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Lynn Allen Autodesk Technical Evangelist. AutoCAD 2005 Go Further with the New Standard in CAD Productivity.

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1 Lynn Allen Autodesk Technical Evangelist

2 AutoCAD 2005 Go Further with the New Standard in CAD Productivity


4 Problems Managing Your Drawings? Locate drawings in a project directory Identify drawings as part of the set Determine number of the next sheet Send all drawings to a client Apply project standards

5 Let the Sheet Set Manager (SSM) Organize for You! Simplified: u Drawing organization u Plotting & publishing u Transmittal sets u Archiving Standards compliance Multi-user access to sheet set information New DST file format “The use of SSM, fields & tables will improve consistency & accuracy of drawing info…” - Darren Myles, LHT

6 Keying in the Same Information Over and Over? Title blocks contain: u Project and client information u Sheet numbers and dates Info updated manually per sheet: u Error prone u Takes hours of project time

7 Let Fields Do the Work for You! Automatically fill in: uSheet numbers uProject names uClient information uDrawing dates uAny other custom data Create tables or text labels using object data Can be used with text, Mtext or attributes Automated plot stamping “Fields…could be a huge time saver for us.” - Joel Roderick, Water Technology, Inc.

8 Detail Detail Sheet Tired of Checking and Rechecking? Manually create: u Details u Labels u Callouts Manual update required as drawings change Error prone & time consuming Callout Drawing

9 Reduce Errors with Callouts and Labels! Drag and Drop detail creation: u Automated labels u Automated callouts Synchronized updates of callout and detail labels Find details by selecting callouts

10 Still Drawing Tables Line by Line? Manually draw tables from lines and text Hard to position text Difficult to modify or add rows or columns Manually create sheet indexes, sheet-by- sheet Update each time sheet information changes

11 New Table Objects to the Rescue! Simple: u Table creation u Text editing u Adding rows and columns Table styles Insert symbols in tables Import/Export Tables “Tables make me look REAL good! So nice to be able to easily produce what was otherwise a chore.” - Robert Grandmaison, MKM & Associates

12 Everyday Timesavers uMultiple Copy now the default uNew OSNAP (keyboard modifier) – Midpoint between two points (M2P/MTP) uMatch Properties now matches Polylines, Viewports and Tables uZoom to Object(s) uPan and Zoom in 3DClip uCalligraphy option for REVCLOUD uNew Express Tool additions (Edittime, Flatten, Overkill added to menus) uXREFTYPE sysvar – set attachment or overlay as default uOpen drawings displayed on the windows taskbar (TASKBAR to 1)

13 Print It Your Way! Printable area u XY offset values expressed from the lower left corner of the paper border (Options command)

14 Sheet Set Tips Each sheet points to a layout in a DWG file uSheets contain additional information (name, number, properties, etc) Importing a sheet from an existing drawing uOnly imports layouts uUses the layout as the sheet name uEnables you to prefix the sheet name with the DWG file name Adding a new sheet uCreates a new DWG file uSheet number and name are used to create the file name & layout name Removing a sheet does NOT delete the DWG file

15 Field Tips What are fields? Updatable text that is set up to display data that may change during the life cycle of the drawing (date, sheet numbers, titles). When updated, the latest value of the field is displayed Text, Mtext, attributes Shortcut menus, Control+F, or FIELD command FIELDDISPLAY variable (controls gray background) FIELDEVAL (controls when/if evaluated)

16 Table Tips Table Styles uApply different properties for data, column head, and title cells Tables uClick table border/grid to select table uClick inside cell to select cell uDouble-click cell to add Mtext or fields uSelect cell and right-click to insert a block (or TINSERT) uNavigate between cells with Tab, Enter, and Arrow keys uImport from Excel using Paste Special uMATCHCELL command uTABLEEXPORT command (csv file)

17 OLE Works Better Than Ever! With OLE enhancements, you can: uSpecify an insertion point for OLE objects uInsert OLE objects on current UCS with predictable scaling (MSOLESCALE) uSelect and edit OLE objects with standard AutoCAD commands including grips uPreassign plot quality based on type of OLE object (Options command)

18 Tool Palettes are Easier and More Powerful With Tool Palettes you can: uCreate command tools Apply tool properties from existing geometry (dimensions, text, gradient fills) uDrag and drop content from Windows Explorer (raster images, DWGs) uInclude macros, LiSP and ARX uOrganize tool palettes into palette groups uNew Auxiliary scale factor for Hatch patterns and Blocks – use the Dimscale or Plot Scale uTBCUSTOMIZE (disables Customization dialog) uNew Custom Menu for easy migration

19 Save Steps With Views and Viewports, you can: uAssign view categories to named views uStore layer visibility with named views uEdit view boundaries uAssociate named layout views with a particular layout uMaximize a layout viewport (without changing the scale factor)

20 Save Time With DrawOrder and Bhatch, you can: uAssign draworder to hatch objects uHatch an area with a boundary gap uTrim a hatch to a new boundary uOSNAPHATCH sysvar – determines whether object snap modes snap to hatch patterns uEdit objects without regenerating to see display order uCreate new objects that inherit original draworder

