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Projekt Anglicky v odborných předmětech, CZ.1.07/1.3.09/

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1 Projekt Anglicky v odborných předmětech, CZ.1.07/1.3.09/04.0002
Anglicky v odborných předmětech "Support of teaching technical subjects in English“ Tutorial: Engineering technology Topic: Rivet joints Prepared by: Ing. Jaroslav Hábl Projekt Anglicky v odborných předmětech, CZ.1.07/1.3.09/ je spolufinancován Evropským sociálním fondem a státním rozpočtem České republiky.

2 RIVET JOINTS Rivet joint is non-dismountable joint with the shape contact. It is made by permanent rivet deformation or one of connected parts. Rivet joint is not capable to provide exact position of connected parts. Presently, rivet joints are mostly replaced by welded joints. They are mainly used in such areas where it is not possible to apply other technologies (e.g. aviation)

3 TYPES OF RIVETS a) With semi-ball shaped head, b) with flat semi-ball shaped head, e) With flat head, f) drilled, g) boiler´s, h) shipping, closed, l) split, m) hollow with mandrel

4 DIRECT RIVETING Direct riveting – one of the components is riveted in another.

5 INDIRECT RIVETING Indirect riveting – for joining parts is used independent riveting connection.

6 TYPES OF RIVET JOINTS According to the number of cross-sections, where rivet cutting can happen, rivet joints are divided into: - one-cutting - two-cutting

7 Supporting little head
MANUAL RIVETING Closing head Checknut Closing little head Supporting head Rivet shank Supporting little head Gripping length Allowance Rivet length Manual riveting

8 RIVETS WITH MANDREL 1 Mandrel with rivet 2 Fixed to riveting pliers
3 Mandrel stretches rivet and it tears 4 Rivet is seated

9 Calculation of rivet joint
Choice of rivet diameter: d = 2s for s ≤12 mm, d = s + 10 for s>12 One-cutting rivets: Slide: F ≤ n ⋅ A⋅τD,s where A = π . d2 / 4 Imprint: F ≤ n ⋅ A⋅ pD where A = d . s Two-cutting rivets: Slide: F ≤ n ⋅2A⋅τD,s where A = π . d2 / 4 Imprint: F ≤ n ⋅ A⋅ pD where A = d . s

10 Literature Stroje a zařízení I, J. Doleček, P. Gajdoš, V. Novák
Strojnictví I, J. Doleček, Z. Holoubek Strojnictví II, J. Doleček, Z. Holoubek Moderní strojírenství, Josef Dillinger a kolektiv

11 Write down the types of rivets.
What is the difference between direct and indirect riveting. Draw the rivet with mandrel.

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