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Oracle Database 11g and Sun Benefits Tom Mettling Sales Consulting Manager New England/Upstate NY.

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1 Oracle Database 11g and Sun Benefits Tom Mettling Sales Consulting Manager New England/Upstate NY

2 Oracle Database Innovation Audit Vault Database Vault Grid Computing Self Managing Database XML Database Oracle Data Guard Real Application Clusters Flashback Query Virtual Private Database Built in Java VM Partitioning Support Built in Messaging Object Relational Support Multimedia Support Data Warehousing Optimizations Parallel Operations Distributed SQL & Transaction Support Cluster and MPP Support Multi-version Read Consistency Client/Server Support Platform Portability Commercial SQL Implementation 1977 2007 30 years of sustained innovation … … continuing with Oracle Database 11g

3 Oracle is Ready to Scale Today - 25 Years of Investment Scalable Execution Scale-up on Large SMPs Scale-out on Clusters Parallel Everything Query, DML, DDL, Loads, Unloads, Recovery Non-escalating Row Locks Read Consistency Scalable Storage Table Partitioning Automatic Storage Management Bigfile Tablespaces Transportable Tablespaces Nine Index Types Scalable Availability RAC Flashback Data Guard RMAN Online Table Redefinition Read-only Tablespaces Scalable Management Grid Control Automatic Tuning of Highly Complex Applications Database Resource Manager Automatic Workload Repository

4 Enabling Innovation with Oracle Database 11g Better business insight into all data types Managing data growth Higher quality of service at lower cost Pressure to manage change

5 Grid Control Fusion Middleware Automatic Storage Management Real Application Clusters Grid Computing Standardize, Consolidate, Automate. New in Oracle Database 11g… Fast Mirror Resync More command line mgmt New in Oracle Database 11g… ADDM for RAC Performance Improvements

6 The Dark Underbelly of DB Workloads: Data Stalls Data stalls dominate execution time > 46%-64% of execution time wasted on data stalls > True for both OLTP and DSS database workloads > Even more execution time wasted on instruction stalls – Especially for OLTP, where you waste a further 10%-15% This problem applies to typical multi-core chips > Designed with sophisticated out-of-order cores and aggressive speculation – E.g. IBM Power, Intel Core Duo Source: “Database Servers on Chip Multiprocessors: Limitations and Opportunities” September 2006, Carnegie Mellon University

7 Everything Changes with Sun's CoolThreads CMT Systems Data stalls drop to 13% > 76%-80% of execution time spent on useful computation > True for both OLTP and DSS database workloads > Instruction stalls are negligible > END RESULT: 70% higher throughput than traditional systems BUT: not good for unsaturated workloads > Single-threaded workloads perform 41% worse So CMT is a win, provided you keep the CPUs busy Source: “Database Servers on Chip Multiprocessors: Limitations and Opportunities” September 2006, Carnegie Mellon University

8 Oracle on Sun M-Series Dynamic Reconfiguration > Add or remove system boards without Oracle instance downtime – Leverages Oracle Dynamic SGA and Solaris DISM > 5 th generation feature on SPARC Enterprise Servers Mixed processor support > Sun M-series supports mixed speed and mixed generation CPUs – Allows customers to implement rolling CPU upgrades without impacting Oracle instance uptime – Delivers greater ROI because customers not required to upgrade all CPUs

9 Oracle on SPARC Servers – Summary Sun's CMT Server Advantages > Low power consumption > Maximum rack computational density > Logical Domains (LDoms) powerful and bundled Sun's M-Series Server Advantages > Outstanding scalability > Enterprise-class RAS features > Flexible domaining Solaris Containers run on both CMT and M-Series > Secure virtual OS instances, negligible perf overhead > Recognized by Oracle for licensing purposes

10 Images Any Type of Data Easy Integration of all you data New in Oracle Database 11g SecureFiles RFIDDICOM 3D Binary XML

11 Oracle Partitioning Option 10 years of innovation Core functionality Oracle8Range partitions, global range index Oracle8 i Hash and composite range-hash partitioning Oracle9 i List partitioning Oracle9 i R2Composite range-list partitioning Oracle 10gGlobal hash indexes Oracle 10g R21M partitions per table Partitioning by reference Virtual column partitioning Automatic interval partitioning New composite partitioning: range-range, list-range, list-list, list-hash Partition Advisor

12 Information Lifecycle Management Optimize storage cost and performance Online Archive Storage Tier Active Less Active HistoricalArchive High Performance Storage Tier Low Cost Storage Tier Offline Archive Storage Tier

13 Advanced Compression for all applications Compress Large Application Tables Transaction processing, data warehousing Compress All Data Types Structured and unstructured data types Typical Compression of 2-3 X Cascade storage savings throughout data center

14 Oracle on Sun Storage Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array > Unprecedented performance and scalability > Up to 1.92TB capacity > 1.6m read IOPS, 1.2m write IOPS, 12GB/s throughput Sun Flash Accelerator F20 PCIe Card > Low profile PCIe form factor > 96GB capacity > 100k read IOPS, 87k write IOPS, 1.1GB/s throughput > Windows, Solaris, OpenSolaris, Linux

