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Click to start. Next Generation Business Industries and Platinum Safety introduce.

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2 Next Generation Business Industries and Platinum Safety introduce



5 The Vault is an innovative and leading edge Safety Management System developed by an international team of Health and Safety professionals. It is international standards based, regulatory complaint, and acclaimed globally by a diverse range of valued clients. Ivanhoe Mines Maju Holdings, MalaysiaShell ExplorationBaxter GEO, Australia

6 Next Generation Business Industries Offshore Development Team (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) Offshore Development Team (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

7 Regardless of where we live, where we work or what we do, from the time we get out of bed to the time we return, life is about managing our health and safety. Ivanhoe Mines, Mongolia’s Great Gobi

8 photos sourced: www It is a complex business. Tiredness, stress, fitness and confidence factors can all elevate the level of risk. People are our most valuable resource in today’s competitive and increasingly regulated workplace. Business leaders are challenged to provide staff with the tools to make smart choices.

9 The Vault evolved from experienced, professional Health and Safety consultants recognising a need to deliver a powerful software tool for clients to make informed and accurate business decisions. photos sourced: www

10 The Vault can provide your business with a cost effective means of ensuring that all management, employees, contractors and visitors comply with legislation and have the latest innovation and industry best practices at hand. photos sourced: www

11 The heart of the system is the Dashboard, providing management a constant synopsis on every aspect of Health and Safety within the organisation.

12 During implementation all existing HR and pay roll records populate The Vault. The online help menu and professional support ensures a smooth transition.

13 The Vault is completely intuitive. Working from left to right is clear and navigating through the modules is logical.

14 Digital photos and colour coded status graphs enhance reports and assessments, prioritises events and provide accurate recognition for teaching and audits.

15 In any work environment it is crucial that staff are trained, they understand what to do and what not to do. All training is tracked and managed with clear audit trails

16 Hazards are tracked and safely managed by Risk Analysis and control measures with a cost justification feature.

17 Job Safety Analysis (JSA) are constructed systematically and are accessible across the organisation.

18 All incidents and accidents are accurately recorded. Incident investigation reports are generated with a detailed injury management process.

19 The Vault delivers comprehensive Asset Management with vehicle registers and running costs, equipment, plant, and warranties through to license expiries.

20 Reports manage day to day events, issues and trends. Up to 80 reports covering all key functions of the Vault can be filtered to provide data on sites, dates, departments, employees and contractors.

21 The Reference Library accesses all company policies, procedures and templates, and encompasses Document Control to ISO standards for the preparation, review, approval, release, distribution, access, storage, security, or disposal of documents.

22 Information is at your fingertips, with performance indicators and lost time frequency rates. Departments with issues are identified for early intervention.

23 The Organiser ensures that your Safety Management System is on track and compliant. Tasks and events are logged with Dashboard prompts.

24 The Vault is an intelligent business system, industry hardened, with scalable secure access for all authorised users. Save up to 60% on maintaining hard copy systems Reduce insurance costs through compliance A proactive stance on Health and Safety translates to a superlative advantage in the tender process

25 Creating a desire for a safe workplace is a challenge. Systems and processes alone cannot achieve that. The Vault enables management to focus on leadership and generate buy in from staff. John Jones Steel, NZ photos sourced: www

26 visit us at

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