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Information & Communication Technology Services An introduction to ICT Services at the University of Canterbury ICT Services Mission: To provide ICT services.

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1 Information & Communication Technology Services An introduction to ICT Services at the University of Canterbury ICT Services Mission: To provide ICT services to the University of Canterbury for Teaching, Learning and Research

2 2 ICT Services  Email  Internet  Printing  Blackboard  UCStudentWeb  Storage  Backup  Help  Password Printing  Campus Computers  Hire  Halls Network Connections  Dial-in access  Broadband Access (DSL)  Wireless  Telephone  Workrooms

3 3 Your Computer Account  Usercode - sometimes called username or login name - a three letter code with 2 or 3 digits eg:xyz123  Password - for students enrolled for the first time at Canterbury, your password is the 6-8 character one you collected after you collected your Canterbury Card at enrolment. You can also print out your password using a password printing station in the Library, Loft or ICTS building.  Money – you can add money to your computer account by adding money to your Canterbury Card via cash machines in eg. the Loft and Libraries, EFT-POS in the Libraries, or credit- card online.

4 4 Email  You have an email address:  You need to check your email - your lecturers use email to contact you - the library will email you about overdue books and requests - registry will email you  You can access your email in our workrooms  You can use Webmail to access your email off campus

5 5 Internet and Printing  Most computers on the UC network are on the Internet  Accessing Internet off campus is charged according to charge rates available on this ICTS web page: - national traffic 0.15¢/Mb - international traffic 3¢/Mb  All Workrooms have B&W printers available  B&W printing costs 9c/side  Colour printing is also available  To check your IT account balance, ‘Help’, then ‘Accounts and Passwords’

6 6 Copy Centre  The Copy Centre is situated at the east end of Level 2 of the Central Library  The Copy Centre is open from 8.30 am - 5.00 pm Monday to Friday all year. Weekend opening hours (term time only) Saturday and Sunday 1.00pm - 4.00pm  B&W and Colour Printing, Laminating, Faxing, Photocopying, Binding etc. 

7 7  Students have space (‘P:’ drive) on ICTS servers to store course related work (undergrads - 50MB)  Remove old files from ‘P:’ regularly  Save important work in more than one place  Save your work regularly, eg. every 10 min  You can save to CD, USB (eg. Pen Drive, Flash Drive) and ‘P:’; we do not recommend using floppy discs  ‘My Documents’ on the ‘P:’ drive can be accessed via Internet @ Storage

8 8 Blackboard  Online learning and teaching  Course Materials are often provided on Blackboard  Online tests or assignments may be given on Blackboard   Video of past lectures and other video materials can be accessed on Campus.  To access Blackboard on campus click on the link on any workroom computer  College of Education Students use StudentNet instead of Blackboard

9 9 Course Folders  Course materials may be provided in the Course Folders (K: drive)  To access a Course Folder, click on the Course Folders link on any workroom computer  Not all courses use Course Folders  You can only access Course Folders on Campus or from a Broadband connection to the university \\cantws2\class

10 10 UC Student  To log in, click on the ‘Help’ icon on any workroom computer, then ‘UCStudent’ in the window that appears  What you can do - Course changes - Update address details - View academic record

11 11 Campus Computers  A retail computer outlet, providing competitively priced computer equipment, consumables and software to staff and students  Located on the ground floor of the ICTS building 

12 12 Hire Service  Windows and Macintosh laptops available for hire from the IT Helpdesk  Costs of laptop hire is $15 per day, $80 per week  Bookings are essential  Small range of drives and other equipment also available 

13 13 Halls’ Network Connections  If you are living in one of the halls of residence and wish to use the Internet you can connect through a high speed Ethernet connection  You will need to complete a halls connection form online  You will be billed monthly from your Canterbury Card; $8/mth for a 10Mb/s connection, $15/mth for a 100Mb/s connection, + $8 admin fee  You are charged for traffic - there are some plans available  Anti-virus software is available on our servers for computers connected to the halls’ network 

14 14 UC Dial-in Access  You can use the University’s dial-in service to access the Internet including UC Student, and your email from home  There is a minimal connection-time charge, plus the standard traffic charges  Instructions for setting up your computer to dial-in to the University can be found at  The IT Helpdesk can help you set up your computer if you are having trouble - bookings are essential

15 15 Broadband Access (DSL)  High speed access to the University network from home, ranging from 256Kb/s download & 128Kb/s upload, to ‘full speed’ down/ upload, via ISP ‘Snap’  has details of plans available  Most plans except ‘Campus Only’ include data limits, but require a realm switch if you wish to be on the University network, and allow you 6 external email address (  $99 connection fee is currently waived  Snap bills you directly  You will need to purchase an ADSL modem / router, and filters for your phone line