21 Direct Object Editing is Fast!

22 MTEXT Just Keeps Getting Better Apply background mask to Mtext objects u also dimension text Insert symbols as part of Mtext objects

23 Text Tips uDraw Order settings for all text and/or dimension text (TEXTTOFRONT) uDDEDIT for text, mtext or attributes uMTEXT editor drastically improved – now permits tabs and in-place editing uWord Documents now maintain proper formatting

24 Layers are Easier to Organize With the Layer Properties Manager, you can: uProvide a description for each layer uApply changes to layer properties (without exiting) uFilter layers based on external references (automatically) uFilter layers based on layer properties uFilter layers based on layer groups

25 Plotting Giving You a Headache? uFind and plot the individual files that comprise a set of drawing uWait for AutoCAD to “come back” from a lengthy plot job uHelp colleagues debug failed plot jobs uTrack what drawings have been plotted for a project

26 Now Plotting is Easier and Faster Than Ever! Sheet Set Manager provides: u One-click plotting u Standardized plot settings Keep working while job plots in background Reports of plotted sheets “When publishing a 200+ sheet job to a plotter, being able to sort sheets into the correct order is a huge need. Thanks for including this improvement in 2005!” - Dave Blaha, Fisher Hamilton LLC

27 More Efficient Than Paper! Better workflow management in the review and approval process Speed decision-making and reduce cycle times Provide a complete, cost-effective solution Autodesk ® DWF ™ Viewer

28 DWF is Better Than PDF AutoCAD 2005 integrated markup functionality Publishing process u1 step multi-sheet uNo additional cost Support uObject Snap points uScale per view port uModel space uGradients uMeta data: object properties uNamed views uFile size: compressed file format DWF toolkit free uDWF specification is open and published uAutodesk DWF Viewer has open API uDWF Viewer is an ActiveX control

29 Quickly Transmit and Archive Complete Sets of Drawings

30 Print What You Want, How You Want with Publish

31 How Do You Deal with Markups? Current methods: uIncur costly shipping uDo not preserve historical data uManual processing back into AutoCAD

32 Improve Teamwork and Efficiency Autodesk DWF Composer DWF Composer u Next generation collaboration tool u Viewing, markup creation & drawing sheet aggregation u Integrated AutoCAD 2005 markup browser feature u Available April 2004

33 Speed up the review process with smart markup objects. Organize information by combining drawing sheets, raster images, multi-sheet DWF. Keep track of redlines and markups with navigation browser. Improve the review process with measure, dimension, and stamp tools. Autodesk DWF Composer Markups are a Breeze…

34 Improve the Drawing Cycle 1.Publish Multi-sheet DWGs 2. Autodesk DWF Composer View and print to scale Mark up, measure, annotate Manipulate drawing set 3. AutoCAD 2005 View, track and navigate redlines and markups Comment Make change

35 DWF Viewer (Free) DWF Composer $$ DWF Writer (Free) DWF Toolkit (Free) Paper viewerPaper manipulatorPublisherAPI’s Ubiquitous view & print Repro & display DWF view, print, markup, query, comment, aggregate, composite DWG view, print, and conversion to DWF Workflow, dynamic editing, query apps. Ubiquitous publishing Search, view, convert apps. 3 rd Party apps. Viewer Product Family

36 Embed Drawings into PPT!

37 100 Express Tools Multiple Redo Right click Enter customization Close now works with command in progress New Styles Toolbar Status Bar customization Communication Center Layer drop-down list wider QNEW command Control+0 for Clean Screen MIRRTEXT set to off Associative QDIM Design Center Online Fillet and Chamfer now repeat Close the Render Window PEDITACCEPT system variable Hidden Line Control XOPEN command Automatic XREF notification Relative and No path option (XREF) Presentation Graphics Automatic CAD Standards Password protection of Drawings Digital Signatures Drawing files are nearly half the size (and faster!) AutoCAD 2004 is filled to the brim with productivity enhancements! AutoCAD 2004 Features

38 Migration is a Snap! DWG-compatible with AutoCAD 2004 Side-by-side install 3 rd -party application compatible Interactive New Features Workshop Integrated migration tools User Settings Customization

39 Easy Migration of Existing Settings

40 Additional Migration Tools For You For AutoCAD 2004 and AutoCAD 2005 uBatch Drawing Converter uAutoLISP Compatibility Analyzer uMenu and Toolbar Porter uCommand Alias Porter uScriptpro uLayer State Converter

41 The Release Comparison The New Standard

42 AutoCAD 2005 / AutoCAD LT 2005 Feature AutoCADLT Tables (NEW in AutoCAD 2005) Layer Enhancements Tool Palette Enhancements Publish Enhancements Drawing Set Management (NEW in AutoCAD 2005) Fields (NEW in AutoCAD 2005) Customization (LISP, ARX, VBA) Presentation Graphics CAD Standards Management 3D Modeling Network Licensing

43 Smart Drawings! AutoCAD 2005

44 Go Further and Save! Receive a US$100 rebate per qualifying upgrade or crossgrade license Contact your local Autodesk Authorized Reseller today!

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