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LCLS-II Scientific Opportunities Workshops LCLS-II Status David Schultz 9-12 February 2015.

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1 LCLS-II Scientific Opportunities Workshops LCLS-II Status David Schultz 9-12 February 2015

2 LCLS-II Concept Use 1 st km of SLAC linac tunnel for CW SCRF linac 2 LCLS-II Scientific Opportunities

3 LCLS-II Project Scope AcceleratorSuperconducting linac: 4 GeV Undulators in existing LCLS-I Tunnel New variable gap (north) New variable gap (south), replaces existing fixed-gap und. InstrumentsRe-purpose existing instruments (instrument and detector upgrades needed to fully exploit) South side source: 1.0 - 25 keV (120 Hz, copper” linac ) 1.0 - 5 keV ( ≥ 100 kHz, SC Linac) 4 GeV SC Linac In sectors 0-10 NEHFEH 14 GeV LCLS linac still used for x-rays up to 25 keV North side source: 0.2-1.2 keV ( ≥ 100kHz) LCLS-II Scientific Opportunities 3

4 Project Collaboration LCLS-II Scientific Opportunities 4 Cryomodule engineering/design Cryomodules: ~1/2 of total Liquid helium distribution system Cryomodules: ~1/2 of total Cryoplant design and procurement Undulators e - gun & associated injector systems Undulator Vacuum Chamber Undulator design: vertical polarization Cryomodule R&D, prototype support e - gun option

5 LCLS-II Cryomodules 35 Cryomodules, 12.6 m long, 1 m diameter LCLS-II Cryomodule follows the ILC design (shown) 8 SC cavities and a SC quadrupole magnet LCLS-II Scientific Opportunities 5

6 Baseline Deliverables  Hard X-Ray Source:  1-5 keV w/ 4 GeV SC linac  Up to 25 keV with LCLS Cu Linac  Soft X-Ray Source:  250 eV-1.2 keV w/ 4 GeV linac  200 eV requires <4 GeV Cu Self Seeded High Rep Rate SASE Self Seeded (Grating) Cu SASE Photon Energy (keV) 0510152025 SC Linac High Rep Rate Cu Linac Legend 4.0 GeV LCLS-II Scientific Opportunities 6

7 Project Timeline BESAC subcommittee report July 2013 LCLS-II starts a response to the reportJuly 2013 Mission Need Statement signed Sep 2013 Approval, CD-1Jun 2014 Purchase niobium materials for cavitiesOct 2014 4.2K refrigeration plant awardApr 2015 Prototype accelerating modules testDec 2015 Remove copper linac, first kmJun 2016 All cryomodules at SLACSep 2018 Cryoplant installedDec 2018 First LightJan 2020 DOE Critical Decision 4 (Level 1) Sep 2021 LCLS-II Scientific Opportunities 7

8 The LCLS-II Project: an extraordinary confluence of Institutional core competencies across the collaboration Talented, experienced scientists and engineers Strong management support at SLAC and the Partner Labs Outstanding support from DOE LCLS-II Scientific Opportunities 8

9 9 In Closing LCLS-II Scientific Opportunities LCLS-II goals have been changed radically by the reconfiguration of the project High average brightness The change had to come now- or else beyond 2030 DOE has made a commitment to the long-term future of SLAC as the home of the nation’s large-scale FEL research facility I believe that DOE understands The scope of LCLS-II and its performance capabilities What LCLS ought to be in the long term Your input will determine the future capabilities of LCLS-II

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