietalis Galea aponeurotica = Aponeurosis epicranialis Muscles of the auricle m. auricularis anterior m. auricularis superior m. auricularis posterior rudimentary muscle of auricle (7)

23 m. buccinator

24 Musculus buccinator ductus parotideus Stenoni corpus adiposum buccae Bichati lateral wall of oral cavity testing movements of n. facialis




28 Fasciae of head fascia temporalis fascia parotidea fascia masseterica fascia buccopharyngea lamina interpterygoidea corpus adiposum buccae Bichati

29 Corpus adiposum buccae Bichati

30 continuous fibro-musuclar layer connecting the facial muscles and filling spaces between and around them Superficial musculo-aponeurotic system (SMAS)

31 Motor somite cranial nerves preotic myotomes (somitomeres) form the external muscles of eyeball – n. III, IV, VI occipital somites from the muscles of tongue – n. XII

32 External muscles of eyeball mm. recti –superior, inferior, medialis, lateralis mm. obliqui – inferior, superior m. levator palpebrae superioris inervace: n. III, n. IV, n. VI smooth muscles: m. orbitalis Mülleri, m. tarsalis sup. Mülleri + inf.

33 External muscles of eyeball

34 Jakub Štefela,Svaly hlavy a krku,

35 Movements of eyeball

36 Anulus tendineus communis Zinni inside: n. III n. VI n. nasociliaris n. II + AO outside: n. IV n. frontalis n. lacrimalis v. ophthalmica superior


38 corpus cornua majora cornua minora Os hyoideum

39 39Jakub Štefela,Svaly hlavy a krku, 2012

40 Muscles of neck platysma – n. VII m. sternocleidomastoideus – n. XI + C2-4 mm. infrahyoidei – ansa cervicalis profunda mm. suprahyoidei – V3, VII., C1 mm. scaleni – nn. spinales (C1-C8) deep muscles of neck – nn. spinales (C1-C6)

41 Platysma superficial (skin) muscle external to lamina spf. fasciae cervicalis absent in the midline insertion: pars labilais, modiolaris et mandibularis n. VII (r. colli) function: skin tension


43 Krční řasa – Pterygium colli Turners‘ sy


45 M. sternocleidomastoideus origin: 2 parts –pars sternali et clavicularis – fossa supraclavicularis minor (projection of cupula pleurae) úpon: processus mastoideus + linea nuchalis superior –n.XI + fibers from C2-4 –movements in articulatio atlantooccipitalis

46 M. sternocleidomastoideus function bilateral: 1.posterior part – retroflexion 2.anterior part – anteflexion unilateral: 1.lateroflexion to the same side 2.rotation to the opposite side

47 Musculi infrahyoidei m. sternohyoideus m. sternothyroideus m. thyrohyoideus – C1 m. omohyoideus –venter superior + inferior innervation: ansa cervicalis profunda C1-C3 function: stabilization of larynx

48 Torticollis


50 Musculi suprahyoidei derivates of 2nd pharyngeal arch – n. VII m. stylohyoideus m. digatricus – venter posterior derivates of 1st pharyngeal arch – n. V3 m. mylohyoideus m. digatricus – venter anterior derivates of cervical somites: m. geniohyoideus – C1 function: stabilization of larynx (phonation)





55 Musculi scaleni m. scalenus anterior – C4-6 m. scalenus medius – C3-8 m. scalenus posterior – C7-8 fissura scalenorum skalenic syndrome anaeshetic block of plexus brachialis


57 Deep cervical muscles m. longus capitis – C1-3 m. longus colli – C2-6 m. rectus capitis anterior – C1 m. rectus capitis lateralis – C1 movements of head and cervical vertebral column

58 Jakub Štefela,Svaly hlavy a krku,

59 Triangles of neck regio colli anterior –trigonum submandibulare –trigonum submentale –trigonum caroticum Malgaignei –trigonum omotracheale = musculare regio colli lateralis –trigonum omoclaviculare –trigonum omotrapezium –fossa supraclavicularis minor –fissura scalenorum –trigonum scalenovertebrale

60 Jakub Štefela,Svaly hlavy a krku,

61 FASCIA CERVICALIS – 3 layers lamina superficialis lamina pretrachealis – vagina carotica lamina prevertebralis

62 Jakub Štefela,Svaly hlavy a krku,

63 spatium previscerale spatium paraviscerale spacium retroviscerale continuous with: cranially: spatium parapharyngeum spatium retropharyngeum caudally: spatium suprasternale mediastinum superius Spaces in neck


65 Septum styloideum („bunch of Riolan“) muscular septum covered with fasciae divides the cranial part of spatium parapharyngeum into the spatium prestyloidem + retrostyloideum terminates appeoximately at the level of a line between the processus styloideus and cornu majus ossis hyoidei m. stylophyrangeus m. styloglossus m. stylohyoideus + lig. stylohyoideum venter posterior m. digastrici m. sternocleidomastoideus




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