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Higher Engineering Education Network Technical Report.

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1 Higher Engineering Education Network Technical Report

2 Outline zAn experience in building the AII. zIHE-Net Application in Indonesia. zOther Networks... zSummary.

3 Experience in Internet building zJanuary 1993 - Suryono (Texas) install a packet radio 1200bps to LAPAN. zLAPAN 1200bps to BPPT & Internet 64Kbps. z286 PC as gateway! to connect the whole ITB campus. zSoftware NOS (running on DOS) as gateway.

4 Indonesia Topology Jan.1993 Amateur Packet Radio AX.25 at 1200bps PC Gateway 286! Start from simple equipment We grow the community

5 ITB in 1995 zTelkom Leased Line at 14.4Kbps zRISTI-Telkom to BPPT 64Kbps. zITB uses FreeBSD (UNIX) as Router & Server. zFor the first time ITB saw Web in Internet. zITB learns to build a campus network (how to handle the lightning).

6 Typical ITB Campus Net

7 ITB Today.... zT1 Satelite Link to Japan. zInstallation of 2Mbps to IIX. zVSAT TDMA & SCPC to various universities. z4Mbps Uwave Jakarta-Bandung. zISDN Line di Jakarta. zWaveLAN 2Mbps for Metropolitan Area Network (MAN). Homebrew 2Mbps MAN!

8 Connection to IIX via RadNet 7 Universities via VSAT TDMA SCPC Connect 3 Universities Connect to 6 Universities 5 Universities / Research Inst > 10 educational institutions

9 > 20 Mbps 3 Major IX Many Educational Institutions Are Connected to ITB No Government Subsidy No Government Incentive

10 Indonesian Speed to Internet Exponential Grow Increases mass to sustain grow

11 Key of Success Human Resource Development! Self-financing! The more people the lower the cost Involving students in the process! Gives incentives for education!

12 Basic Strategies zTry to use the existing infrastructure or build your own whenever possible. zEmployed Qualified Human Resource. The most difficult task!

13 Other Networks.. zIndonesian ISP via Indonesia IX. zIPTEK-NET. zAsia Internet Interconnection Initiatives (AI3). zPANARIE zAsia Pacific Advanced Network (APAN) zNUSANTARA-21

14 IHE-Net Universities on Internet zInstitute of Technology Bandung. zInstitute of Technology Surabaya. zUniversity Gadjah Mada. zUniversity North Sumatra. zUniversity Tanjung Pura. zUniversity Lampung. zUniverity Syah Kuala

15 Those with Internet access what can we do next?

16 Basic Internet Services zmailing zNews zWWW zFTP zVideoconference- zInternet FAX- zInternet Phone- ITB is hosting > 220 mailing lists (the largest mailing list in Indonesia) Only <60 News Server in Indonesia Hunderds of Web on Indonesia (about ~20% of it in education)

17 Practical Mailing lists zIHE-NET Mailing list xsubscribe via xsubscribe via

18 Temporary IHE-NET Web zURL y zContent: yHEE-NET ‘97 Workshop Proceedings. ySeveral Papers for SST, Padang Meeting. yReport on Library Development Study in HEDS Target Universities.

19 What we expect... zMore active participation yshare your thought & opinion zShare resources electronically yPublish proceedings electronically yPublish papers electronically zbe an Information Producer

20 Those with Internet Access zContact person for various activities. zActive in the Internet discussion groups for various activities. zDisseminate information over Internet. zWeb content development.

21 Those with NO Internet access what can we do?

22 Those with no Internet acces zList of contact persons. yAddress & FAX zHost web at other universities. yPlease provide any information of your institution in electronic form.

23 How can we do it? In practice...

24 Electronics minded.. zAdditional electronics version (MSWord / other format), for: yReports yPapers yBrochure. yArticles. zProvide this version of information to HEDS PMU & your partner.

25 Share... zKeep on: ySilaturahmi among us yNgobrol among us zShare your thought … zShare your resources.. zActive in mailing lists..

26 Main Objective.. Be a information producer (electronically)

27 Summary zSimple equipments can be used to get on line. zInternet would be an alternative media to communicate and disseminate information. zInternet is only a tool. zThe key factor is on the human to produce information.



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