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National Strategies, Inc. The Pre-Eminent State and Local Public Affairs Firm in America Proven Track Record of Success Our Strength Is Our People –Principals.

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2 National Strategies, Inc. The Pre-Eminent State and Local Public Affairs Firm in America Proven Track Record of Success Our Strength Is Our People –Principals Who Have Served at the Highest Levels of Politics and Government –A National Network of 500 Consultants

3 Premier National Network Close Personal Relationships –With State, County, City Decision-Makers Proven, Experienced Performers in Similar Projects Adherence to Highest Ethical Standards

4 Our Business Philosophy We Partner with Our Clients Your Goals and Objectives Become Ours Highest Ethical Standards Building the Best Team for Your Needs

5 Fortune 100’s to Start-Ups Cisco Systems Yahoo! NBC Television General Electric Co. Bayer Pharmaceutical American Management Systems NBC Earth Tech TransAmerica Lockheed Martin Representative Clients

6 NSI Services for Ford Motor Company Strategy Field Operations Reputation Enhancement Lobbying

7 Strategy Intelligence Gathering Strategic Counsel – Proactive Strategic Counsel – Reactive Political Planning

8 Intelligence Gathering Highest Level “Ear to the Ground” Trend Spotting –Political –Legislative –Administrative –Anticipate Problem Areas Candid Assessments on Friends/ Adversaries Impending Leadership Changes Elections to Watch

9 Strategic Counsel Long Term / Proactive NSI Principals’ Perspective National Consultant Network Perspective Reputation Building / Enhancement Identify Goals and Objectives Identify Valuable Relationships Anticipate Problem Issues Anticipate Trouble Spots

10 Strategic Counsel Short Term / Reactive Political Assessment Firestone Crisis Assistance Reputation Management Rapid Response in 50 States –Tailored to Local Dynamics Champion & Surrogate Recruitment Assistance with Attorneys General

11 Political Planning Assist PAC –Target Races –Help Define PAC Objectives –Assist in Adding Funding Sources Political Plan Counsel –Support Soft Dollar Policy Change –Vehicles in Kind Program -Events / Campaigns / Charitable Causes –Identify Crucial Elections -State / Local / Legislative Leadership Races

12 Field Operations Relationship Building Grass-Tops Campaign Grass-Roots Program Field Network Critique

13 Relationship Building Introductions and Follow-Up for Key Ford Executives to: Governors, Attorneys General, Other Constitutional Officers, Legislative Leaders, Mayors, County Supervisors, County Executives, “Change Leaders” Key Association Liaison –RGA, DGA, ALEC, NCSL,Senate Presidents, Speakers, National League of Cities, National Association of Counties, RNC, DNC, State Party Leaders

14 Grass-Tops Campaign Coordinate with National Consultant Network to: Add Consultant Network as Champions Add Consultant Network as Champion Recruiters Provide Intelligence for Champions and Recruiters Assist in Field in Strengthening Ford’s Congressional Key Contact Program Create State / Local Key Contact Program

15 Grass-Roots Program Supplement Ford’s Existing Efforts Organize and Coordinate State Days / Fly-ins for Key Ford Executives –Integrate State and Local Champions Add Non-Traditional Stakeholders –High-Tech Vendors and Suppliers -Dell, Nokia, Qualcomm, Yahoo, Others Supplement Traditional Vendor Involvement Provide State and Field on-the- Ground Integration

16 Field Network Critique Review Ford’s Existing Consultants and Political Operatives –Retention Advice –New Addition Hiring Counsel Short-Term Recommendations Long-Term Recommendations

17 Reputation Enhancement Programs California Crisis Management Attorney General Project Community Involvement Project Investor Relations Assistance

18 California Crisis Management Identify Appropriate Team from California Consultant Network –Legislative Specialist –Attorney General Specialist –Governor Specialist Negotiate Team’s Involvement Assess Ford’s Political Capital with State Leadership –Gubernatorial, Legislative, Attorney General Provide Strategic Counsel

19 Develop Plan Reputation Management –Protect and Enhance Ford in California –Build and Strengthen Ford Relationships at all Levels of Government Integrate and Coordinate Efforts –Among California Team –In Concert with Federal Relations Team California Crisis Management (continued)

20 Attorney General Project Direct Contact Through National Consultant Network to Targeted AG’s Utilize Former AG’s and AG Specialists Among National Consultant Network Liaison to NAAG and Partisan AG Associations Identify Top Policy and Political Initiatives of AG’s –Support Financially and Otherwise Integrate with Political Plan –Support Friends / Defeat Adversaries

21 Community Involvement Project Leverage Ford Charitable-Giving Program to Political Imperatives Utilize National Consultant Network –To Identify Favored Projects of Leaders –To Identify Favored Charities of Leaders –To Assist Ford in Locating Charitable Opportunities in Order to Improve Tone and Message with Key Leaders –To Deliver Contributions –To Arrange Appropriate Notice and Public Relations

22 Investor Relations Assistance Encourage Investment in Ford Securities Liaise with Public Sector Institutions –Such as CALPERS, Other State Retirement Boards Assist with Local Reputation Management –Particularly During Crises

23 Lobbying Direct Lobbying – Proactive Direct Lobbying – Reactive State Policy Initiative

24 Direct Lobbying - Proactive Offensive / Long-Term / Goal-Specific –Integrated with Ford Resources –Reputation Building By NSI Principals –To Federal, State, Local Officials By NSI Consultant Network Access to Each and Every: –U.S. Senator / Member of Congress –Governor / Attorney General –State Senate President and Speaker –Mayor / County Executive

25 Direct Lobbying - Reactive Defensive / Short-Term Reputation Management Real Time Response to Crises –Eg. California Team in Place in Hours –Immediate Mobilization of Resources –Quick Intelligence from National Network of Consultants –Quick Political Assessment –Identification and Recruitment of Allies and Champions

26 State Policy Initiative Conduct Resource Inventory Identify Short-Term Issues of Import –Assess Firestone Impact on Statehouse Identify Long-Term Issues –Direct Manufacturer Sales –Dealer Franchise Questions –State and Local Procurement –Others

27 The NSI Team Approach The Ford Team –Al Gordon –Paul Hatch –Tim Onoff –500 Consultants Nationwide We Play To Win! Nationally-Certified Ethics Program Strategic Partnerships with Our Clients

28 The NSI Advantage Hands-on Experience in Every State, County and City State-by-State Project Management and Oversight Experienced Strategic Counselors Public Affairs, Regulatory Relations and Legislative Advocacy Experts State and Local Procurement Specialists Ready on Day One

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