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TOWNTOLOGY Genesis of a Project Robert Laurini INSA – Lyon.

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1 TOWNTOLOGY Genesis of a Project Robert Laurini INSA – Lyon

2 Genesis Euro Conf. on the Ontology and Epistemology for Spatial Data Standards, September 2000, near Toulon Initial Project "Towntology" –1000 concepts INSA funds (2002-04) – Two labs –LIRIS (Computing) –EDU (Urban Planning) COST C21 (January 2005)

3 Objective and means Designing and engineering of an ontology for urban planning and city management Covering the "whole urban field" Splitting the urban fields into sub-fields –from sub-ontologies to one ontology

4 Towntology principles Pre-consensus sub-ontology Multiple definitions Visual presentation Semantic network Hypertext structure Photos and drawings Origin and traceability of definitions Possibility of updating

5 Excerpt of the ontology

6 Biking track

7 Portal

8 Project management 1.Aware of each other's expertise 2.Knowing what each partner wants to do 3.Assembling 4.Detecting missing pieces 5.Splitting the cake 6.Agenda

9 UMR 5205 Laboratoire d’InfoRmatique des Images et des Systèmes d’Information Directeur : Bernard Péroche Directeur-adjoint : Robert Laurini

10 Principles of pervasive information systems Data bases Docu- ment bases Know- ledge bases Image and video bases 3D object bases

11 Bases de données d'objets de synthèse Architecture of information and communication systems Real world objects Data, Documents Knowledge Images and videos 3D Objects Information bases Images/ vidéos bases 3D object bases LIRIS Axis 1 Axis 2 Axis 3 Axis 4

12 GIS databases (past) Indexing data by Peano keys Conceptual modelling Spatio-temporal integrity constraints Hypermaps Visual queries Field-oriented databases GIS federation and interoperability Telegeomonitoring

13 GIS databases (present) Geographic and urban data quality Spatio-temporal datawarehouses Spatio-temporal data mining Real time GIS databases Physical hypermedia Groupware for urban planning Ontologies for urban planning


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