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University of Scranton1 Service Learning Assessment Assisting Program Evaluation.

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1 University of Scranton1 Service Learning Assessment Assisting Program Evaluation

2 University of Scranton2 Assessment Overview  Starts with Program Design Mission Goals  Should Decide: Assess What? For What Purpose(s)? At What Level(s)? Within What Timelines? Connecting to Institution in What Way?

3 University of Scranton3 Assess What? Program Design Elements Implementation Quality Factors Student Learning Outcomes Identify factors Connection to curriculum

4 University of Scranton4 Developmental Models (From the Literature) PHASES MODELS 12345 (Eyler and Giles, 1999) Values—I ought to do Knowledge— I know what I ought to do and why Skills—I know how to do Efficacy—I can do and it makes a difference Commitment—I must and will do (Delve, Mintz and Stewart, 1990) Exploration— “Feel good” incentive-based commitment to community issue—usually done in groups Clarification —Identity beginning to be linked to issue, site, or activity Realization— Long-term commitment to activity, site or issue— beginnings or community awareness Activation— Lifelong commitment to single issue— beginnings of civic responsibility Internalization—Impacts life and career decisions— Lifelong commitment to social justice Eyler, J., and Giles D. Where’s the Learning in Service Learning? San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1999. Delve, C.I., Mintz, S.D., and Stewart, G.M. “Promoting Values Development Through Community Service: A Design.” New Directions for Student Services 50 (1990): 7-29.

5 University of Scranton5 For What Purpose(s)? Program  Design elements  Implementation  Impact (outcomes)  Program development or improvement Student  Improve learning  Develop citizenship  Influence career and life decisions  Other

6 University of Scranton6 At What Level(s)?  Institutional  College  Department  Course  Interdisciplinary or Degree Program  Community  Other

7 University of Scranton7 Connection to Institution & Timelines  Consider connecting to U., College, or Departmental assessment  Consider using established timelines University & Strategic Planning & Assessment Annual Report System Accreditation Standards  E.g. Middle States  Program Accreditation (NCATE, ACOTE, CAPTE, etc.) Other

8 University of Scranton8 College Departments CHS Education Exercise Science & Sport HADM/HR Nursing Occupational Therapy Physical Therapy Connect to Curriculum & Student Learning Outcomes Administration & Program Development Service Learning Advisory Board S-L Mission College Mission University Mission Service Learning Conceptual Framework

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