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1 MnDOT FY 2014-15 Budget Overview Including Governor’s Recommendations Senate Transportation and Public Safety Committee January 30, 2013.

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1 1 MnDOT FY 2014-15 Budget Overview Including Governor’s Recommendations Senate Transportation and Public Safety Committee January 30, 2013

2 2 State Transportation System Highways –137,800 miles of state, county, city and township roadway 11,900 miles of state trunk highways 45,000 miles of county state aid highways and county roads 22,300 miles of municipal state aid streets and city streets 58,600 miles of township roads –56.7 billion annual vehicle miles traveled; 32.7 billion on trunk highways Bridges (20+ feet) –13,054 highway bridges in Minnesota – 3,627 trunk highway bridges Aviation –135 state-funded airports in Minnesota –Includes 7 Metropolitan Airports Commission airports

3 3 State Transportation System (con’t) Water Freight –60 million tons shipped via Great Lakes (2011) –11 million tons via river (2012) –Public ports in Duluth, Winona, Red Wing, St. Paul and Minneapolis Rail Freight –243 million tons shipped (2010) –4,338 miles of railroads –20 railroad companies Transit –78 greater Minnesota counties with public transit –11.5 million greater Minnesota transit trips in 2011 –58 transit providers in greater Minnesota Bicycle and pedestrian facilities throughout the state

4 4 Workforce Overview In FY 2013, MnDOT is projected to have a workforce of 4,882.8 full-time equivalents (FTEs) Reduction in FY 2012 due mostly to 415 employees retiring through Early Retirement Incentive (ERI) In FY 2014, about 200 IT employees move from MnDOT to MN.IT FTEs Change from previous year % Change FY 2011 (actual) 4,964.2 FY 2012 (actual) 4,514.2(450.0)-9.1% FY 2013 (forecast) 4,882.8368.68.2%

5 5 Expenditures by Fund

6 6 Fund ($1,000s) FY 2012FY 2013 Biennium FY 2012-13 FY 2014FY 2015 Biennium FY 2014-15 General15,25616,41831,67427,18627,10554,291 Special Revenue Funds41,76667,049108,81564,48157,576122,058 State Airports19,22922,59141,82020,202 40,404 Municipal State Aid140,525157,723298,248168,765168,440337,205 County State Aid432,609586,5231,019,132593,162606,9231,200,085 Trunk Highway1,197,1211,673,8712,870,9921,669,3131,591,5603,260,873 Federal318,489503,676822,165467,352480,395947,747 Transit Assistance22,04339,17161,21436,11839,19575,313 Other1,4802,4333,9132,3642,3434,707 Total2,188,5183,069,4555,257,9693,048,9422,993,7406,042,682

7 7 Biennial Changes by Fund Fund ($1,000s) Biennium FY 2012-13 Biennium FY 2014-15 $ Change% ChangeKey Changes General31,67454,29122,61771.4%$20M TED Special Revenue Funds108,815122,05813,24312.2% Forecast revenue: $31M partnership for Dresbach bridge State Airports41,82040,404-1,416-3.4%-$1M approp reduction Municipal State Aid298,248337,20538,95713.1%$38M direct approps increase County State Aid1,019,1321,200,085180,95317.8%$176M direct approps increase Trunk Highway2,870,9923,260,873389,88113.6% $263M MAP-21 federal funds, $196M debt service, $75M SRC increase Federal822,165947,747125,58215.3% $50M aeronautics, $40M transit, $17M planning & delivery Transit Assistance61,21475,31314,09923.0% Forecast revenue: $7M MV lease, $5M MVST Other3,9134,70779420.3% Total5,257,9696,042,682784,71314.9%

8 8 Expenditures by Appropriation Type

9 9 Type ($1,000s) FY 2012FY 2013 Biennium FY 2012-13 FY 2014FY 2015 Biennium FY 2014-15 Direct1,758,3312,398,7964,157,1272,427,4422,362,7544,790,196 Statutory425,008664,8161,089,824615,658625,1421,240,801 Open5,1795,84311,0225,843 11,686 Total2,188,5183,069,4555,257,9693,048,9422,993,7396,042,682

