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COMPARISON SHOPPING SITE SYSTEM Advisor: Assist Prof. Atakan KURT Mehmet ÇOKYILMAZ, 07010321 Ahmet Faruk BİŞKİNLER, 07010441 Fatih University Department.

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Presentation on theme: "COMPARISON SHOPPING SITE SYSTEM Advisor: Assist Prof. Atakan KURT Mehmet ÇOKYILMAZ, 07010321 Ahmet Faruk BİŞKİNLER, 07010441 Fatih University Department."— Presentation transcript:

1 COMPARISON SHOPPING SITE SYSTEM Advisor: Assist Prof. Atakan KURT Mehmet ÇOKYILMAZ, Ahmet Faruk BİŞKİNLER, Fatih University Department of Computer Engineering CENG 497 Senior Design Project I Monday, 21 January 2008

2 2 Outline 1.Introduction 2.Related Works 3.Technology Background 4.Benefits of Project 5.System Design 6.Implementation 7.Conclusion

3 3 Introduction Comparison Shopping Site System  a web based application site  collects information of the products from different shopping sites  serves these information to the users  allows users to compare products  allows shopping sites and individual sellers to show their products into the system.

4 4 Introduction The purposes of the project are  to help the customers to compare, find and buy products by comparing lots of products from different shopping sites.  to provide time and money saving for consumers.

5 5 RELATED WORKS  Figure 1

6 6 RELATED WORKS  Figure 2

7 7 Technology Background “Comparison Shopping Site System” uses  PHP (Web Development Programming Language) –widely-used Open Source scripting language –embedded into HTML  XML  phpMyAdmin (Database Management)  Apache (Web Server)  MySQL (Database Server)  Natural Language Full-Text Searching.

8 8 Technology Background  XML – User Products – Information about product TECRA A8-103 INTEL CORE 2 DUO T Ghz 1GB 100GB TAŞINABİLİR BİLGİSAYAR Intel® Core 2 Duo T5500(1.66 GHz, 2MB L2 cache, 667 MHZ FSB), Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG ağ bağlantısı ve Intel® 945 GM chipset Standard : MB (2x512), Maximum : 4,096 MB Teknoloji : DDR2 RAM (533 Mhz) 100 GB (5.400 rpm) Seri ATA HDD Microsoft® Windows® Vista Business Edition Türkçe / İngilizce DVD Super Multi (DVD±R/RW, DVD-RAM) çift katmanlı sürücü Bilgisayar > Taşinabilir Bilgisayar Bilgisayar , ,08 USD Figure 3 A sample XML

9 9 Benefits Of Project Benefits of the project are  to find products very fast and easier with the property of comparing products from different online shopping sites.  to buy the cheapest product.  to provide money and time saving.

10 10 System Design General Functional Requirements  The crawler part (gathers information about products)  Categorization of products  Searching mechanism for products Using Full-Text Search functions in MySQL Results are shown in a table format Most frequently searched products are offered to users  The site will be updated frequently  Compare the prices of products  Narrowing search results in terms of price interval shopping site name Category  Advertisement control system

11 11 System Design Functional Requirements Related for User Sevices  A login system for users See their seach history Create their favourite products and brands list See offers and information releted with their shopping behaviors Take messages about products via or cell-phone

12 12 System Design Functional Requirements Related for Store Sevices  A login system for shopping sites Add their site links into database to be crawled Add their advertisements Add their products and product information

13 13 System Design Non-Functional Requirements  Usability A simple user interface(user-friendly)  Reliability Secure user, store and advertisement systems  Performance Fast loaded pages(because of simplicity)

14 14 Implementation  Main Page(index.php) Figure 4 Main Page

15 15 Implementation  Main Page Functions(index.php) search() formQuery() sayfalama() splitText() filterWords() updateSearches()

16 16 Implementation  User Page(login.php) Figure 4 Entering Product by Form

17 17 Implementation  Uploading XML (login.php) Figure 5 Uploading XML Product File

18 18 Implementation  Admin Page(admin.php) Figure 6 Listing Uploaded XML Files

19 19 Implementation  Functions(function.php) menu() redirect($url) welcome($name,$lastname) logout($user, $noTry, $linkto) modify ($query,$debug=0) uploadXML() uploadXMLFile($target_path) enterBan() enterBanFile($target_path) prevSear($user) myPro($user) enterPro() countpages($sql)

20 20 Implementation  Database Tables Products (productid, pname, paddress, ppictureaddress, pprice, pmoneyunit, ptaxincluded, pdescription, categoryid, pmodificationtime, sellerid, hitout) Sellers (sellerid, fullname, saleinternet, username, password, hitout, crawlwait, crawling, startedcrawling, finishedcrawling, crawledproductcount, crawlcount) Crawl (username, csellerid, caddress, caddresslabel, cinlinks, coutlinks, cvisited, cvisitdatetime, cpagelength, cparentpage) Categories (ccategoryid, cname, cParentID, ckeywords, ccount) Users (username, usertype,fname, lname, password, mail) XML (xid, xname, xdate, xvalid, xpublish) Search (searchtext, counter) Favorite (userid, productid)

21 21 Conclusion Comparison Shop Site System  is a web crawler e-commerce site  is implemented with PHP and MySQL technologies Comparison Shop Site System  gathers product information and store into database automatically  serves search and comparison feature to users  Provides users to find and buy cheapest product

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