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Why Study Ethics? Management 117

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1 Why Study Ethics? Management 117
Joseph Desjardins Author “Business Ethics” Jerry Estenson, Professor

2 Why? Need to be prepared for careers in business
Many have been harmed by lack of attention to ethics Law requires it Lack of knowledge creates risks in the marketplace

3 Foundation of a strong strategy
Objectives Goals Mission Vision Beliefs Values Purpose

4 The Legacy Thing Collins and Porras
CORE IDEOLOGY CORE VALUES Organization’s essential and enduring tenets - a small set of guiding principles. Not compromised for financial or individual political gain. PURPOSE Fundamental reason for existence - A perpetual guiding star on the horizon. Use the scenario where an individual is an intellectual worker in California. There income is 100% mobile as is their work location. Make the case on why they should stay in California and pay the extra 1% tax.

5 Determining if a “Value” is Ethical
Serves the end of human well-being Happiness, integrity, meaning, freedom, autonomy, companionship, health. Smoking is Ok then Ethical if promote well-being in an impartial way. Malden Mills – ethical, well-being, bad outcome

6 Ethics determine by Individual thinking for themselves
“an unexamined life , is not worth living” Socrates. You therefore will be required to be thoughtful.

7 Ethics as the law Law is history – ethical decisions are now

8 First Old Dead Guys “ethics deals with no small things, but how we ought to live.” Socrates Ethos became ethics – customary (the rule of tribal norms) Philosophical ethics – seeks a reasoned analysis of custom and a reasoned defense of how we “ought” to live

9 Business Ethics The ethics of those charged with acting on behalf of a business. What should a business manager do in various situations?

10 We as educated members of society need ask:
How should we live as an individual and a member of society?

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