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Utilizing CAFM in WebTMA Lenore Marlow TMA Systems.

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1 Utilizing CAFM in WebTMA Lenore Marlow TMA Systems

2 CAFM Functions Drawing Management View Drawings Mark Up Drawings Database Functions Move Manager – New 5.0

3 The CAD Drawing

4 Redline Layer Used to link drawing and WebTMA Requires 2 layers – pure polyline layer – lines only – pure text layer – text only Other Requirements – all area numbers must be unique – text and lines cannot overlap Redline layer creates a file

5 Linking Drawings Use Drawing Manager to Create Redline Know your Polyline and Text Layer names Text and lines should not overlap No duplicate room numbers

6 Database Tools Update Area Square Footage Verify Location IDs Import Areas Square Footage Query Coming in a Future release Inactive areas that are not on the drawing

7 Mark Up Tools Drawing Tools Location Information Add Notes

8 Attribute Views Display attributes of each room on the drawing Turn on and off in one click

9 Hatching Hatching is a pattern in your drawing Hatch by Criteria – Active – Area Types – Asbestos – Assignable – Confined Space – Custodial Requirements Hatch by Color

10 Drawing Information Options/Drawing Info – File Info – drawing location and size – Measure Distance – Measure Polygon Area – Associated files needed (fonts, ext. ref. files)

11 Stored Views Group Layers to Create Custom Views – Display > Layers

12 Database Options Create Requests & Work Orders Import Areas View Items & Areas View & Add Occupants Rentals & Reservations

13 Import Areas Allows user to import multiple TMA areas Location ID, Type, Sub Type, Area Description, Department, Floor, Area # and Square Feet are items that can be imported into a TMA area record After importing, rooms are linked to TMA

14 View Items & Areas Equipment Biomed Asset Vehicle Hazardous Materials Tools Keys Departments Records Inventory Print Area History

15 Occupants Allows tracking of people in a space Add Occupants List Occupants

16 Rentals Make Rentals Open Rentals Overdue Rentals Rental History Make Reservation Future Reservations Reservations

17 Move Manager Organize a move by creating list of people who are moving and associating items with them. All items are moved and new transfer records created. Batch item transfer function - Moves occupants and their associated items - Can plan future moves

18 Questions and Discussion Please complete the evaluation. Thanks for Attending!

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