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Mathematics Word problems

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1 Mathematics Word problems
The wildlife park

2 Question 1 There are some cows in a field. 16 more come into the field. There are now 67 in the field. How many were there to start with?

3 Question 2 In the pool there are 12 pairs of penguins. How many penguins altogether? Half the pairs of penguins have 1 chick the other half have 2. How many chicks altogether?

4 Question 3 There are 12 zebra in a field. How many zebra legs are in the field?

5 Question 4 If an elephant eats 4 bags of hay each day how many bags will it eat: In a weekend? Over a week? A fortnight? Each month? A year?

6 Question 5 To go round the zoo without stopping takes 1 hour 20 mins.
If you start at 11:00 but stop for a 30 minute lunch break, what time will you finish?

7 Question 6 It costs £2.50 to get into the park. How much will it cost for: A family of four? 10 people? A whole bus of 30 people? 50p reduction!!!! Sale now on!!!!

8 Question 7 Some of the lions have escaped!!
6 have been found, but there were 18 to start with how many are still missing?

9 Question 8 There are 84 eggs waiting to hatch in the bird house.
In one day ¼ hatch. How many are still left to hatch?

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