16 16 Wireless  Wireless network access is available in:  All libraries apart from McMillan Brown  ICTS building  Maori Student Centre  Engineering  Music  Central Lecture Block  James Hight Café  CoEd in Kotuku and Education Library extending through courtyard to Café   The wireless network is 802.11b; cards available @ Campus Computers for ~$50  50Mb/day on campus traffic is free, then you are charged for traffic on wireless connections @ 0.5¢/Mb, + Internet costs

17 17 Telephones  Telephones in public areas around the campus can be used by students to make phone calls  Money is taken off your Canterbury Card for these phone calls  To dial off campus call 7900 and follow the instructions from the automated attendant  Local calls cost 4¢ per minute

18 18 ICT Services Locations Cave– level 1 Engineering Library Crypt – level 0 Maths and Computer Science Building Loft – level 5 Main Library Copy Centre – level 2 Main Library MacLab – level 0 Main Library Dock – level 1 Law School Vault – level 0 Commerce ICTS Helpdesk, Campus Computers – level 1 Computer Building

19 19 ICT Services Locations - University of Canterbury College of Education Avon – level 2 Avon Kotuku – level 1 Kotuku

20 20 Student Workroom Hours  Dock - 24 x 7; card access 6:30pm-7:30pm  Kotuku - 24 x 7, card access 5pm – 8am  Loft - 24 x 7, but closed 15 minutes before the library closes; card access after library closes  Avon - 7am - 11pm  Crypt - 7am - 11pm; card access 6:30-7:30am  Cave - Engineering Library hours  Maclab - 7am - 11pm, 7am-7pm Sa/Su, card access  Vault 1, 2, 4 - 7am - 7pm M-F; card access 6:30pm–7:30am  Vault 3, 5 - 7am - 11pm M-F, 7am – 7pm Sa/Su; card 6:30pm– 7:30am  All rooms except the Loft can be booked by staff for teaching

21 21 Workroom Facilities  Scanners - Loft (18 on PCs, 4 on Macs) ; one each in Crypt, Cave, Kotuku, Avon1, Avon2  CD writers - almost all workroom PCs (all Macs)  DVD readers - Macs, most Loft PCs, some of the Vaults and the Cave; all in the Dock  DVD writers - some of the e-Macs in the MacLab; Loft, Avon4 iMacs; many PCs in Kotuku, Avon1 and Avon2  Firewire - iMacs; many PCs in Kotuku, Avon1 and Avon2  Floppy disk readers - some PCs, Macs. Use a USB drive instead  Zip drives - only on Macs  Details, including workroom hours, can be seen at:

22 22 Disabilities work areas  The Alcove: Central Library  The Green Room: Basement maths building : booked though DSS.  The Blue Room: Same as above.  The Attic: Room 436 Law booked through DSS.  CoEd Education Library (coming soon)

23 23 Specialist software  JAWS screen reader in Green & Blue Room  Attic and one Alcove Machine.  MAGIC screen enlargement in Green Room, Blue Room, and Attic.  Dragon Voice Recognition in Green Room and Attic.

24 24 ICT Training  Free ICT Training services for all enrolled Students  Workshops for new Computer Users, PostGrads  Microsoft Office 2003 PowerPoint, Word and Excel Workshops  Self Help Instructions  Free Learning   Microsoft Office Help  PC –  Mac –  Need Training?  Visit  Contact

25 25 Help  Web pages  Self-Service on the web  Self-paced tutorials available in the Loft, Cave, Crypt, MacLab, Kotuku and Vaults  Go to ‘Fault Report Form’ in the Help folder to report a fault  Loft and Crypt Supervisors – Loft office extn 4060  Loft Office hours 8:30am-5:00pm, M–F; 5-9pm M-Th, 1-4 pm Sa/Su during term; Crypt office 12-1:30pm M-F during term; Kotuku 8:30-10:30am M-F, 4-5pm F during term  IT Helpdesk extn 6060; email:

26 26 What can you expect from ICTS?  Availability of the services during term time  Problems and requests to be tracked and actioned  Assistance with ICTS as far as it relates to your course work and research

27 27 Your Responsibilities In the Workrooms  No Chat  No Offensive Material  No Games  No Noise / Cell Phones  No Eating or Drinking (except from sipper bottles)  No Smoking  No Interfering with Equipment  Log off when you have finished work  Work through the self-paced tutorials  Keep money on your account.  Abide by the Computer Regulations  Security extn 6111 Note: All Computer usage is logged

28 28 Feedback Any Questions?

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