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Of Mice and Men – Section Three

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1 Of Mice and Men – Section Three
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2 Plot summary exercise Complete the plot summary by filling in the blanks: George chats to _________ about his relationship with Lennie. He tells him about the girl in _________. Lennie arrives, hiding the ___________ under his coat. Carlson tells Candy he should _________ his dog. Carlson takes Candy’s dog outside. They hear a _______. _________, the stable buck arrives and Slim leaves with him. George and Lennie talk again about the _________. Curley and Slim return. They have been arguing. When Curley sets on him, Lennie crushes his _________. Slim Weed puppy shoot shot Crooks farm hand

3 Setting the scene Steinbeck takes great care to set the scene in a very vivid way, almost as though the story is a movie, rather than a novel. Re-read the description of George and Slim’s conversation, from the start of Section Three to Lennie’s entrance. Steinbeck creates a powerful contrast between the men chatting inside and the sounds of the game outside. Why do you think he does this? Why do you think George shares his story with Slim?

4 Dramatic tension When Candy’s dog is taken away to be shot, Steinbeck creates a high level of dramatic tension in the room. The reader feels very tense, waiting to see what is going to happen. Find some quotations that develop the level of tension and write them below. The first one has been done for you. 'The silence came into the room.'

5 Dramatic tension This slide shows some of the quotations students may have found to answer the activity on the previous slide.

6 The American Dream George, Lennie and Candy are searching for the fulfilment of ‘the American Dream’. Answer the following questions to show your understanding of this concept. What do you think the ‘American Dream’ is? At this stage in the novel, do you think they will manage to fulfil their dream? Why does Candy want to join their dream? What does Candy offer them as an incentive to accept him?

7 Animal imagery Re-read the description of Curley’s attack on Lennie, and Lennie’s defence of himself. Steinbeck uses animal imagery here. Find four examples of animal images and write them below. Why do you think Steinbeck uses these animal images in connection with Lennie?

8 Questions Why does Candy say 'I ought to of shot that dog myself, George. I shouldn’t ought to have let no stranger shoot my dog.'? Why does Curley agree to say he got his hand caught in a machine? What do you think will happen between Lennie and Curley now?

9 Wordsearch This simple wordsearch provides a useful revision activity of keywords encountered so far in students’ reading of Of Mice and Men.

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