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Fast ForWord Third Grade Implementation March 19, 2013.

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1 Fast ForWord Third Grade Implementation March 19, 2013

2 Implementation History Initial pilot: Summer 2011 86 students in grades 1-8 Board approves purchase: January 2012 Implementation pilot: Spring 2012 4 elementary schools/both middle schools 2 basic implementation models Implementation plan presented: June 2012 All-district third grade implementation: Sept.-Dec. 2012

3 Third Grade Implementation Began toward end of September (after MAP testing) 30-minute, 5-day protocol Initial Reading Progress Indicator (RPI) assessment Worked to complete first two products: Language V2 Language to Reading Students unable to finish by winter recess continued through January

4 Third Grade Overview Student groupNo. of studentsPercent All enrolled third graders666100% Students who opted out183% Students without a second RPI 7411% Students on whom results are based 57486%

5 Students Without a Second RPI Student groupNo. of studentsPercent Total74100% Parents requested removal23% Worked too fast to trigger a second RPI 45% Product was deemed inappropriate 2838% Still working when analysis began 2230% Unknown reason1723% Transferred out before completing 11%

6 Student Outcomes SCHOOLPosted gainsDid not post gains Beye 61.9%38.1% Hatch 57.7%42.3% Holmes 68.3%31.7% Irving 59.7%40.3% Lincoln 65.7%34.3% Longfellow 82.2%17.8% Mann 62.9%37.1% Whittier 78.1%21.9% DISTRICT 67.2%32.8%

7 Outcome by School

8 Outcome by Fall MAP Percentile Grouping

9 Outcome by Fall DIBELS Instructional Recommendation

10 Outcome by IEP Status

11 Outcome by Lunch Status

12 Outcome by Ethnicity

13 Progress Compared to MAP No MAP gainMAP gain No Fast ForWord gain 15%17% Fast ForWord gain 23%45%

14 Third Grade Conclusions Overall results were about typical for students completing one Fast ForWord product The first product was most successful among least proficient students, low income students and students with IEPs Starting with first product for all students may not be the most effective approach

15 Second Grade Implementation Used auto-placement Students continuing to end of school year Committee will evaluate results at end of year to determine implementation for 2013-2014year

16 Distribution of Second Grade Placement

17 Questions?

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