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© Genesee Academy, 2005-2007 5/1/2015 1 The.

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1 © Genesee Academy, 2005-2007 5/1/2015 http:// 1 The Data Vault – Selected Slides

2 What is the Data Vault? 5/1/2015 2 The Data Vault is a data modeling approach for the Enterprise Data Warehouse. It is uniquely flexible, scalable, consistent and extremely adaptable to the needs of the enterprise. It is a data model that is architected specifically to meet the needs of today’s enterprise data warehouses.

3 Data MartsEDW-DVOperational External Data Mart ETL Staging Area Exploration & Mining Integration ETL Mart Strategic Marts Mart Exploration & Mining Marketing Sales ERP SCM JD Edwards PeopleSoft SAP I2 Technologies Manugistics Visual Movement Siebel Gold Mine Where Does It Fit?

4 4 Traditional Architecture Sales Finance Contracts Staging (EDW) Star Schemas Enterprise BI Solution (batch) Staging + History Complex Business Rules Complex Business Rules +Dependencies Conformed Dimensions Junk Tables Helper Tables Factless Facts

5 5 Fundamental Architecture Sales Finance Contracts Staging EDW Star Schemas Error Marts Report Collections Enterprise BI Solution (batch) Complex Business Rules The business rules are moved closer to the business, improving IT reaction time, reducing cost and minimizing impacts to the enterprise data warehouse (EDW) Repeatable Consistent Fault-Tolerant Scalable Auditable FUNDAMENTAL GOALS

6 5/1/2015 6 What are the Entity Types? Hub:List of UNIQUE business keys. Link:List of UNIQUE relationships between keys. Satellite:Historical descriptive data.

7 What are the Benefits? 5/1/2015 Architecturally Completely Auditable Model Directly Aligned to the Business Model Extremely Adaptable To Business Change Designed and Optimized Specifically for the EDW Durable, Consistent and Predictable Intelligence Investment Appreciates Over Time Terminal Complexity

8 Industry Quotes About Data Vault 5/1/2015 8 Bill Inmon: “The Data Vault is functionally strong and a viable architecture in implementing your Enterprise Data Warehouse.” “The Data Vault is the optimal choice for DW2.0 architectures.” Kent Graziano, Denver Public Schools: “We believe that this data modeling technique is the best suited for designing a central, historic data repository because of its flexibility to easily add new subject areas and attributes.” Clive Finkelstein: “This should be called the "Foundational Warehouse Model", and it looks to be a solid implementation paradigm that's highly scalable.” Stephen Brobst, CTO Teradata: “The Data Vault is foundationally strong and exceptionally scalable architecture.” Doug Laney, META GROUP: “ The Data Vault is a technique which some industry experts have predicted may spark a revolution as the next big thing in data modeling for enterprise warehousing....” (Wilshire Conferences, Enterprise Data Forum Brochure, November 4-7, 2002),

9 Questions? 9 The Home of the Data Vault Certification Training Free White Papers Dan Linstedt Hans Hultgren Genesee Academy Golden, Colorado USA 001-303-526-0340 Rapid ACE Golden, Colorado USA 001-303-526-9080

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