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Butterflies By- Lauren, Jacob, Zackary, Gurpartap.

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2 Butterflies By- Lauren, Jacob, Zackary, Gurpartap.

3 The Butterflies Life Cycle Butterflies have an unusual life cycle. They start as eggs with a ridged outer coating called a chorion. Some caterpillars eat their own egg shells when they hatch. When a caterpillar hatches it can be as big as a comma. After about two weeks, it slathers a liquid all over it and then it dries into a pupa.

4 Life Cycle Continued Butterflies are cold blooded like all insects. Butterflies lay eggs in spring, summer, and early fall.

5 Butterflies Migration Butterflies have to leave the cold and go to Mexico for the winter. Butterflies stay in Indiana during spring, summer, and fall but leave in winter. Each fall Monarch butterflies can travel from Greenland to Mexico. Butterflies migrate, including the queen butterfly.

6 Attracting Butterflies Butterflies like plants such as the butterfly bush, milkweed, bleeding heart flower, flea bane and clover. Butterflies prefer open woodlands, fields, and brushy areas. Both birds and butterflies are drawn to water like bird baths. Butterfly gardens don't need to be big because they can use the nectar that is around them.

7 Butterflies can live in various types of shelters. Butterflies are interesting creatures.

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