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2007/12/08-10Hinode Workshop in China 1 XRT On-orbit Performance R. Kano (NAOJ) & Japan-US XRT Team.

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1 2007/12/08-10Hinode Workshop in China 1 XRT On-orbit Performance R. Kano (NAOJ) & Japan-US XRT Team

2 Hinode Workshop in China2 2007/12/08-10 Contents Optical Performance (Telescope Temperature) Mechanics CCD Performance Effect of Radiation Environment Unexpected Things  The temperature in the front part of XRT.  The motion of one of the filter wheel (FW1).  The change of the XRT response.

3 Hinode Workshop in China3 2007/12/08-10 Optical Performance: PSF From the observation of a Mercury transit, FWHM = 1.0 ± 0.12 arcsec (Weber et al. 2007, PASJ). This is statistically consistent with the pre-launch measurement. FWHM 〜 0.8 arcsec. Mercury

4 Hinode Workshop in China4 2007/12/08-10 Optical Performance: Scattered Lights “Al/Mesh” “Ti/Poly” Non-occulted data Occulted data Eclipse observations suggest the scattered lights, which have not yet parameterized. For the analysis of faint objects, especially in a coronal hole and above the limb, we have to pay a great attention to the scattered lights. Kano et al. 2008

5 Hinode Workshop in China5 2007/12/08-10 LaunchTest ManeuverΔa#1 Maneuver XRT-T Front Side XRT-T Rear Side XRT-D Perigee=472kmPerigee=280kmPerigee=304km Telescope Temperature The temperature of the front side of XRT is higher than expected.

6 Hinode Workshop in China6 2007/12/08-10 LaunchTest ManeuverΔa#1 Maneuver Radiator Pre-Amplifier XRT-E CCD Perigee=472kmPerigee=280kmPerigee=304km Camera Temperature

7 Hinode Workshop in China7 2007/12/08-10 Mechanism XRT has 2 filter wheels, 2 shutters, and 1 focusing motor. Except for 1 filter wheel (FW1), all mechanism works well. Latter I will talk about FW1.

8 Hinode Workshop in China8 2007/12/08-10 XRT Camera Temperature カメラエレキ (XRT-E) 温度 (CCD 冷却用 ) 放熱板温度 CCD 温度 カメラ ON OP ヒーター ON (2007/06/18) CCD ヒーター OFF CCD が軌道上で最も高温となるケース (ベークアウト時を除く) Goal : -43 ℃ CCD ベークアウト ( カメラ搭載 ) プリアンプ温度 (11 月以降のスパイクは技術試験による影響で既知の事象 ) ( 水色 ) ヒーター制御用の CCD 温度センサー (-60 ℃では誤差大 )

9 Hinode Workshop in China9 2007/12/08-10 Dark Current 黒い実線が打上げ前データ。 青プロットが軌道上の通常観測時。 赤プロットは軌道上での Bake-out の際に 測定したもの。 (緑線は 64sec で 1DN となるレート) 図 : 暗電流値の軌道上および地上試験での測定結果 軌道上高温ケース 通常の露光時間(~ 10sec 以下)では無視できるほど小さい!

10 Hinode Workshop in China /12/08-10 solar disk 2007/02/09 20:32:32 (b) Inside of SAA solar disk 2007/02/09 21:12:44 (a) Out of SAA Pseudo signals by high-energy- particle events. DC-offset level for 8”x8” images Effects of High Energy Particles Histogram of XRT counts

11 Hinode Workshop in China /12/08-10 SAA では CCD 画質が悪化 HLZ ではそれほどでもない < 10 pixel = < 0.04% 10 ~ 30 pixel = 0.04 ~ 0.12% 30 ~ 100 pixel = 0.12 ~ 0.41% 100 ~ 300 pixel = 0.41 ~ 1.22% 300 ~ 1000 pixel = 1.22 ~ 4.07% 1000 ~ 3000 pixel = 4.07 ~ 12.2% > 3000 pixel = > 12.2% SAA HLZ

12 Hinode Workshop in China /12/08-10 Temperature Diagnostics Narukage et al. 2007

13 2007/12/08-10Hinode Workshop in China 13 Unexpected Things

14 Hinode Workshop in China /12/08-10 There are some unexpected things. The temperature in the front part of XRT.  Higher than our expectation, but no serious problem for XRT operations and observations. FW1 accidentally stopped in November,  But it returned to normal operations since May 10 th, The change of the XRT response.  We have the data to calibrate the XRT response.  XRT team will deriver the database of the XRT response through SSWDB in near future.

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