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PPPT Chapter 1 Jeopardy Category 1 Category 2

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1 PPPT Chapter 1 Jeopardy 10 20 30 40 50 Category 1 Category 2

2 Can help you deliver a dynamic
A PowerPoint _____ Can help you deliver a dynamic Professional-looking message to an audience. Category

3 Which key can you press to run A slide show starting from slide 1?

4 T/F: A level is a position in a
Structure, such as an outline, That indicates the magnitude of Imporntance.

5 Why might you want to print
A presentation?

6 What are the Four Steps to take
While preparing for a slide show? (In order)

7 All of the following are powerpoint content
Used to customize slides except: Diagrams Databases Video Shapes

8 What provides consistency in design
And color throughout the entire presentation?

9 The box on a slide that has
Dotted or hatch-marked border that contains The insertion point.

10 By default, slides in a new presentation are in
_______ orientation

11 You can insert a new slide by pressing
The _______ keyboard short cut keys

12 In a multi-level bulleted list slide,
Creating a lower level paragraph is Called ______ the text.

13 Using the _______, you can choose
The arrangement of placeholders On a slide.

14 The Process of moving a slide
Object to a new location using the Mouse pointer is called…

15 Sending electronic documents is a way
To contribute to _____ computing

16 You can move the insertion point
Into the next text placeholder by Pressing the _____keyboard Shortcut keys.

17 T/F: A slide show is another name
For a powerpoint presenation?

18 T/F: A paragraph is a segment of text with the
Same Format that begins when you press the ENTER key And ends when you press the ENTER key

19 T/F: by default, Powerpoint
Ends a slide show with a black slide?

20 T/F: Animation includes special
Visual and sound effects applied To text or other content

21 PowerPoint initially uses the _____
Until you select a different theme?

22 T/F When making a presentation
To an audience using PowerPoint, You use Notes Page view?

23 You can reposition a slide by
Dragging its thumbnail in the Slides tab or in the ________ view.

24 Creating a high-level paragraph
In a multi-bulleted list is called?

25 Details about a presentation can be found
In the presentation file’s

26 PowerPoint does not allow you
To _______ text around a picture Or other graphic.

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