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Mock Election Students get to vote in the local, state and national elections.

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1 Mock Election Students get to vote in the local, state and national elections.

2 Why is it important to vote?
These candidates will decide your taxes, rights and how you live. To be an informed and active citizen

3 Don’t Elect A Scoundrel!

4 To Preserve Your Freedom.
Castro in Cuba

5 How to select a Candidate
1.Character- Which person can I trust the most? 2.Qualifications- What education does this person have that would be helpful in the office they are seeking. 3. Experience- What experience does the person have that would help them deal with issues important to you. 4.Charisma-Will this person be able to move people to action.

6 How is the President Elected?
1. The Electoral college elects the president 2. Each state’s electors are equal to the number of representatives and senators. 3. The candidate with the majority of the electoral votes win.

7 Electoral votes --How many do each state get?

8 Can a candidate win the popular vote and loose the election?
In 1876 Rutherford B.Hayes beat Samuel Tilden. Hayes got 48% of the popular vote while Tilden got 51% . Hayes won 20 states while Tilden won 17. Hayes won 185 electoral votes while Tilden won 184

9 Who is running for President?
Democrat Al Gore Republican George W. Bush

10 Are there “third party candidates?
Yes, but in America’s “winner takes all” elections, they rarely win. Serve as a protest vote. Picture is jeese Ventura from the Reform Party. He is the governor of Minn. Jesse Ventura—Reform Party

11 Representatives to Washington
How is the number of representatives determined? Population of the state How often are representatives elected? Every 2 years How many representatives does Utah get? 3

12 Utah’s congressional districts

13 Who is running for the 3 Utah Congressional Districts?
First district Democrat Kathleen Collinwoood Republican James Hansen

14 Who is running for the 3 Utah Congressional Districts?
Second district Democrat James Matheson Republican Derek Smith

15 Who is running for the 3 Utah Congressional Districts?
Third district Democrat Donald Dunn Republican Chris Cannon

16 Senators to Washington
How many senators do each state get? 2 per state How often are Senators elected? 6 years Who are Utah’s current Senators? Orrin Hatch, Robert Bennett

17 Who is running for the Senate?
Democrat Scott Howell Republican Orrin Hatch

18 Utah’s Governor How often does the governor get elected in Utah?
Every four years Who is the current Governor? Mike Leavitt

19 Who is running for Governor?
Democrat Bill Orton Republican Michael Leavitt

20 Utah State Senate How many senators are in the Utah State Senate?
29 How long is their term? Four years Map of Senate districts

21 Who is running for our senate?
Democrat Jed Mitchell Republican Bill Wright

22 Utah Representatives to House
How often are House members elected? Every two years How many members of the House are there? 75 Map of House districts

23 Who is running for Spanish Fork’s Representative??
Democrat John Nielsen Republican Glenn Way

24 Who is running for Payson and County Representative?
Democrat Paul Meredith Republican Darin Peterson

25 What is an initiative or referendum?
People collect 10% of the populations signatures. Initiative becomes law if it passes the election with a majority. AN INITIATIVE IS A PUBLIC SPONSORED piece of legislation that can be submitted for a vote to the general public. In order to submit an initiative to the public at the general election, sponsors must collect signatures equal to 10% of the population that voted in the last gubernatorial election. Persons wishing to circulate a state-wide initiative petition must file an application with the lieutenant governor. On July 6, the lieutenant governor will declare whether or not the petition is sufficient to be voted upon at the general election. Visit this website soon to read and consider initiatives for citizens to before going to the voting booths.

26 What is a proposition? To amend the Utah Constitution, the people have to approve the change Usually, not real major issues

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