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Federal Advisory Committee on Insurance Briefing 1.

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1 Federal Advisory Committee on Insurance Briefing 1

2 AGENDA  Federal Advisory Committee Act  The Federal Advisory Committee on Insurance (FACI) Charter  Representative Members  Ethics Considerations 2

3 Federal Advisory Committee Act  The Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) became law in 1972 and is the legal foundation for how federal advisory committees operate.  The law has special emphasis on open meetings, public involvement, and reporting. 3

4 Federal Advisory Committee Act  All sessions are open to the public.  Detailed minutes of each advisory committee meeting must be kept. The committee chair must certify the accuracy of the minutes within 90 days of each meeting. 4

5 The FACI Charter  The FACI Charter states that:  Its objective is to present advice and recommendations to the Federal Insurance Office (FIO) regarding the FIO’s duties and authorities.  Those duties and authorities are set out in Subpart A of the Federal Insurance Office Act of 2010 (31 U.S.C. 313, et seq.), Title V of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, P.L. 111-203, 12 U.S.C. 5301 et seq. (July 21, 2010).  Its reports and recommendations are provided to the FIO Director. 5

6 Representative Members  In advising the FIO Director, the FACI includes a cross-section of members representative of the views of State, Tribal and non-government persons having an interest in the duties and authorities of the FIO.  Each individual member of the FACI currently serves as a representative of his or her industry, trade group, public interest group or other organization or group. 6

7 Representative Members  Representative members serve on advisory committees to provide a point of view of non-governmental entities or of a recognizable group of persons (such as an industry sector) who have interests in the subject matter and to serve as spokespeople for those interests.  Representative members are not considered government employees and are not subject to the federal conflict of interest or other ethics rules.  Representative members are still expected to reflect the highest ethical standards in their representation. 7

8 Responsibilities of Representative Members  Gather input and information from the field.  Act as a spokesperson for the industry sector, trade group, public interest group or other organization or group that you represent. 8

9 Ethics Considerations  Consider appearance issues  For representatives, avoid advising on matters outside your scope of representation.  As a representative, you have not been screened for potential conflicts that might arise were you to advise outside of your scope of representation. 9

10 Ethics Considerations  Don’t accept improper gifts  Any gift given because of your committee position.  If you are offered a gift to advance the work of the FACI (e.g. free conference room space for a listening session), please contact us. Treasury does have gift acceptance authority and may be able to accept.  Don’t use public office for private gain  Do not use your committee position to seek benefits for yourself or others.  Don’t misuse government information  Non-public information may not be used for your or anyone else’s private interest. 10

11 Ethics Considerations  Use government property and time for official purposes.  Do not use government resources for unauthorized purposes.  Don’t accept compensation for teaching, speaking or writing relating to your role on the FACI.  Check with an ethics official if you suspect you are being asked to speak, teach or write regarding the FACI. 11

12 Ethical Considerations  Expert witness rules  Check with an ethics official if you are asked to serve as an expert witness on matters relating to FACI.  Political activities and the Hatch Act  You may not use your FACI title or fact of membership while engaging in any political activities or any activity unrelated to the work of the FACI. 12

13 T REASURY E THICS C ONTACTS The Office of General Law, Ethics, & Regulation Main Phone: 202-622-0450 Fax: 202-622-1176 E-mail: Rochelle F. Granat Assistant General Counsel (General Law, Ethics, & Regulation) E-mail: Phone: 202-622-6052 Christian J. Furey Attorney-Advisor E-mail: Phone: 202-622-5441 Donna M. Cencer Ethics Program Manager E-mail: Phone: 202-622-1184 Elizabeth A. Horton Deputy Assistant General Counsel for Ethics E-mail: Phone: 202-622-9794 Hanoi Veras Attorney-Advisor E-mail: Phone: 202-622-9741 Peter A. Riesen Attorney-Advisor E-mail: Phone: 202-622-0023 13

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