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1 Oracle Database Database Vault Self-Validation Tech Guide.

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1 1 Oracle Database Database Vault Self-Validation Tech Guide

2 2 Easy To Validate Your Apps Against Database Vault Estimated ½-1 day for Database Vault set up and configuration against your App(s) Partners can use their systems to validate their App(s) with Database Vault FREE technical assistance from Oracle Development (PTS) to support Validation efforts 3 possible Validation levels to choose from Works with RAC, Oracle Label Security, Oracle Advanced Security

3 3 3 Validation Levels Level I - Basic Validation Level II - Advanced Validation Level III - Enterprise Validation

4 4 Benefits for Each Validation Level Level I - Basic Validation Restrict DBA Access in Application(s) Limit DBA and other privileged users’ access to business data inside the database Level II - Advanced Validation Protect ISV Data Structure Protect data structures in production environments from unauthorized edits / changes Level III - Enterprise Validation Enterprise Configuration option Customers can add their company-specific business requirements

5 5 Level I - Basic Validation: Restrict DBA Access Installation Steps Step 1 - Install Enterprise Edition database Step 2 - Install application(s) Step 3 - Install Database Vault option Basic Validation Create a realm around ISV application Perform functional test of ISV application Perform a technical test Verify patching and upgrade of ISV application If necessary, create a separate realm with all privileges needed for patching / upgrades Measure performance Overhead should be less than 5% Write Database Vault API scripts for above so it can be run during ISV application install

6 6 Level II - Advanced Validation: Protect ISV Data Structure Level I validation steps See previous slide Build Command Rules Build a collection of command rules that protects ISV data structure Applied at a customers production environment ISV identifies which command rules are relevant to application Command line examples: DROP TABLE, ALTER TABLE, CREATE DATABASE LINK, …etc Perform functional test Test ISV application and measure performance

7 7 Level III - Enterprise Validation: Enterprise Configuration Level I & Level II validation steps See previous slides Dynamic security rules Based on customer specific security requirements Utilizes customer-specific Realms, Command Rules, Factors to build common security rules Ex: customer IP address, network domain, etc May utilize additional security options (OLS and ASO) to integrate with Database Vault Has the potential for additional consulting business Has the potential for additional license business

8 8 Packaging, Availability, Pricing Database Option on DB Enterprise Edition $20K per CPU $400 per Named User On top of Linux and Solaris initially Other ports along with (Sept) Part of Works with RAC, Oracle Label Security, Advanced Security Option

9 9 Next Steps 1 - Getting Software 2 - Validation testing 3 – Sales Enablement Kit

10 10 Resources & Contacts Get Product Info & Downloads Get Validation Assistance from Oracle No fees for OPN Partners

11 11 A Q &

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