15 Oracle Database 11gR2 Flash Cache New SGA feature in 11gR2 on Solaris Expands DB buffer cache beyond main memory to flash > ASM, file system file, raw device,... > Best with read-mostly and read- only workloads Ideal with Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array, Sun Flash Accelerator F20 PCIe Card

16 Faster Performance Oracle Database 11g Speed-Up Java Just-In-Time Compiler Up to 11 x Faster Database Resident Connection Pool Up to 20 x connections RAC Performance Enhancements Up to 70% Faster Query Result Caching Up to 25% Faster Client Side Caching Up to 22% Faster Oracle Secure Backup Up to 25% Faster Oracle Streams Enhancements Up to 2 x Faster Optimizer Stats Collection Up to 10 x Faster

17 Unlocking the Value of Standby DBs Standby for Online Upgrade, Auto Failover Standby for Testing, Readable Physical Standby for DR and Backup Logical Standby for Realtime Query

18 Total Recall Flashback Data Archive Flashback Data Archive Easy, practical way to add “time dimension” to your data For change tracking, ILM, auditing, compliance, … Query data “AS OF” any time in the past Efficient storage / retrieval of undo data User Tablespaces Flashback Data Archive Archive Tables Changes Select * from orders AS OF ‘Midnight 31-Dec-2003’ ORDERS

19 Database Security and Compliance DatabaseVault Multi-factor DBA Controls AdvancedSecurity EncryptedData LabelSecurity DataClassification SecureBackup Encrypted Data on Tape Configuration Mgmt Pack Secure Deployments AuditVault Monitor, Alert, Consolidate

20 Security and Compliance Strong, Complete, Integrated Audit Vault Consolidate and Monitor Audit Information Advanced Security Strongly Authenticate and Authorize End Users Oracle Secure Backup Encrypt Backups Transparent Data Encryption Encrypt data in the database Database Vault Add Multi-factor DBA Controls

21 Lifecycle of Change Management New Change Assurance Capabilities Capture and Replay Workload Set Up Test Environments Detect and Tune Performance Changes Package Incidents for Support Online ‘Hot’ Patching Configure and Maintain Production System Provision - Upgrade or Clone

22 …… Client … Capture DB Workload Real Application Testing Database Replay Recreate actual production database workload in test environment No test development required Replay workload in test with production timing Analyze & fix issues before production Middle Tier Storage Replay DB Workload Production Test Test migration to RAC

23 Enterprise Manager Grid Control Grid Platform Service Level Management Set business service goals - Transaction performance - Business processes Report service levels Diagnose root cause Respond to change Low Cost, Multi-System Management Grid Management Capture configuration - Know what you have - Know what you are running Drive to certified configs Manage sets as one Automate tasks Application Service Levels Extended through to Oracle Support

24 Deep Observability Large amount of native Solaris tools to provide observability. DTrace provides deeper observability to Solaris and your application. No other OS can do what DTrace does. >DTrace is a dynamic tracing framework that lets users turn on and off thousands of probe points inside the kernel and user applications >DTrace's observability and interactive use greatly speeds the essentially iterative work of debugging and performance improvement. >Application-specific probe points may be created by customers and seamlessly fit into the DTrace framework. >DTrace's design makes these powerful features safe to use, even on the most critical production systems as well as development/QA. Solaris includes many GNU tools for SAs supporting both Solaris and RHEL.

25 Other Oracle Database 11g Highlights Performance and Scalability Query Result Cache TimesTen Cache Enhancements RAC Scalability Enhancements High Availability Data Recovery Advisor Readable Physical Standby VLDB/ILM Interval and Referential Partitioning Enhanced Compression Manageability and Diagnosability Support Workbench SQL Performance Analyzer SQL Test Case Builder Security Tablespace and LOB Encryption Secure Configuration Business Intelligence BI Publisher Reporting Supermodels for Data Mining Unstructured Data Management Enhanced XML indexing Storage & Query of Semantic Content Developer Productivity APEX 3.0 including support for Flash Charting and PDF output Improved PHP Scalability.NET Improvements Simple compilation of PLSQL and Java Stored Procedures

26 Excellent Performance & Scalability Solaris Scales linearly on SPARC or x86. Solaris has been proved to scale to: >512 hardware threads >4 Terabytes of RAM >Many Petabytes of disk >Achieve excellent network performance (throughput and latency). Performance: >The overall #1 record for the 8-processor SAP SD benchmark was on Solaris and the Sun Fire X4640. >The overall #1 record for the 2-processor SAP SD benchmark was on Solaris and the Sun Fire x4270. >

27 Solaris and SPARC: #1 platform Solaris and SPARC are world record holders in all seven key enterprise commercial benchmarks. >#1 in OLTP Database: TPC-C >#1 in Oracle BI EE: T5440 cluster >#1 in Oracle Hyperion: M5000+7410 >#1 in ERP: SAP-SD on M9000 >#1 in PeopleSoft Payroll: M4000+F5100 >#1 in Web/Network: SPECweb T5440 Sun Websvr T5440 M9000 M5000 Sun Unified Storage 7410 Sun Storage F5100 Array M4000

28 28 THANK YOU.

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