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Overview October 8, 2007 COL (RET) William Hatch – Program Manager John Shockley – Project Leader.

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1 Overview October 8, 2007 COL (RET) William Hatch – Program Manager John Shockley – Project Leader

2 2 Recent News Coverage of JTEP Technology

3 3 JTEP Mission Combat Training – Combined Arms – Urban/Convoy Operations – True multi-echelon training – COE-based scenarios Defense Support to Civilian Agencies (DSCA) Training – Homeland Defense, Crisis Response – Senior-level to first responders – Civil Support Team (CST)/Chem-Bio-Nuc Emergency Response Force Package (CERFP) Testbed to evaluate new training systems/ technologies to enhance training – Leave-behind capabilities – EXportable Combat Training Capability (XCTC ) – Range Modernization/Transformation (RM/T) A Joint National Guard Bureau/ California National Guard program to link existing training systems in a Live-Virtual-Constructive(LVC) environment to improve overall readiness of Guard forces.

4 4 Jan 2004 Major Milestones in the JTEP Live-Virtual- Constructive (LVC) Program (2002-2007) Jan 2003 JTEP Start Jan 2005 Jan 2006 Jan 2007 LV Convoy Training 1st demo of XCTC capabilities Micro-geo-specific 3D terrain XCTC 1 KY JTEP tech in large training event XCTC 2 IN 3D interiors Purchased JTEP HW Ardent Sentry 07 CST Synchronized Net Video NOVEX 06 LC MACA exercise First responders CST Tabletop rehearsal Bn LVC Demo L-C, V-C engagements Distributed AAR True multi-echelon training Correlated training 29 Palms LVC Joint training Austere environment Live fire Coast-to-coast AAR LV Convoy Training Virtual convoy training as mission rehearsal for live operations Co LC Demo L-C engagements Proof of concept MACA Demo Simulation driven 3D terrain

5 5 JTEP Training System Components Integrated To Date DFIRST Base Station/AAR Trailer Virtual UAV IGRS & MILES 2000 Instrumented Soldier Close Combat Tactical Trainer (CCTT) Joint Conflict & Tactical Simulation (JCATS) One Semi-Automated Forces (OneSAF) Virtual Convoy Trainer Fire Arms Training System (FATS) JTEP 2D/3D/Video Display Immersive virtual trainer Driver & gunner station Constructive simulation Training and OPFOR Virtual marksmanship training Forward air controller training Virtual M1s Mobile platoon situation Record & archive data DAAR Constructive simulation Command training Operator/controller interface Control system/ exercise System interfaces Intelligence Reconnaissance Position location Engagement simulation Vehicle (PIP) and Dismount (EDI) location Gun pointing angle information Vehicle/crew interface Engagement simulation Synchronized Video (JIVE) Video + Audio Synchronized with Exercise data IC4U Synchronized Tactical Voice Recording Up to 16 channels

6 6 Key JTEP Innovations and Products Virtual-Constructive UAV Seamless view of LVC Battlespace HUM-1 Instrumentation for Low-cost maneuver training Can mimic variety of friendly and OPFOR vehicles/capabilities Used in DFIRST; initial model for CSW JTEP Net Radios VOIP IAW DIS Communications between participants in simulators and field Take-Home Package (THP) CD of exercise Based on DFIRST; expanded to include all federates Maneuver, engagement, and voice IC4U Integration adds up to 16 channels of tactical voice Transition to 3D in progress JTEN Node Camp Roberts, CA Guard Gateway to JNTC Distributed After Action Review (DAAR) Synchronized 2D/3D Displays Exercise data and AAR collaboration Distributed nearby or coast-to-coast Candidate for inclusion in Joint AAR Correlated Virtual Terrain Enables linking LVC Systems Micro-geo-specific terrain provides 3D realism for AAR JTEP Integrated Video Environment (JIVE) Networked video cameras synchronized with 2D/3D/voice exercise data Provides additional situational awareness and viewpoint for AAR

7 7 JTEP Contributions to XCTC

8 8 IN XCTC News Coverage

9 9 NOVEX 06—7-8 November 2006

10 10

11 11 Ardent Sentry/Vigilant Guard

12 12 Ardent Sentry/Vigilant Guard

13 13 Potential JTEP Support for Future Homeland Defense Exercises Simulation supported Tabletop Exercises – Photo-realistic, geo-referenced virtual terrain – Constructive simulation of participants and hazards – “Mission Rehearsal” capability that can be conducted multiple times in areas with limited or denied access for live operations (e.g., Ports operating 24/7) Instrument HAZMAT/CST/First Responders – Real-time situational awareness in 2D/3D – Simulated hazard zones – Recorded exercise data, including voice and video – After Action Reviews during exercise period – Take Home Package for additional post- exercise review

14 14 JTEP Future Plans—Technology Development Continue to add new component training systems – Live Air Integration – Aviation Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (AVCATT) – Full Mission Trainer (FMT) – Improved Indoor Tracking – Janus Continue to develop/enhance new training technologies – Expand synchronized video for AAR/THP – Smaller personnel tracker – 3D Take Home Package

15 15 Conclusion JTEP has made major accomplishments in development of training technology – LVC integration for Guard training – Technology development supporting major military training programs – Transitioning technology to the Homeland Defense Community First Responders HAZMAT CST JTEP continues to innovate training technology and support exercises – Military training – Homeland Defense/First Responder training JTEP is available to support growing training requirements

16 16 Contact Information COL (Ret) William Hatch California National Guard Program Manager Voice 805-594-6527 DSN 630-6527 John Shockley SRI International Project Leader Voice 650-859-4165

17 17 Back-up

18 18 JTEP Exercise and Product Progression FY03FY04 FY05 FY06 Current Phase FY07 SCOPE FY02 DEMO 1 L-C CO Level DEMO 2 L-V-C Bn Level MACA Demo 1 XCTC 3-4* MACA Demo 2 29 Palms CAX Exercise L-V-C Ardent Sentry 08 Exercise DEMO 3 L-V Convoy Ops XCTC 2* CAJMTC/ MUTC, IN AT Support Weekend Drills MOUT Exercise AT Support BAYEX 08 Exercise INCREASING CAPABILITIES OF THE JTEP ARCHITECTURE & TESTBED JTEP Products DAAR JTEN Node THP JTEP Products UAV Net Radios HUM-1 Additional JTEP Products Demos/Exercises completed to date*JTEP Supporting this exercise 149AR AT L, V Training 649MP Convoy Exercise L,V Training 224 SB AT Convoy Exercise L, V Training XCTC 1* WHFRTC, KY NOVEX 06 MACA Exercise Tabletop Rehearsal L-C VCOT Weekend Drills VCOT Weekend Drills JTEP Products Synchronized Video? DVD Playback? Ardent Sentry 07 MACA Exercise MUTCl

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