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Studying in Porto Alegre at the Federal University of the Rio Grande do Sul Nicolas Maillard.

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1 Studying in Porto Alegre at the Federal University of the Rio Grande do Sul Nicolas Maillard

2 What are we talking about? 1.The Federal Univ. of Rio Grande do Sul - UFRGS 2.Ufrgs.INF and Ufrgs.EE 3.Undergraduate study –Organization, –Courses. 4.What next?

3 Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil


5 Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil.


7 U.F.R.G.S

8 The UFRGS – basic data ~30.000 students / 18.000 undergrad Teaching staff: ~2.000 65 undergrad courses 64 MSc./PhD programs

9 9 2007 PERFORMANCE RANKING OF SCIENTIFIC PAPERS FOR WORLD UNIVERSITIES 500 universities 9 universities in Latin America 6 universities in BRAZIL Univ.Rank USP94 UFRJ331 UNICAMP332 UFRGS462 UFMG478 UNESP485 Criteria -PRODUCTIVITY - IMPACT - EXCELLENCE Rankings

10 An international university

11 Escola de Engenharia Created in 1896 11 undergrad courses: –Material (Phelma), –Production (GI), –Electrical Eng. (Phelma), –Environment (E3), –And more: Metal., Mechanical Eng., Chemical Eng., Automation, Civil Eng., … – 7 grad Msc./Phd programs Teaching staff: 173 Students: ~4000 students (3200 undergrad)

12 Instituto de Informática An international center of excellence in Computer Science and Engineering. 88+ professors, graduated abroad –Brazil (26)United Kingdom (5) –France (16) USA (3) –German (11)Portugal (2) –Canada, Belgium, Switzerland… 250+ master & PhD students currently enrolled, 140 PhD already graduated, Whatever the metrics, we are part of the “top-5” in Brazil. –CAPES evaluation, magazine awards, size(s)…

13 Campus do Vale Informática Engenharias

14 Lectures in amphitheaters.... Practical sessions in labs...

15 SELECTIO N 1 st Y 2 nd Y 3 rd Y Study program: [FB]r Diploma of Engineer Master’s degree Engineer cycle BACHAREL ADO “CURSO”

16 Undergrad Courses Incoming: “vestibular” of the UFRGS Courses organized by semester 4 ½ - 5 years formation –Basic courses: math, physics, chemestry –Eng. Sciences: mechanics, eletricity, materials, thermodynamics, informatics,etc. –Specific tecnical formation Ex. Electrical Eng.: eletronics, telecomunication, automatic control, eletric machines, etc. –Trainee period (“I. C.” – Scientific Initiation) –Final project 1-2 semesters.

17 Disciplines “à la carte” The disciplines are organized as a “dependence-tree” Compiler: Abstract Lang., Paradigms of Prog. Abstract Lang.: Graph Theory, Complexity Paradigms: basic prog. The grades range from A ([9,10]) to D (<6). –D = repetition of the discipline. 1 discipline = 60 h / semester = 4h / week = 4 credits. Students usually choose 4-5 disciplines / semester. Not all are available each semester!

18 Students Exchange Programs Double degree (France) –Écoles Centrales –Grenoble Universités (INP) BRAFITEC (France) –Écoles Centrales –Grenoble Universités –Réseau Ampere: (ENSEIRB,ENSEA, ENSPS,ISMR) Erasmus Mundus (Europe) –EUBRANEX network –EBW network ParisTech (France) Many other universities in Europe!

19 The typical script for you 2 semesters, starting in August –Courses, or –Lab internship (July) + courses –2 months Holiday in Jan/Feb. 3 to 4 semesters –double degree programs, –Final Project.

20 Student life Academic environment –RU, student card, international students meetings... Cultural activities –Cinemas, theaters, bars, parties, –Parks, Guaíba lake, Life cost (1 euro = 2.3 R$) –Cinema: 10 reais –1 Coca-cola: 2 reais –RU Lunch: 2 reais –McDo: 10 reais –Select restaurant: 40 reais –Bus-ticket: 2.3 reais –Rent a flat: 400 reais / month. –POA – Rio by plane: 500 reais.

21 And more! Master – Mestrado –Bof...  –The equivalence between the French Engineer / European Master / Brazilian Mestrado is not defined yet. PhD – doutorado –4 years course in Brazil, Trend is to decrease. –VERY strong interaction with Grenoble In all the scientific fields.

22 And more! Jobs in Porto Alegre –1 current attempt... –Visa problem. Jobs in São Paulo / Rio –1 past success story (Olivier Mentine), –Good option: work as “expatrié” for a French company. Jobs in Latin America –PoA is a good starting point!

23 References,,, At the ENSIMAG: Marianne Genton, J.-L. Roch, Gregory Mounié, Yves Denneulin, Brazilian students! At the UJF : Brice Duhamel, J.-M. Vincent, J.-F. Méhaut, V. Martin, O. Richard. Next visits: – October, Claudio Geyer. –January, Nicolas Maillard.

24 And don´t forget... To visit the parks and drink chimarrão on Sunday...

25 And don´t forget... To have a look at our museums...

26 And don´t forget... To take you (boy|girl)friend to watch the sunset...

27 And don´t forget... And, of course, to choose between red and blue.

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