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+ Curating Vibrant Home Leif Kehrwald

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1 + Curating Vibrant Faith @ Home Leif Kehrwald

2 + Familiarize Yourself with the Site I’m New / About Menus & Navigation Archive/Library/Site Map Where’s the content? How is it organized? What are the content paths and links?

3 + Example St. Philip’s Episcopal, Rochester, MI

4 + Three Factors Audience Theme/Topic Purpose

5 + Example Audience – Young Family Theme/Topic – Celebrate Resurrection Purpose – Easter Season

6 + Your Suggestion Audience Group Theme/Topic Purpose

7 + Example #1 Audience – Whole Community Theme/Topic – Baptismal Call Purpose – Lenten Theme

8 + What to Look for If research tells us what families ought to do, and... If analytics tells us what they are willing to do, then... Where the two overlap (ought + willing) is golden!

9 + Characteristics of an Activity that will actually get used! K I S S... Keep It Simple & Short Activity must be easily understood, and should last no more than 10 min (developmental flexibility). Give It Legs Activity can be designed to do a short bit everyday for a week, or month, or season. If They Build It... They’ll Use It Activity has a creative component that is developmentally appropriate and not too complicated.

10 + Characteristics... Family Moment Connected Activity is design to integrate with key family moments such as meal time, bed time, car time, leave-taking, homecoming, etc. Life Stage Connected Activity responds directly to a felt developmental need. Learn Something New. Activity offers religious information that is compelling, honors learning styles, connects to family living, and connects to deeper issues of life, death, deep meaning.

11 + Characteristics... Model in Gathered Setting Activity(s) are more likely to be done at home when modeled in the gathered setting. Depth Whether heads, hearts, or hands, the activity takes users to a deeper level of growth. Hits Home Activity is more than just relevant, it touches heart and soul with just the right thing at the right moment. It’s all about timing!

12 + Characteristics... Worksheet is a not a deterrent to a good faith forming activity. Creative, relevant use of the Bible is not a deterrent. Name/Title matters.

13 + Vibrant Faith @ Home PLUS We “curate” the site for you Info and samples:

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