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Retaking Vierville ASL Scenario S1 Allies: Major E Germans:Ireland94 5-20 Feb 2010.

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1 Retaking Vierville ASL Scenario S1 Allies: Major E Germans:Ireland Feb 2010

2 AAR Allies quickly dispersed into nearby buildings after German surprise assault began. Two squads moved into buildings on the south side of the road, and the rest moved into the north side of the road. The Germans immediately moved troops into a building on the north side of town that covered large areas of country terrain (open, orchards, wheat) where American reinforcements were expected to come from. The Germans then made their main assault from the east into the town, quickly gaining control of the center of town and the main objective. The Americans held the German reinforcements that came from the west back, and began to try to reinforce the town from the north. The American's used terrain to maneuver on the Germans holding the building with good fields of fire who were trying to keep American reinforcements from the north from arriving. The Germans consolidated their hold on the center of town, while American reinforcements arrived from the north and made their way into the center of town near the Germans. Finally, the Americans, having broken most of the German force with fire, made a final assault where they had over 80 men facing just 20 men holding the final two buildings the American's needed to take. The Germans were overwhelmed, and the Americans took the building.

3 Original Board Before Setup

4 End of Turn 1 Accidentally expanded useable board to A-Y vice A-V Germans Move First Each Turn

5 After Axis, Turn 2 Germans Move First Each Turn

6 Before Axis, Turn 3

7 After Axis, Turn 3

8 Start of Turn 5

9 End of Game

10 Final Numbers based on units remaining on the board, with distinctions of broken or reduced quality units ignored. Casualties: Americans:7 (one half squad and two leaders) Germans:31 (three squads and one leader) End State: Americans:112 Available Unitgood order / broken squad9 / 1 1/2 squad0 / 2 leader2 / 0 Germans:83 Available squad1 / 7 1/2 squad0 / 0 leader0 / 3

11 Gaming Notes: ? #1: What happens if one hex of a two hex (or more) fire group is in smoke while firing? Current Understanding: The hindrance of the smoke is applied as if the entire FG is in smoke. ? #2: What are the odds for CC if the attacker has greater than 10-1 but less than 11-1 odds? Current Understanding: 10-1 odds. Must be greater than or equal to 11-1 odds to get the greater than 10-1 odds column.

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