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*Tell why different animals live in different habitats.

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1 *Tell why different animals live in different habitats.
OBJECTIVES ANALYSING:- *Write the distinguishing features of terrestrial animals. *Investigate how do the desert animals adapt themselves to survive in their environment. EVALUATING:- *Tell why different animals live in different habitats. *Compare the characteristic features of aquatic animals and amphibians. CREATING *Prepare a chart showing the five types of animals according to their habitat. *Compile your ideas and make a song on this topic.

2 METHODOLOGY:- By the help of lecture method,first of all I tell them the meaning of “HABITAT” Afterwards I tell them five main fgroups of animals according to their habitat. Then by activities and related work sheets I help them to have a clear concept of the the end,I take a quiz to see how much they have learnt.

3 CONTENTS:- Habitat:- definition and its explanation. Types of animals.
Terrestrial animals. Aquatic animals. Amphibians. Arboreal animals. Aerial animals.

Green board,chalks,pictures of some animals,chart showing the five groups of animals,projector,CD.

5 APPROACH First of all I go through the topic in detail and also search it on internet to get some more knowledge other then that given in the text book.After going through this process I collect all the information related to this topic from other books and magazines and compile it to form a proper source of information in the form of a lecture for my students.I first go to “google” search engine and “’ and then summerize all the related information to the level of class IV.Afterwards I make my “LESSON PLAN”according to the given pattern.In the end I conclude my topic by giving its brief summary and giving a “QUIZ”to assess the knowledge of my students.With this I finally come to the end of my lecture and allow my students to ask their questions regarding the topic. The detail of my topic is given below,

6 MOTIVATION For motivation, I first show them the pictures of some animals along with their habitat and ask some questions related to the topic like, 1, Can a fish live without water? 2, What happens if you are asked to live in water? 3, what is your favourite place to live? 4, Is it good to force an animal to live away from its homeland,and why? Through these questions the students gradually come to know their topic


8 Types of Animals According to their habitat
Presented by: Mrs. Andleeb Hasnain DAMHS Phase IV

9 Introduction Terrestrial animals Aquatic animals Amphibians
Arboreal animals Aerial animals

10 Terrestrial animals They live on land
Have legs to move around or scales Have fur on their bodies Have lungs to breathe Have well developed sense organs

11 Examples

12 Aquatic animals live only in water breathe with gills
are born alive or hatch eggs

13 Examples

14 Amphibians Animals that usually live first on water and later on land
lay eggs Legs help them to move and swim have moist skin They breathe through their skin and lungs

15 Examples

16 Arboreal animals land animals but spend most of time on trees
Have claws, strong arms and legs to climb on trees

17 Examples

18 Aerial animals Spend most of the time in air have two legs
hatch from eggs Have light bodies with feathers Have hollow and light bones most fly with wings

19 Examples

20 Who am I???? I have two legs. I fly with wings. I hatch from eggs.

21 Answer Aerial animals

22 Who am I? I live only in water. I breathe with gills.
My young are born live or hatched from eggs.

23 Answer Aquatic animals

24 Look what you have learned.
to classify animals by their looks to classify by birth to classify by movement

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