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2 Why the Czech Republic? Ideal location and easy access –Situated in the very centre of Europe. The Prague airport serves 55 regular carriers and the capital of the Czech Republic is connected by direct flights to 110 destinations all over the world. There is a dense road network, including highways, railways of a European standard and coach transport services. Rich cultural life –History is a part of the culture and both Prague and the whole Czech Republic do live a rich cultural life. Besides regular music festivals a large number of other music, theatre and artistic performances are carried out in the incomparable atmosphere of Prague music halls and other cultural venues. No wonder Prague was selected as the European City of Culture in 2000. Historical, but modern –Though historical, Prague is not old-fashioned or outdated. Simply stay in Prague. Modern and living shopping malls, friendly clubs and bars invite everybody to join the active life of Prague and feel its beating pulse. UNESCO sites –Twelve sights have been UNESCO-listed so far. Compared to the size of the country and its population we have the largest number of UNESCO monuments in the world. These historical and architectural jewels rightly rank among the world cultural heritage. Your imagination is the only limit –You can confidently expect your social programme to be your talking point long after the event. Historical costumed dinners with private classical concerts and gala events in castles and chateaux are as possible as testimonial receptions in old industrial premises or simply in the open air. Delicious Food and Drink –Czech beer tradition has been dated back to the early 1600’s and the Czech Republic produces one of the best beer in the world! –The wine growing regions, especially Southern Moravia, produce an excellent range of wines including Rieslings and Saint Laurent and special wine tasting tours are increasingly popular –Countless restaurants, pubs and wine cellars are ready to cater any type of groups needs!

3 Greetings from the Czech Republic

4 Why Prague? Basic data - a modern city but equally an architectural treasure trove with more than 1000 years of history and culture - area of more than 8 sq km in the historical centre registered in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage Register - more than 100 personalities famous world-wide (Charles IV, Rudolf II, J. A. Comenius, Franz Kafka…) - a place with a pulsating cultural life - more than 2200 historical buildings, more than 100 theatres, concert halls, picture galleries and museums - more than 10 000 local and international artists - EU rewarded Prague as the “European City of Culture in 2000” General information - Prague has maintained its exceptional attraction for tourists and convention destination and is renowned for being one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Almost one-half of the national income from tourism and conventions is realised on its territory. - The city offers approximately 73,000 beds in accommodation facilities, most of which were built after 1990, including almost 54,000 beds in hotels and boarding houses capable of satisfying all categories of visitors. The number of highest-category hotel beds exceeded 25,000 in 2006.

5 Airport -Prague's international Airport, which is located 18 km from the centre, offers direct connections to almost all the main European cities as well as those overseas. -The new recently opened terminal, built to the highest international standards, increased the capacity of Prague airport for 10 million passengers a year. -At the current time Prague airport is used as a regular base by 30 airlines and in the summer season its facilities are used by a further 10 to 15 charter companies. Every day around 200 takeoffs and landings take place at the airport. Prague network of public transport routes includes bus, tram and underground links with harmonized timetables Underground - Metro –consists of 3 lines marked by different colors (green line - A, yellow line - B, red line - C) –the overall number of metro stops is 54 out of which 3 are cross points. –it operates from 5 am until midnight. Time intervals in the peak hours of work days are 2 to 4 minutes, in the off-peak hours 4 to 10 minutes. Trams –operate daily between 4:30 am and 00:15 am. Night tram services have numbers from 51 to 59 and run from 00:15 am until 4:30 am every 30 minutes. Bus services –run all day as well as at night on a similar basis to the tram services, –the night connections are provided by night buses numbered from 501 to 603. Approximate rates of tickets (2006) –single journey 20 CZK (0,7 EUR), –one–day ticket 80 CZK (2,9 EUR), 3–days ticket 220 CZK (7,9 EUR), –7–days ticket 280 CZK (10 EUR), 15–days ticket 320 CZK (11,4 EUR). Taxi service –available round the clock –it is recommended using only taxi services which are operated via call centers. –Current price limits (2006): within Prague 25 CZK (0,9 EUR) / 1 km, one-off boarding fee 34 CZK (1,2 EUR), waiting time is priced at 5 CZK (0,2 EUR)/ 1 minute. Accesibility

6 Greetings from Prague

7 Venue – Prague Congress Centre General information PCC is one of the most modern centres in Europe and the only facility of its kind in the Czech Republic where it is possible to put on a congress or conference event for more than 1250 participants Between 1998 and 2000, the original building of PCC underwent a large- scale reconstruction PCC is a holder of the certificate of quality ISO 9001:2000 All premises are fully air-conditioned, equipped with modern congress and audiovisual technology and accessible to wheelchairs At the present time, PCC is capable of providing catering for 7.000 persons at one time The view of The Prague Castle and Vyšehrad panorama from the congress foyers and from adjacent halls makes the premises even more exclusive The largest Congress hall in the building has been placed among 15 halls with the best acoustic quality in the world

8 Capacities NumberCapacitiesTotal Congress Hall 12 764 Forum Hall11 034 Large Halls3400-7001 440 Middle Halls5200-3501 220 Small Halls1065-1901 430 Meeting rooms 5010-501 412 Total707010-2 7649 200 NumberTotal areaExhibition area Foyers1617 064 sq.m.8 305 sq.m. Halls and Clubs176 811 sq.m.4 295 sq.m. Total3323 875 sq.m.13 000 sq.m. MEETINGS EXHIBITONS

9 1st floor 2nd floor 3rd floor

10 Welcome in the Prague Congress Centre modern building panoramatic foyers congress hall meeting rooms

11 registration area prestigious catering high-tech services

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