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Who “Owns” the Data? Who “Owns” the Data? Dr. Joy Hatch Harford Community College EDUCAUSE Southeast Regional Conference.

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1 Who “Owns” the Data? Who “Owns” the Data? Dr. Joy Hatch Harford Community College EDUCAUSE Southeast Regional Conference

2 Who Owns the Data? Things to Discuss ERP Implementations HCC Background HCC Experience What Worked What Did not Work Lessons Learned

3 ERP Implementation Typical Implementation Technology staff does all the work End-user provides guidance Nights turns into weeks of extra work Lasts 18-36 months

4 ERP Implementation Anyone Can Do This “There is no shortage of literature on how to put together an implementation team and deploy hardware and software to support your administrative processes.” Lea Pennock and Rick Bunt EDUCAUSE QUARTERLY

5 HCC Selected a Different Route

6 Background Harford Community College Located in Bel Air, Maryland (one hour north of Baltimore) Only Higher Education Institution in the County 5,541 FT Credit Students 15,252 Non-Credit Students AA Degrees and Certificates

7 Background Technology Staff Desktop Support /AV- 7 Network - 3 Telecomm - 1 Web - 1 Application Developers - 2 Banner Support - 1 DBA - 1

8 Background Administrative Systems In-house Program (1980’s) CUFFS SCT/Banner (1996-98) –Implementation Start - 1996 –Human Resources - 1997 –Student - 1997 –Finance/Development - 1998

9 Banner Implementation Decisions Decision made to move the responsibility for conversion from IT to the users No changes to the database Process took approximately 30 months

10 Banner User Involvement Users made decisions –What data to convert –Which fields converted to what –How to implement and what process to put in place –What security should be implemented

11 Banner Technology Involvement IT Provided –Programming Assistance –Technical Procedures –Patches and Updates –Database Integrity –Data Backups –“Someone to Talk to”

12 Banner New Implementations Users are testing the new release (Banner 7) now Users will create their own test plans (some better than others) Users resolve any problems and find a resolution

13 Banner Luminus Decision Banner Web Portal Currently investigating and talking with other schools Will not proceed without user’s approval and buy-in

14 Banner Implementation Stories Student Module –Well implemented –Makes use of all available options –Online services deployed –On top of changes/problems –Very detailed testing plans

15 Banner Implementation Stories Human Resources –First to implement –Still has some issues Finance –Last to implement –Several processes still done manually –Requires lots of support

16 Banner Implementation Stories Development –Badly implemented due to personnel changes –Almost needs to start over Common Modules –SSN Conversion

17 What is happening TODAY?

18 Current Status Users are the SPECIALISTS Totally responsible for data –Test new releases –Correct Problems –Change Processes –Call SCT/Banner for Support –Purge Data –Determine Permissions

19 Current Status IT is the SUPPORT Provide technical support –Programming Assistance –Patches and Updates –Database Integrity –Data Backups –Security Changes –Basic/Common Training –Some Reporting

20 Who Owns the Data? What Worked Got users involved Required less technology personnel Users truly KNOW the data User testing of new releases provided smooth transition

21 Who Owns the Data? What Did NOT Work Staffing can determine the failure or success Testing process may not be thorough Training is left to the end users - often does not happen

22 Who Owns the Data? Problems Remaining Reporting –Changing reporting software –Conversion of reports and user training still happening Security –Not consistent across modules Training –No established plan

23 Who Owns the Data? Lessons Learned Get users involved EARLY (especially with process changes) Less technology support/ personnel will be needed Users will KNOW their data Level of uncertainty is always present

24 Questions? 410-836-4489


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