10 10 Program Structure Multimodal Systems Aeronautics Transit Freight Passenger Rail Local Roads County State Aid Roads Municipal State Aid Roads State Roads Program Planning and Delivery Operations and Maintenance Electronic Communications Debt Service State Road Construction Agency Management Agency Services Buildings

11 11 Expenditures by Program Program ($1,000s) Biennial Total FY 2014-15 Multimodal Systems546,437 State Roads3,329,299 Local Roads2,033,131 Agency Management 133,815 Total6,042,682

12 12 Expenditures by Program Program ($1,000s) FY 2012FY 2013 Biennium FY 2012-13 FY 2014FY 2015 Biennium FY 2014-15 Multimodal Systems 157,331295,037452,368273,102273,335546,437 State Roads1,168,2721,692,7962,861,0681,706,5911,622,7083,329,299 Local Roads797,7451,003,4901,801,2321,002,3451,030,7862,033,131 Agency Management 65,17078,132143,30166,90366,911133,815 Total2,188,5183,069,4555,257,9693,048,9412,993,7406,042,682

13 13 State Roads Program Expenditures by Budget Activity

14 14 State Roads Program Expenditures by Budget Activity Budget Activity ($1,000s) FY 2012FY 2013 Biennium FY 2012-13 FY 2014FY 2015 Biennium FY 2014-15 Program Planning & Delivery 204,262298,335502,597262,700254,428517,128 State Road Construction 626,118927,8601,553,978914,598843,4001,757,998 Debt Service80,494129,805210,299201,952204,099406,051 Operations & Maintenance 242,655318,970561,625310,751303,561614,312 Electronic Communications 14,74317,82632,56916,59017,22033,810 Total1,168,2721,692,7962,861,0681,706,5911,622,7083,329,299

15 15 Expenditures by Category

16 16 Expenditures by Category Category ($1,000s) FY 2012FY 2013 Biennium FY 2012-13 FY 2014FY 2015 Biennium FY 2014-15 Payroll345,351376,170721,521368,730376,977745,706 Operating280,997384,107665,104348,331325,706674,036 Capital Outlay 523,525894,1211,417,646862,083799,2381,661,321 Grants852,6871,204,6862,057,3731,194,3911,226,6862,421,077 Other113,35790,067203,42382,95570,534153,491 Debt Service 72,601120,305192,906192,452194,599387,051 Total2,188,5183,069,4555,257,9693,048,9422,993,7406,042,682

17 17 HUTD Sources and Uses FY 2012 (preliminary)

18 18 Minnesota Gasoline Excise Tax Minnesota’s gasoline excise tax is currently 28.5 cents/gallon (increased 0.5 cents on July 1, 2012) – 25 cent excise tax – 3.5 cent debt service surcharge As of October 2012, Minnesota has 8 th highest tax (per American Petroleum Institute)

19 19 Transportation Bonding General Obligation (GO) Bonds: – Used to fund non-trunk highway transportation projects, such as passenger rail, commuter rail, local bridges and local roads, and greater Minnesota transit facilities – Debt Service Paid by General Fund – FY2008 - 2012: Authorized $353 million Committed: $239 million

20 20 Transportation Bonding Trunk Highway Bonds: – Proceeds only used for “trunk highway purposes” – Debt Service Paid by Trunk Highway Fund as a transfer to MMB – FY2008 - 2012: Authorized $2.0 billion Programmed $2.0 billion Committed $1.1 billion

21 21 Trunk Highway Debt Service Transfer Projections (in millions of dollars)

22 22 Debt Management Policy

23 23 Change Items Transportation Economic Development (TED) Program State Road Construction Appropriation State Road Construction Infrastructure Investments Operations and Maintenance Increase Economic Recovery Funds - Trunk Highway and Federal State Airports Fund Revenue/Expenditure Alignment Increase Funding to Regional Development Commission (RDC) State Planning Grants Grade Crossing Safety Account ARMER Maintenance (via DPS)

