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MPI Forum Suggestions for Additions to the Voting rules March 2015.

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1 MPI Forum Suggestions for Additions to the Voting rules March 2015

2 Goals I  Define rules for passing a final MPI standard  Voting on chapters and the final document  Currently not covered by the Forum rules document  Enable fixing of problems found in the final review  Even after the T-2 weeks deadline  Ticket 0 changes  Fixes to errors in implementation of tickets  Fixes to the contents of voted tickets  Provide “clean” rules that don’t seem arbitrary  Consistent with current practices  Allows for sufficient discussion / deliberation by the Forum  Document changes properly

3 Goals II – The Escape Hatch  Need a mechanism to fix problems found in reviews  These has to be limited to errata-like items  Allow for changes that get immediately added to the standard  Currently undefined  Should be previously identified issues  Proposal: Split into two meetings  Release Candidate (RC) reading  What we did here  Voting Meeting  Super Escape Hatch – Separate discussion  Ability to suspend the rules

4 Goals III – The Big Vote  Get rid of chapter votes  Senseless to leave out one chapter’s changes and take the rest  Cross-cutting tickets like #388 make individual chapter votes somewhat meaningless  Institutional vote on the whole standard  Reading at previous meeting (incl. full white space check)  Review period with possible changes  Publish complete draft 2 weeks before meeting  Should it be longer?  Two meanings for this vote  Correct implementation  Standard approval

5 Proposed sequence of events  Milestones 1. T-2 weeks to release candidate (“RC”) meeting 2. RC meeting 3. T-2 (?) weeks to voting meeting 4. Voting meeting 5. Publish standard T-2 weeks RC meeting T-2 (?) weeks Voting meeting Publish Normal ~3-month meeting internal

6 When are (sizeable) problems found?  When are problems found?  A: Regular errata  B: Allows for no “no-vote” vote on existing A errata  C: Requires review before Forum + groveling  D: Requires review before Forum + free beer for all T-2 weeks RC meeting T-2 weeks Voting meeting Publish AB C D

7 T-2 weeks to RC meeting  Chapter authors:  Publish final PDF of their chapters  Publish list of tickets applied to their chapters since the last publication  Publish list of issues still being debated

8 RC meeting  Full reading of all chapters  Highlight all changes since last publication  Highlight all changes since the 2-week deadline  Highlight all issues still being debated  Full whitespace / major content check by Forum members  Make final list of pending issues for the entire document  Only these issues can be addressed  New issue would reset the clock  After the meeting, document is now in “RC” status  Editor / chapter authors can still make whitespace / formatting / latex changes  Chapter authors can still make ticket 0 changes  Need to keep track of all changes  All other changes must be on the “pending issues” list  Possibility of doing a final vote during that meeting if no issues were found

9 T-2 (?) weeks to voting meeting  Before the T-2(?) week deadline  Commit all resolutions to open issues  White space (chapter author and editor job)  Ticket 0 changes (chapter author)  Progress on outstanding issues (ticket author needs to coordinate with chapter authors)  What is the right lead time for this?  Editor  Publish final PDF of entire document (minus publication date)  Publish changes from RC to Final document

10 Voting meeting  Chapter authors identify relevant changes made since last meeting, such as:  Major formatting changes and ticket 0 changes  Progress on outstanding issues since last meeting  Changes since T-2 weeks to voting meeting  New issues discovered since last meeting / since T-2 week deadline  Institutional vote on each issue change before T-2 week deadline  Regular vote  Institutional vote on each issue change since T-2 week deadline  Same criteria as ticket/errata:  No “no” votes  Meet individual vote quorum  If vote fails, must use text from T-2 week deadline  Editor produces final final final PDF  Includes results of this meeting  Includes (expected) final publication date  Institutional vote on the entire document (at least one night between votes)

11 Publish standard (after voting meeting)  Publish PDF on web site  Party

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