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NIFA Reporting Web Conference June 9, 2011. Start the Recording…

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1 NIFA Reporting Web Conference June 9, 2011

2 Start the Recording…

3 Bart Hewitt Bart is the Interim Director and the Accountability and Reporting Leader for the Planning, Accountability, and Reporting Staff. He leads the Accountability and Reporting Team and has responsibility for REEport and Legacy CRIS business functions, the national effort for the State Plan of Work and Annual Report process, the Multistate Research Fund Project Proposal approvals for NIFA; and develops performance information for OMB Performance and NIFA Budget. (202) 270-0747 E-mail questions to

4 User Support (202) 690-2910 or Do not contact Texas A&M support FAQs and other information on the CSREES Reporting Web Conference web page at E-mail questions to

5 Format and Logistics E-mail questions to E-mail topic suggestions to Conferences are recorded and will be available on the Reporting Web Conference web page at E-mail questions to

6 To Receive Announcements An RWC e-mail list will notify interested parties on news, schedules, and other issues relating to the series. To subscribe: –Send an e-mail to –Skip your subject line and in the body of your message type: subscribe reportingwc. –Be sure you receive an e-mail confirming your subscription. E-mail questions to

7 REEport Update

8 What is REEport? NIFA’s grant and formula project reporting system, building on and replacing the existing CRIS web forms system. REEport implements the Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR), a standard progress report format that all Federal research agencies will be required to use.Research Performance Progress Report

9 Implementation of REEport Stage A – Non-Formula Grant Initiation –October 1, 2010 Stage B – Existing Non-Formula Grants & Project Reporting –January 15, 2011 (Target date) Stage C – Formula Grant Initiation –October 1, 2011 (Target date) Stage D – Existing Formula Grants & Project Reporting –October 1, 2011 (Target date)

10 Implementation of REEport A complete more robust REEport will be released for use. Target Date: April 1, 2012

11 Implementation of REEport Non-Formula Grant Project Initiation Linked to Grants database – C-REEMS –Pre-population of some Project data Existing Non-Formula Grants & Project Reporting Copying Existing Formula Projects from CRIS to REEport –Annual Progress Reports –Continuations –Final Technical Reports

12 Implementation of REEport Formula Grant Project Initiation & Classification Program of Research Assurance Statements Email Notifications and Reminders Link Hatch and Evans-Allen Projects to POW Data Exchange with NIMSS

13 Implementation of REEport Moving Existing Formula Projects to REEport –Progress Reports –Financial Report –Termination Reports Email Notifications and Reminders Link Hatch and Evans-Allen Projects to POW –Auto Upload FTEs, Financial Data, KAs & % to Annual Report

14 NIFA Reporting and Reports Portal One Place to enter for: –REEport –Plan of Work –Partnership Leadership Management Dashboard One User ID and Password for Reporting All Users must have a User ID and Password Roles –Site Administrator –Project Grantees (PDs)

15 What is the RPPR? Research Performance Progress Report

16 Cover Page Federal Agency and Organization Element to Which Report is Submitted Federal Grant or Other Identifying Number Assigned by Agency Project Title PD/PI Name, Title and Contact Information (e-mail address and phone number) Name of Submitting Official, Title, and Contact Information (e-mail address and phone number), if other than PD/PI Submission Date DUNS and EIN Numbers Recipient Organization (Name and Address) Recipient Identifying Number or Account Number, if any Project/Grant Period (Start Date, End Date) Reporting Period End Date Report Term or Frequency (annual, semi-annual, quarterly, other) Signature of Submitting Official (signature shall be submitted in accordance with agency specific instructions)

17 ACCOMPLISHMENTS: What was done? What was learned? What are the major goals and objectives of the project? What was accomplished under these goals? What opportunities for training and professional development has the project provided? How have the results been disseminated to communities of interest? What do you plan to do during the next reporting period to accomplish the goals and objectives?

18 PRODUCTS: What has the project produced? List any products resulting from the project during the reporting period. Examples of products include: –Publications, conference papers, and presentations; –Website(s) or other Internet site(s); –Technologies or techniques; –Inventions, patent applications, and/or licenses; and –Other products, such as data or databases, physical collections, audio or video products, software or NetWare, models, educational aids or curricula, instruments, or equipment If there is nothing to report under a particular item, state “Nothing to Report.”

19 PARTICIPANTS & OTHER COLLABORATING ORGANIZATIONS: Who has been involved? Provide the following information on participants: –What individuals have worked on the project? Provide the name and identify the role the person played in the project. Describe how this person contributed to the project and with what funding support. Identify whether this person is collaborating internationally. –What other organizations have been involved as partners? –Have other collaborators or contacts been involved?

20 Characteristics of REEport? No form numbers such as AD-416, AD-417, AD- 419, or AD-421 Instead: modules such as Project Initiation (which includes classification), Progress Report, Financial Report, and Final Technical Report


22 REEport Financial Report (Old AD-419) NIFA Administered 1.Hatch (Regular) _____ 2.Hatch Multistate _____ 3.McIntire-Stennis _____ 4.Evans-Allen _____ 5.Animal Health 1433 _____ Other Federal Grants: ____ Non-Federal Funds: –State Appropriations _____ –Other Non-Federal _____ Plus FTE data E-mail questions to

23 FTE Table

24 Financial Report – (Old AD-419) Will continue to be due February 1 Will continue to support batching The April 1 st (3 rd Quarter) Funding for the affected Formula Grants cannot be released until the AD-419 is received.

25 Where will you get data from REEport? REEIS - http://www.reeis.usda.gov Partnership LMD – (Leadership Management Dashboard) NIFA Portal -





30 REEport Training YES, there will be training!! Online Training Modules Video links on each screen telling what is needed Help Text and Definition Links on each screen Web Conferences (Recorded)

31 Information on REEport Reporting Web Conferences – REEport Email box – REEport Implementation Web Page –

32 POW Update Thank you to all the states who have done an excellent job realigning their planned programs to include the 5 NIFA priorities. Some states have either not included the priorities, or included them without the correct wording guidelines issued by NIFA. –If your Plan or AR does not meet these guidelines, it will be unsubmitted by your NIFA Liaison.

33 Guidelines for Priorities as Planned Program Names The Program name MUST include the exact wording up front. –You may add in additional language; the following examples are correct uses of the priorities as program names: Childhood Obesity – Youth Nutrition Childhood Obesity: Youth Nutrition Childhood Obesity (Youth Nutrition) Childhood Obesity, Healthy Living, and Youth Nutrition The following examples are NOT acceptable: Youth Nutrition & Childhood Obesity Youth Nutrition (Childhood Obesity) Youth Nutrition, Healthy Living, and Childhood Obesity

34 Questions? E-mail questions to

35 See you in October! Next NIFA Reporting Web Conference is scheduled for Thursday, October 13 from 2-4 pm (Eastern) Topic: Introduction to the Plan of Work E-mail topic suggestions for RWC to Visit the conference web site at –The recording of this conference –The slides from this conference –Announcements E-mail questions to

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