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…into the theological world like a plow into an ant-hill … Those who were thus rudely awakened from their old comfort and repose had swarmed forth angry.

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3 …into the theological world like a plow into an ant-hill … Those who were thus rudely awakened from their old comfort and repose had swarmed forth angry and confused Andrew Dickson White

4 If Uncle J. is to be read out of the Seminary, Dr. McCosh ought to be driven out of the church, and all private members like myself ought to withdraw without waiting for the expulsion which should follow belief in evolution. If the brethren of the Mississippi Valley have so precarious a hold upon their faith in God that they are afraid to have their sons hear aught of modern scientific belief, by all means let them drive Dr. Woodrow to the wall Woodrow Wilson

5 Tadpole Theology on Trial


7 Old Plumer James Woodrow


9 It would be as plainly absurd to ask these questions as to inquire whether the doctrine is white or black, square or round, light or heavy. … These are qualities which do not belong to such subjects James Woodrow

10 The Lord formed man of the dust of the ground

11 Man was born of an ape by ordinary generation

12 HERESY mischievous godless ness sensuality Minds already degraded


14 The question which, in my judgment, is really before the Synod is in regard to the relation between Dr. Woodrow’s hypothesis and the Bible as our church interprets it: between the scientific view and our Bible – the Bible as it is to us John Girardeau

15 The Evolution hypothesis … is, beyond all question, atheistic … In this form evolution is confessedly irreconcilable with the Bible and our Christian Faith George D. Armstrong

16 I confess my inability to see the grounds of this objection … So far as I can see, the unity of the human race depends in no way upon the material of which God formed Adam or the changes through which he had previously caused that material to pass. It seems to me to depend … solely upon the descent of all men from our first parents Adam and Eve. If all men are Adam’s descendants, is there not a ‘perfect race unity’? And how is that unity involved in the question whether Adam’s body was created by an immediate or by a mediate act? What more than community of origin, descent from the same pair, can be needed to ‘preserve the perfect race unity,’ which we all believe to exist? James Woodrow

17 … betrays an entire ignorance of what is involved in the doctrine of descent with modification. The first principle of that doctrine is that the modification appears in a single individual and not in many James Woodrow

18 ‘Pope’ Agassiz


20 Josiah Nott

21 scientific error … political folly

22 Human and pigeon breeds were all of a piece: prove that these extraordinary pigeons had all come from one ancestor, and the case would be so much easier for humans … It remained true that one of the best places to pick up contemporary chicken lore was a human-race book like Bachman’s Adrian Desmond & James Moore

23 rash, blundering synodical decrees William Flinn

24 Tadpole Theology on Trial

25 Prehistory of the Dispute


27 … not been able to determine, with all their collections and measurements of craniums and facial angles, the color of skin, the weight of brains … whether there be two, three, five or a dozen different species Richard S. Gladney

28 that shallow and fickle policy … in hastily adopting some newly coined exposition … to suit some supposed exigency of new scientific discovery Robert Dabney the most unbiased readiness to accept as truth whatever is proved James Woodrow

29 Fort Sumter

30 You must resist or you must practically surrender your Bibles. You will have to ‘take sides’ for or against your God Robert Dabney … dangerous James Woodrow

31 Tadpole Theology on Trial Prehistory of the Dispute

32 Tadpole Theology on Trial Prehistory of the Dispute Towards a Deeper Archaeology


34 Why else is it that Bushmen are poorer, shorter, uglier and feebler than Englishmen? Providence … prevents that disastrous intermingling of types of organization, shading off in every direction into interminable confusions Robert Dabney


36 Yankee heresy … rank … fatal … deceptive … farcical and dishonest Robert Lewis Dabney

37 inexorable barrier of alien race, color, and natural character … a dense ignorance of the rights and duties of citizenship … a general moral grade so deplorably low as to permit their being driven or bought like a herd of sheep … a parasitical servility and dependency on nature … an obstinate set of false traditions Robert Lewis Dabney

38 curse of mixed blood … this poison of hybrid and corrupted blood will be enough to complete the destruction of the white States Robert Lewis Dabney


40 This apparently is the destiny which our conquerors have in view. If indeed they can mix the blood of the heroes of Manassas with this vile stream from the fens of Africa, then they will never again have occasion to tremble before the righteous resistance of Virginian freemen; but will have a race supple and vile enough to fill that position of political subjection, which they desire to fix on the South Robert Lewis Dabney




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