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Tales From The Vault. The Vault as it looked in late November 2010.

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1 Tales From The Vault

2 The Vault as it looked in late November 2010

3 The Vault was later divided into 3 smaller modules

4 Then came the Shelving The first truck loaded with shelving arrived on March 24, 20ll.

5 The shelving was shipped directly from the Spacesaver Corporation’s Wisconsin factory by truck and by rail.

6 Shelving was off-loaded and lowered by hoist into the vault

7 Shelving At Last!!! The first shelving upright was placed into position on Saturday, March 26, 2011 at 8:05am.

8 Installers erected shelving at a fast pace. They generally worked 12-14 hour days.

9 Progress!

10 Once uprights were installed, shelving brackets were put in place according to the planogram.

11 Almost Done! The North Module as it looked on June 2, 2011

12 Points of Interest The Vault is 30K square feet in total size The Vault will consist of 3 smaller “modules” – Each module will have a capacity of 10K square Feet In order to preserve materials, the vault will be kept at 50 deg. F and have a relative humidity of 30% There will be enough space in the vault for 40 years worth of growth.

13 Glossary The next few slides contain brief descriptions and pictures of terms and items that might help one better understand some of the concepts related to high-density shelving and the vault in general.

14 A document that shows the arrangement of shelves based on size within each row of the high-density storage facility Planogram:

15 High Density Storage In order to achieve maximum density, material being placed in the vault will be shelved according to size. Book-type material will be placed in special trays while boxed material will go directly to the shelf.

16 Sizing Template Items to be stored in trays are measured on a sizing template. This ensures that items of similar size get shelved together on shelving that is spaced accordingly.

17 Book Tray After an item has been measured on the sizing template it is placed in the appropriately sized book tray. Each tray contains a label that includes a size code, box number & barcode, and the date the box was accessioned into the vault. All of this information is important for both collection access and collection management.

18 Order Picker In order to put something on or retrieve something from a shelf, a special piece of equipment called an order picker will be used. An order picker is similar to a forklift, but has a platform on which work can be performed. The order pickers that will be used in the SCL vaults will be able to access heights of roughly 30 feet, and will be equipped with wireless access points to enable quick retrieval of requested items.

19 The End?

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