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LCLS-II Scientific Opportunities Workshops LCLS-II Status David Schultz 9-12 February 2015.

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1 LCLS-II Scientific Opportunities Workshops LCLS-II Status David Schultz 9-12 February 2015

2 LCLS-II Concept Use 1 st km of SLAC linac tunnel for CW SCRF linac 2 LCLS-II Scientific Opportunities

3 LCLS-II Project Scope AcceleratorSuperconducting linac: 4 GeV Undulators in existing LCLS-I Tunnel New variable gap (north) New variable gap (south), replaces existing fixed-gap und. InstrumentsRe-purpose existing instruments (instrument and detector upgrades needed to fully exploit) South side source: keV (120 Hz, copper” linac ) keV ( ≥ 100 kHz, SC Linac) 4 GeV SC Linac In sectors 0-10 NEHFEH 14 GeV LCLS linac still used for x-rays up to 25 keV North side source: keV ( ≥ 100kHz) LCLS-II Scientific Opportunities 3

4 Project Collaboration LCLS-II Scientific Opportunities 4 Cryomodule engineering/design Cryomodules: ~1/2 of total Liquid helium distribution system Cryomodules: ~1/2 of total Cryoplant design and procurement Undulators e - gun & associated injector systems Undulator Vacuum Chamber Undulator design: vertical polarization Cryomodule R&D, prototype support e - gun option

5 LCLS-II Cryomodules 35 Cryomodules, 12.6 m long, 1 m diameter LCLS-II Cryomodule follows the ILC design (shown) 8 SC cavities and a SC quadrupole magnet LCLS-II Scientific Opportunities 5

6 Baseline Deliverables  Hard X-Ray Source:  1-5 keV w/ 4 GeV SC linac  Up to 25 keV with LCLS Cu Linac  Soft X-Ray Source:  250 eV-1.2 keV w/ 4 GeV linac  200 eV requires <4 GeV Cu Self Seeded High Rep Rate SASE Self Seeded (Grating) Cu SASE Photon Energy (keV) SC Linac High Rep Rate Cu Linac Legend 4.0 GeV LCLS-II Scientific Opportunities 6

7 Project Timeline BESAC subcommittee report July 2013 LCLS-II starts a response to the reportJuly 2013 Mission Need Statement signed Sep 2013 Approval, CD-1Jun 2014 Purchase niobium materials for cavitiesOct K refrigeration plant awardApr 2015 Prototype accelerating modules testDec 2015 Remove copper linac, first kmJun 2016 All cryomodules at SLACSep 2018 Cryoplant installedDec 2018 First LightJan 2020 DOE Critical Decision 4 (Level 1) Sep 2021 LCLS-II Scientific Opportunities 7

8 The LCLS-II Project: an extraordinary confluence of Institutional core competencies across the collaboration Talented, experienced scientists and engineers Strong management support at SLAC and the Partner Labs Outstanding support from DOE LCLS-II Scientific Opportunities 8

9 9 In Closing LCLS-II Scientific Opportunities LCLS-II goals have been changed radically by the reconfiguration of the project High average brightness The change had to come now- or else beyond 2030 DOE has made a commitment to the long-term future of SLAC as the home of the nation’s large-scale FEL research facility I believe that DOE understands The scope of LCLS-II and its performance capabilities What LCLS ought to be in the long term Your input will determine the future capabilities of LCLS-II

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