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May 1, 2015 Jure Sustersic Developer Relations Forum Nokia Going Mobile? Mobile apps and internet.

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1 May 1, 2015 Jure Sustersic Developer Relations Forum Nokia Going Mobile? Mobile apps and internet

2 © 2010 Nokia Contents –Mobile applications driving the mobile content economy –Serbia application consumption –Mobile Platforms’ role in the app economy –Types of applications –Development and distribution of applications 5/1/2015 2

3 © 2010 Nokia

4 Trivia… There are more people accessing Facebook from mobile than the desktop In 2009 there were over 3.7 bn mobile subscriptions active globally That Nokia has shipped over 1bn mobile phones Based on my calculations, while I was saying this there were around 1000 mobile applications downloaded and generated around 20.000 EUR of direct transaction revenues

5 © 2010 Nokia The app economy…

6 © 2010 Nokia Growing demand for Applications Application Access CategoryApr-09Apr-10% Change Used application (except native games) 54,41469,63928 Social Networking4,27014,518240 News4,1489,292124 Sports Information3,5987,672113 Bank Accounts2,3404,974113 Weather8,55718,063111 Movie Information3,2966,35993 Maps8,70816,77393 Online Retail1,4162,70191 Photo or Video Sharing Service3,1315,95090 Search5,43410,31590 Fastest-Growing Content Categories via Application Access 3 Month Avg. Ending Apr. 2010 vs. 3 Month Avg. Ending Apr. 2009 Total U.S. Age 13+ Source: comScore MobiLens

7 © 2010 Nokia... and it’s not a U.S. only phenomena Mobile apps study result from Serbia (Apr 2010) shows demand is high: 37% of the respondents have already used mobile apps App user have installed 9,4 Apps in average on their device. 22% of the app users have already bought charged apps. Base: n=206, source:

8 © 2010 Nokia AppStores are dominating distribution From what sources have you downloaded your Apps in the past? (aided, multiple responses possible)

9 © 2010 Nokia Demand for hyper local is growing Actual news, international news, weather forecast, tv program Flight schedules, flight reservations, price info, delays, Bus/train schedule, tickets/reservation, route changes/delays Real time scores, betting on the mobile, sports news Deliveries tracking, prices, delivery ordering

10 © 2010 Nokia Mobile Technology Adpotion The Mobile Entrepreneurs The Innovative Web Giants The Traditional Giants The Long-tailers

11 © 2010 Nokia Internet evolution thru a mobile screen Widgets offer focused, optimized front-ends to Web-based information and services Mobile-optimized sites serve specific needs and tasks Full HTML browser lets mobile consumers experience the complete Web Widgets + Platform Services offer seamless integration of the Web with personal context

12 © 2010 Nokia Setting the mobile strategy… Depends on many variables. Key drivers for this is the nature of the business: Mobile only? Online and Mobile Brick & Mortar

13 © 2010 Nokia Know your buisness… How can your core business benefit from mobilization? What are the key use cases in mobile you can or/want to support? What business model to apply? How to market the mobile service What resources do I need? How do I define and track performance, quality

14 © 2010 Nokia … to find an appropriate mobile strategy Mobile Advertising –SMS, Banners Mobile Site –WAP, xHTML, HTML(5) Mobile Application –Information delivery (Product info) –Marketing campaigns –Content delivery (news and infotainment) –CRM –Transactions –“True” mobilisation

15 © 2010 Nokia Platforms are driving the app-economy Share (%) of Smartphone Subscribers EU5 Total sub. base100.0% Symbian60.9% Apple14.5% Microsoft14.1% RIM8.3% Google2.0% Worldwide Smartphone market by OS vendor Market shares 4Q 2009 in % (Source: Canalys)

16 © 2010 Nokia Nokia portfolio is set for apps Phones (Series 40) Smartphones (Symbian) Computers (MeeGo) Develop Java apps Develop Native Apps Develop Web Apps

17 © 2010 Nokia What are web apps Web sites often not suitable for small screens Widgets are “local websites” on the device –Rendered using browser –Fetch web data using AJAX (Web 2.0) –Look & feel like native applications –But: easy development with HTML & JavaScript –Standard web tools for development –Vendor specific extensions possible for better integration with device (location, contacts, calendar) Web Apps are easier to port across platforms

18 © 2010 Nokia Web apps examples ReutersAccuWeatherLeMonde

19 © 2010 Nokia Native apps – power of the platform 1100010001 1000010111 0110111010 1110111101 0101101110 10100 to binary #include using namespace std; int main () { // declaring variables: int a, b; int result; // process: a = 5; b = 2 Code Great performance Best use of OS features (APIs, Middleware etc) With smallest footprint But requires greater investment and developed using mostly proprietary tools (e.g. Nokia Qt SDK) GIVING » and run by OS is compiled

20 © 2010 Nokia Examples of Native apps Bounce Evolution Fring Mobile Documents

21 © 2010 Nokia … and distribution?

22 © 2010 Nokia Nokia’s distribution channel – Ovi store Powerful channel with content from a global developer base Free and premium content Content available by category, device and market Wide coverage of content: – Native Apps Web Apps Java Apps Personalization 70/30 revenue share* Payment via credit card and premium SMS (where available) Worldwide distribution and visibility Self-service content publishing via * - after taxes and possible operator charges

23 © 2010 Nokia Challenges Fragmentation Billing and transactions Regulations

24 © 2010 Nokia … to conclude Anyone feels like year 2000 DejaVu is happening? Not quite… 1 tech and financial bubble later… We ought to get our numbers and expectations right this time… So apps and mobile content are here to stay

25 © 2010 Nokia Thank you! #forumnokia #ovi

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