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Why might determination be needed to overcome race and gender discrimination?

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1 Why might determination be needed to overcome race and gender discrimination?

2 Spelling Words Calendar Words January February March April May June July SPB pg. 224

3 Vocabulary to know 1. insurmountable 10. chaperone 2. override11. honorary doctorate 3. suspicious 12. authority 4. cautiously13. calculus 5. roamed14. innovation 6. funneled15. assured 7. irrigation ditches 8. glinting 9. dashed

4 insurmountable override suspicious cautiously roamed funneled irrigation ditches impossible to overcome to overrule carefully moved, as through a channel or ditch wandered through trenches used to supply water to a dry land distrustful

5 glinting dashed chaperone honorary doctorate authority calculus innovation assured rushed an older person who travels with younger individuals degree given to show respect for a successful person branch of math that deals with limits and functions of variables the introduction of a new thing, idea or method made certain the power to enforce laws or make decisions sparkling

6 Review Vocabulary

7 Read Aloud Somebody Loves you Mr. Hatch Predictions: * What are some of the things Mr. Hatch did each day ? * How did Mr. Hatch’s life change after he received the Valentine? * What are some of the nice things Mr. Hatch did for others. Make a list

8 “A Determined Student” p. 92-93 Genre: Narrative Nonfiction Include facts, details, What do you think the story will be about ? During Reading: try to create your own pictures to go along with the story

9 “ Richard Wright and The Library Card” pg. 94-99 Genre: Historical Fiction Why do you think the author wrote this story? Skim and preview text then make your predictions

10 Pair and Share What might Richard Wright have seen inside the library? What did the ability to borrow books from the library mean to Richard Wright? What was he now able to do? Did reading this selection help you appreciate libraries more?

11 “Baseball Saved Us” p. 100-107 Genre: Realistic Fiction Discuss with a partner what you know about Pearl Harbor.

12 Formula for Success pg. 110-113 Genre: Narrative nonfiction Do you know of anyone that came to the Unites States and did not know how to speak English? What do you think life was like for them?

13 “The Queen of Salsa” pg. 108-109 Genre: Biography Salsa dancing is a type of dancing that done to Latin American music. What predictions do you have about the story?

14 Let’s Pair and Share! 1. What might life have been like fo Celia Cruz on tour? 2. Why did Celia Cruz enroll in a teacher’s college? 3. Do you know of other singers who have faced discrimination?

15 What do you think? What might Escalante’s early classes have been like? How did Escalante convince his students to believe in themselves? Visualize yourself as on of the fourteen students who passed the calculus test but was accuses of cheating. Would you have agreed or refused to be retested? Explain.

16 Visualize What You Read Use details from text to create a mental picture Using the “Tryouts” copy- look at the 4 th paragraph and draw what you see.

17 Sequence/Chronological Order sequence -ordering events or steps in a process. chronological order-order of events over time

18 Commas, Commas, Everywhere Commas are used to separate dialogue, dates and addresses Ex: Elise lived all her life at 32 Sycamore St., Portland, ME 00001. “I have to leave soon,” Marty said, “to go back to work.” On July 5, 1945, the heat in South Carolina was sweltering.

19 More Commas On March 5 2007 Amelia’s mom took her to watch a baseball game. The stadium is located at 2201 Edison Avenue Fort Myers FL 00002. “Look” Amelia said at the stadium “our seats are right behind home plate! HW/CW- SPB 220

20 Review: Underline and Italics Italcizing and underlining draw attention to certain words or phrases Ex: I said no. You want me to sit over there. Underline every adjective in the following sentences.

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