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The Valsesia Valley is situated in the Province of Vercelli La Valsesia se trouve dans la province de Vercelli.

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2 The Valsesia Valley is situated in the Province of Vercelli La Valsesia se trouve dans la province de Vercelli.

3 It is called Valsesia because of the river which flows through it, the river Sesia It is long138 km Elle se dénomme comme le fleuve qui la traverse, le Sesia, qui a 138 kms de long.

4 The Sesia has its source in the southern part of the Monte Rosa glacier, at a height of 2,700 metres (Monte Rosa is 4,637 metres high) La source du Sesia se trouve à l’intérieur du glacier Sesia sur le versant méridional du Mont Rose, à 2700 mètres de haut.

5 Tributaries from near glaciers flow into the river Sesia (Bors, Piode, Vigne, Locce e Flua). Le fleuve est alimenté par les eaux venant des glaciers voisins (Bors, Piode, Vigne, Locce et Flua).

6 Along its way to the Po, the most important river in Italy, the Sesia meets a lot of tributaries Mastallone Sermenza Vogna Artogna Sorba Le long de son parcours vers le Po, le Sesia est alimenté par des affluents

7 Thanks to its great number of rivers and streams, Valsesia is one of the greenest valleys in Italy. Par sa conformation hydrographique la Valsesia est la plus verte vallée italienne.

8 The area is divided in Northern and Southern valley Monte Rosa is the highest mountain in the valley, it is 4,637 metres high. Le territoire se divise en haute et basse vallée Le Mont Rose le sommet le plus haut de toute la vallée avec ses 4637 mètres

9 The economy in Valsesia is based on tourism, whereas in the southern part the area is more industrialized. L’économie de la Valsesia est basé sur le tourisme tandis que les communes de la basse vallée accueillent les entreprises industrielles.

10 The history and traditions of Valsesia have been taught orally from father to son. L’histoire et les traditions de la Valsesia se sont transmises oralement de génération en génération.


12 Alagna is situated at the bottom of Monte Rosa and it is the last village you can reach by car. Site of Parco Naturale Alta Valsesia (Natural Park of Valsesia) The original name is “Im Land”, given to the place by the Walser population who settled in this area in the past.

13 Riva Valdobbia The ancient Walser name of the place was Pietregemelle, so named beacause along the the road that leaded to the village you could see two twin stones People called the village Riva Valdobbia only afterwards. Riva means that it is situated on a slope and Valdobbia because it is the name of the mountain situated behind the village. On the other side of the mountain there is another region, called Valle d’Aosta.

14 Mollia The name derives from the dialect “moia”. It means “marsh”. In this area the water of the river Sesia formed a kind of swamp outside the river bed.

15 Campertogno The village is very ancient and it probably has Celtic origins.

16 The village is situated in the Val Sorba, a narrow and wild valley. In the village, situated on the right side of the river Sorba, the houses are very close one another. The name means “erasa” (separated), from the latin word “separata”, and indicates that the place is separated from the rest of the valley. Rassa

17 Piode This village is on the river Sesia which flows through it.

18 Scopello In the middle of the Valgrande (the name means big valley), there is the village of Scopello, famous in the 17 ʰ century thanks to its copper foundries and silver mines, now used-up In this village were produced silver, gold and nickel coins for the Casa Savoia (the king).

19 Scopa It is situated in a small plain, formed by an ancient lake.

20 Balmuccia Small village situated between theValgrande and the Val Sermenza. An ancient stone bridge connects the two sides of the village, separated by a stream.

21 Boccioleto Situated in the Val Sermenza, where the stream Sermenza and the stream Cavaione meet together. Here you can see theTorre delle Giavine (Giavine Tower), a monolith which is 90 metres high.

22 Rossa Situated on a steep slope, it was one of the first settlements in the Valsermenza.

23 Rimasco The village is on the shore of an artificial lake, very good for fishing. The river Sermenza flows in it. Part of this area si situated inside the Parco Naturale dell’alta Valsesia (a park in the northern part of the valley)

24 Carcoforo This village is situated in the Parco Alta Valsesia (Alta Valsesia Park). Around the village there are pasture lands, larch woods and high mountains.

25 Rima It is the higher village in Valsesia, it is part of the Val Sermenza.


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