24 24 Summary of Change Item Expenditure Impact Fund ($1,000s) DescriptionFY 2014FY 2015 Biennium 2014-15 GeneralTED10,000 20,000 Trunk Highway State Road Construction Federal Funds* 125,400137,600263,000 Trunk Highway State Road Construction Infrastructure Investments 75,0000 Trunk HighwayOps and Maintenance Increase5,000 10,000 Trunk HighwayEconomic Recovery Funds*1,000 2,000 FederalEconomic Recovery Funds*1,000 2,000 State AirportsReduced Expenditures(500) (1,000) 911 EmergencyARMER Maintenance*6001,0001,600 Totals*No net fiscal impact217,500155,100372,600

25 25 Transportation Economic Development (TED) Overview Collaboration between MnDOT and DEED for transportation infrastructure improvement projects that support economic development Competitive project selection process to identify and support projects that assist development of a new or expanding business. – Target industries: manufacturing, technology, warehousing and distribution, research and development, agricultural processing, bioscience, tourism/recreation, industrial park development Projects must also improve the statewide transportation network

26 26 TED Program Goals To address both economic and transportation system objectives of the state To create and preserve “head-of-household” jobs To leverage private and local investment in public infrastructure improvements To promote collaborative and innovative partnerships among public and private sector stakeholders

27 27 TED Program History Two solicitations so far: (2010 and 2012) Selected 24 projects – of 70 applications Provided $59 million in TED grants Leveraged over $100 million in other public and private financing Supported an estimated 10,000 permanent, well-paying jobs

28 28 State Road Construction Change Requests $338 million in total spending in FY 2014-15 – $263 million of federal funds from new federal authorization, MAP- 21 No net fiscal impact – reflects both additional federal revenue and expenditures – $75 million in additional state funds in FY 2014 One-time appropriation from existing Trunk Highway Fund balance

29 29 State Road Construction Appropriation $125.4 million in FY 2014 and $137.6 million in FY 2015 (biennial total of $263 million) Increases state road construction appropriation to make available federal funds from MAP-21 No net fiscal impact - reflects both additional federal funds and additional expenditures

30 30 State Road Construction Infrastructure Investments $75 million one-time appropriation in FY 2014 Funds would be used for: – Better Roads program – Other infrastructure needs (e.g. drainage structures) – Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) investments – Corridor Investment Management Strategy (CIMS) Funded from existing available fund balance in Trunk Highway Fund

31 31 Operations and Maintenance Increase $5 million annual increase to operations and maintenance budget activity, or 2%. To help offset inflation in commodities like salt, sand, bituminous and gasoline. Inflation has been over 3% per year since 2005, and that trend is projected to continue.

32 32 Economic Recovery Funds Extends authority to spend existing or new American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds to the end of FY 2016 Currently anticipate $1 million of additional Trunk Highway Funds and $1 million of Federal Funds related to passenger rail activities

33 33 State Airports Fund Decrease Reduces appropriations by $500,000 in both FY 2014 and 2015 (biennial total of $1 million) Eliminates negative fund balance currently forecast (as of November 2012) Reductions in grants to local airports

34 34 Regional Development Commission (RDC) State Planning Grants Increase 12 Regional Development Commissions (RDCs) in Minnesota Partners in the Area Transportation Partnership (ATP) process – Involved in soliciting and evaluating projects – Seek to integrate regional priorities in planning and project selection – Key partners in supporting MnDOT’s planning efforts through public involvement activities

35 35 Regional Development Commission (RDC) State Planning Grants Increase $600,000 is currently appropriated annually to RDCs, from Program Planning and Delivery budget activity – Since 1997, each RDC has received $50,000 annually Change item would increase these grants to $900,000 annually, or $75,000 per RDC (50% increase) – In recent years, RDCs have assumed additional responsibilities in supporting multimodal and interdisciplinary planning at the regional and state levels – $50,000 in 1997 is equal to roughly $72,000 in 2012 due to inflation

36 36 Grade Crossing Safety Account – Remaining balance in account is transferred to Trunk Highway Fund at the end of each biennium. Currently this is done annually. ARMER Maintenance (via DPS) – Increases the maintenance budget for ARMER by $600,000 in FY 2014, and by $1,000,000 in FY 2015 and beyond – Would cover increased level of service through software subscription agreement with Motorola

37 37 Questions? Tracy Hatch, Chief Financial Officer 651-366-4811 Scott Peterson, Director of Government Affairs 651-366-4817

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