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Payment Processor & Gateway Secure and Efficient Payment Acceptance

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1 Payment Processor & Gateway Secure and Efficient Payment Acceptance
Focused on Secure and Efficient Payment Acceptance

2 Who We Are CardConnect is an innovative and rapidly growing U.S.- based payment processing company that takes great pride in its consistently high level of customer satisfaction. Founded in 2005, we help businesses accept any form of payment for goods and services. Our mission is to make accepting payments as simple and easy as possible for our customers. We do that by marrying personalized service with the most flexible technology ecosystem available today. The result is a base of 50,000 (and growing) merchants who can concentrate on growing their businesses while we manage their payment processing platform.

3 Management Brian Shanahan – Chairman of the Board
Jeffrey Shanahan – CEO and President Kevin M. Gainer – Chief Sales Officer Charles Bernicker – Chief Financial Officer Robert Nathan – Chief Technology Officer Patrick Shanahan – Chief Operating Officer Rush Taggart – Chief Security Officer

4 CardConnect Quick Facts
175+ Million transactions annually and growing $12+ Billion in processing 50,000+ merchants FTV Capital, a private equity firm with expertise in payment processing and a long involvement in the industry, is a key stakeholder in CardConnect Client Segments include: Financial Institutions, Retail, MOTO, B2B, B2C, B2G, e-commerce, Utility, etc.

5 Our Customized Approach
Our payment processing platform is customized to each of our customer’s specific needs. Our solutions are built around: Security CardConnect’s patented security solution, CardSecure, utilizes P2PE and tokenization ensuring our customers are protected and PCI Compliant. Reporting Our reporting center, among the most sophisticated in the country, puts all of our customers’ payment data at their fingertips. Interchange Management CardConnect aggressively manages interchange rates for our customers, we’re focused on minimizing fees and costs and securing the lowest pricing possible. Transparency We make sure that our customers understand every step of their payment processing program – all the while working aggressively to keep pricing as low as possible.

6 CardConnect Solution Overview

7 Payment Processing Seamlessly accept a wide variety of payment methods and take your business to a new level. Accept All Payment Types Accept a variety of payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, ACH, eChecks and more. Get Paid Faster Funds are automatically deposited into your bank account so you no longer have to wait for checks to clear. Monitor Transaction History CardConnect’s powerful online reporting center allows you to research everything related to payment processing activity. Impenetrable Security CardSecure moves all of your patients’ payment data to our secure vault where it is encrypted and tokenized.

8 CardConnect Gateway API
Direct Integration We know how to build out-of-box integrations to custom ERP systems, we’re confident our Gateway will integrate with any existing billing system. We also offer Oracle-validated and SAP-certified payment solutions. API Library Our easy-to-use APIs for SOAP and REST accommodate PHP, JSON/JavaScript and Java. Account Updater CardConnect automatically notifies patients when their saved payment method is close to expiring. Level II/Level III Data The CardConnect Gateway is designed for interchange optimization by passing Level II and Level III data, meaning you get the lowest rate possible for each transaction.

9 Online Billing Give your patients the ability to receive, review, and pay their bills online. Paperless Invoicing Send a custom invoice online to streamline your billing process. Patient Payment Information Once a patient enters payment information, it remains securely stored in SmartPay for any future payments. Recurring Payments Set up a patient’s recurring payment schedule in SmartPay and they’ll receive invoices and notifications automatically.

10 easy self-pay acceptance and reconciliation (i.e. Epic Systems)
CardConnect Healthcare CardConnect can integrate with your existing backend billing system for easy self-pay acceptance and reconciliation (i.e. Epic Systems) 100% HIPAA Compliance Create and manage personalized payment plans based on each patient’s ability to pay Segment, implement and individually manage probate, litigation, bankruptcy and no fault auto self-pay accounts Payment Method Flexibility iFrame web integration Online bill presentment IVR service: custom development CoPay, admissions, self-registration and check-in

11 CardSecure - Overview Any way for Jonathan to fix blurryness?

12 CardSecure – Encryption/Tokenization
Protect your patients and your hospital from a data breach with patented tokenization technology Intelligent Tokens Our tokens are “intelligent”, meaning they will comply with data integrity checks like the Luhn test and those performed by various ERP systems. Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) Upon swipe or card data input, the sensitive data is instantly encrypted. This means that the original card number will never be stored in your system and your patients’ data remains safe. CardConnect Vault All encrypted card numbers will be stored in our 100% PCI compliant environment, protecting your patients from identity theft and removing your system from PCI scope entirely.

13 CardSecure - PCI Compliance
Any way for Jonathan to fix blurryness? PCI DSS 3.0 This year marks the deadline for compliance with PCI DSS 3.0. Instead of spending more time and resources on compliance, CardConnect removes your business from the scope of PCI. No More PCI Audit Encryption and storage of sensitive data takes place outside of your system, eliminating the need for a PCI Audit. “Centric Group is an organization that has always made data security and PCI compliance a high priority. With its CardSecure desktop tokenizer, CardConnect was the perfect fit for enhancing the security of our payment processing.” CIO, Centric Group

14 A History of Protecting Payments
CardConnect has a proven track record developing security technology for the payments industry. 1997: CardConnect builds first payment gateway integrated to SAP for Fortune 500 corporations. 2004: CardConnect builds CardSecure™, a payment card encryption solution for SAP 2006: CardConnect's payment gateway validated as PABP Compliant under Visa‘s Payment Application Best Practices program. 2009: CardConnect's payment gateway validated as PA-DSS Compliant and listed on the PCI Security Standards Council website. 2010: CardConnect's payment gateway validated as PCI-DSS Compliant and listed on Visa Service Provider Registry. 2012: CardConnect's PANPAD, a terminal that encrypts card data at the point of entry, named winner of Security Products Guide's Global Excellent Award. 2012: CardConnect's payment gateway with CardSecure becomes the first Oracle Validated Integration for payment acceptance and security. 2013: CardConnect develops proprietary P2PE solution in response to security risks for point-of-sale transactions. 2013: CardConnect receives United States patent for token-based payment processing Any way for Jonathan to fix blurryness?

15 CardConnect Security Experts

16 Our Clients We’ve worked with an extensive list of Fortune 500 clients and healthcare organizations – all with the common desire to secure flexible card processing solutions in a 100% PCI and HIPAA compliant manner. 50,000+ merchants processing annually with a total volume over 15 billion USD.

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