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Introducing the New Yeti Tray System Product Development by:

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2 Introducing the New Yeti Tray System Product Development by:

3 What is a Yeti Tray System? Product Description: An Aluminum, prefinished.063 material thickness that is durable, Marine tested, and formed to fit a Cooler or Hatch space  The Tray System :A multi purpose tray that uses.063 Aluminum, with perforated predrilled diameter holes. Solid surfaces on standard model allow for baits to rest rigged with line leader so that the bait with its hook can rest over the perforated holes. The holes, raised above the ice that is below, will keep the bait chilled in a conventional breathing method, making your bait fresh when ready to be removed from the cooler. The solid surface will allow the leader to rest safely with a chance of Nicking or rubbing against a routed edge.

4 Yeti “Bait” allows offshore fishing consumers to be able to pre-rig their baits with lures and keep them fresh all day while fishing. As a Bait Tray, during any seas or weather your tray fabricated of durable.063 prefinished aluminum will handle all conditions. This tray is only built to fit the patent inside edges of a Yeti cooler. No seas will disturb your bait. The prefinished powder coated finish will allow for quick cleaning, no rusting and a sharp look at the docks Yeti “Tray” System can be used with a packed cooler of ice as a tray to hold up to 20 lbs. Great for trips, sailing adventures or hunting escapades where you will need your ice to keep and your meats, sandwiches, fruits, and or drinks to rest securely in your tray system. What are the uses of my Yeti Tray?

5 How does the tray work? Keeping baits and other items cold: It has a custom logo design that is predrilled ¼” holes that allow for the cold air to pass through the holes. Staying Still: The Yeti cooler has a pre- engineered internal flange that locks the tray in place as seen in the bottom photo.

6 What sizes are available for my Yeti Cooler ? Yeti makes the Tray system for the 45, 65,105, and 120 coolers Trays may be purchased directly at, any participating dealer, and

7 Get the Yeti System today, contact your dealer or upgrade your existing cooler. Visit today.

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