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NEXT Web-Based Tutorial Terrence Scarborough AET 545 Instructor: Christine Nortz February 10, 2014.

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4 NEXT Web-Based Tutorial Terrence Scarborough AET 545 Instructor: Christine Nortz February 10, 2014

5 Navigation Buttons PBOs Instructional Goal Instructional Goal Video # 1 Video # 1 Video # 2 Video # 2 Attention Getter Vital Informatio n via the World Wide Web Vital Informatio n via the World Wide Web Scenario # 1 Scenario # 1 Scenario # 2 Scenario # 2 Summativ e Assessme nt Summativ e Assessme nt Resources Step-1Click on the navigation buttons in a clockwise manner to maneuver throughout tutorial. Step-2 By doing so this will prepare you for the assessment. Step-3 Click on word “next” at the bottom right of page to return here.

6 NEXT Performance-Based Objectives 1) The student will demonstrate their responsibilities (care, reporting, confidentiality, disclosure) regarding response to sexual assault when in a military environment by playing the role of the counselor, victim and perpetrator with 90% accuracy. 2) The student will know what actions to take to prevent sexual assault when on or off the job without ramifications with 90% accuracy. 3) The student will collaborate and dialogue to effectively communicate about Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) to subordinates and superiors when referring to or using Army policies and regulations with 90% accuracy.

7 To encourage service members and DA civilians to become knowledgeable on SHARP to Intervene, Act, Motivate those that have been sexually assaulted. Instructional Goal NEXT



10 -How many of you have encountered someone who has been sexually assaulted? -How many of you think this training only applies to the military? -How many of you know that men can be sexually assaulted or sexual harassed NEXT










20 15 20 25 510 I’ve been sexually assaulted and what should I do ? True or False Restricted Reporting Unrestricted Reporting Roles 5 5 5 5 10 15 20 25 20 Team A Team B Team C Team D Instructor NEXT

21 Topic 1 Question for 5 Points What type of location if any should I go to? Show Answer

22 Topic 1 Answer for 5 Points A Safe Location Back to Board

23 Topic 1 Question for 10 Points Who should I contact? Show Answer

24 Topic 1 Answer for 10 Points Sexual Assault Response Coordinator, Victim Advocate or health care provider. Back to Board

25 Topic 1 Question for 15 Points Who must I also contact at my current workplace were the incident occurred? Show Answer

26 Topic 1 Answer for 15 Points Chain of Command, Law Enforcement (military or civilian). Back to Board

27 Topic 1 Question for 20 Points Show Answer Should I seek medical care as soon as possible?

28 Topic 1 Answer for 20 Points Yes Back to Board

29 Topic 1 Question for 25 Points If you suspect you had been drugged what should you do? Show Answer

30 Topic 1 Answer for 25 Points Request a urine sample be collected. Back to Board

31 Topic 2 Question for 5 Points The acronym SARC stands for Sexual Assault Response Coordinator. Show Answer

32 Topic 2 Answer for 5 Points True Back to Board

33 Topic 2 Question for 10 Points All evidence of an assault should me preserved. Show Answer

34 Topic 2 Answer for 10 Points True Back to Board

35 Topic 2 Question for 15 Points You should conduct personal hygiene after an sexual attack. Show Answer

36 Topic 2 Answer for 15 Points False Back to Board

37 Topic 2 Question for 20 Points You should not tape, record or write down any details you may recall about the sexual attack. Show Answer

38 Topic 2 Answer for 20 Points False Back to Board

39 Topic 2 Question for 25 Points There are two types of reports for Sexual Assault. Show Answer

40 Topic 2 Answer for 25 Points True Back to Board

41 Topic 3 Question for 5 Points Restricted reporting is for whom? Show Answer

42 Topic 3 Answer for 5 Points This option is for victims of sexual assault who wish to confidentially disclose the crime to specifically identified individuals and receive medical treatment and counseling without triggering the official investigative process. Back to Board

43 Topic 3 Question for 10 Points Who is not triggered during this type of report? Show Answer

44 Topic 3 Answer for 10 Points Official Investigators Back to Board

45 Topic 3 Question for 15 Points Victims may discuss the matter with whom under restricted reporting? Show Answer

46 Topic 3 Answer for 15 Points The Chaplain. Back to Board

47 Topic 3 Question for 20 Points Who may make a restricted report? Show Answer

48 Topic 3 Answer for 20 Points Active Duty members, Reserve, National Guard, Military Dependents 18 years of age. Back to Board

49 Topic 3 Question for 25 Points What is a consideration when electing a restricted report? Show Answer

50 Topic 3 Answer for 25 Points You control the release and management of your personal information. Back to Board

51 Topic 4 Question for 5 Points This option is for? Show Answer

52 Topic 4 Answer for 5 Points Victims of sexual assault who desire medical treatment, counseling and an official investigation of the crime. Back to Board

53 Topic 4 Question for 10 Points What are the actions of the healthcare provider? Show Answer

54 Topic 4 Answer for 10 Points Conduct a sexual assault forensic examination (SAFE). Back to Board

55 Topic 4 Question for 15 Points Is unrestricted reporting the same as restricted reporting? Show Answer

56 Topic 4 Answer for 15 Points No Back to Board

57 Topic 4 Question for 20 Points When using unrestricted reporting you should use what? Show Answer

58 Topic 4 Answer for 20 Points Current reporting channels, e.g. chain of command, law enforcement or report the incident to the Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC), or request healthcare providers to notify law enforcement. Back to Board

59 Topic 4 Question for 25 Points What is the actions of the SARC upon notification of a reported sexual assault? Show Answer

60 Topic 4 Answer for 25 Points Immediately assign a Victim Advocate. Back to Board

61 Topic 5 Question for 5 Points What is the role of a SARC? Show Answer

62 Topic 5 Answer for 5 Points To ensure the victims receive appropriate and responsive care. Back to Board

63 Topic 5 Question for 10 Points A person that is the center of gravity when it comes to an sexual assault? Show Answer

64 Topic 5 Answer for 10 Points SARC Back to Board

65 Topic 5 Question for 15 Points Does sexual assault only apply to military personnel? Show Answer

66 Topic 5 Answer for 15 Points No. Back to Board

67 Topic 5 Question for 20 Points What is the role of a Victim Advocate? Show Answer

68 Topic 5 Answer for 20 Points Provides essential support and care to the victim to include providing non- clinical information on available options and resources to assist the victim in making informed decisions as they progress through resolution and healing. Back to Board

69 Topic 5 Question for 25 Points What does the victim advocate maintain? Show Answer

70 Topic 5 Answer for 25 Points Communications and contact with victim. Back to Board

71 Show Question

72 “50 Points” Question What is Sexual Harassment? Show Answer

73 “50 Points” Answer Sexual Harassment is a form of gender discrimination that involves unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature between the same or opposite genders when submission to, or rejection of, such conduct explicitly or implicitly affects an individual’s employment, work performance, or creates a hostile or intimidating work environment. Back to Board

74 End Resources Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) SHARP- Recent Policy/Document Changes Army Live: Army CSA addresses Sexual Assault & Harassment STAND-TO!: SHARP- Special Victim Counsel Program STAND-TO!: SHARP- Enhanced Investigation, Prosecution and Legal Support STAND-TO!: SHARP- Victim Advocacy STAND-TO!: Sexual Harassment/Assault Prevention Presidential Proclamation - National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month, 2013 Army Sexual Assault Awareness Month Proclamation Sexual Assault Awareness Month Poster SAAM Activities Across the Army L.D.R.S.H.I.P. - Army Values CSA Sends - SHARP 5 Imperatives and Top 10

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