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Bojnice Veronika Miklošová, Marcela Peláková 3.A GJAR Prešov 2013/2014.

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1 Bojnice Veronika Miklošová, Marcela Peláková 3.A GJAR Prešov 2013/2014

2 Content 1.IntroductionIntroduction 2.ContentContent 3.MapMap 4.Basic informationBasic information 5.HistoryHistory 6.CastleCastle 7.Events at the CastleEvents at the Castle 8.Linden king MatejLinden king Matej 9.Prepoštská cavePrepoštská cave 10.ZooZoo 11.Roadmap ZOORoadmap ZOO 12.SpaSpa 13.Personality I.Personality I. 14.Personality II.Personality II. 15.ResourcesResources 16.ConclusionConclusion


4 Basic information Trencin region District Prievidza Region Horna Nitra Area: 19,92 km² The population: 4 921 Mayor: Frantisek Tam

5 History 1113: The first written mention 22. february 1366: King Ludovit I. confirmed the town privileges 1647: renewal the town privileges of Ferdinand III. 1872: Bojnice economic, administrative and military center Present : Spa city ​​and major tourist center

6 Castle One of the oldest and the most important Slovak castles 1113:The first written mention of the castle The last owner of the castle: Jan Frantisek Palffy 9.5.1950: castle burnt 1970: National Historic Landmark

7 Events at the Castle Valentine's Weekend at the castle Easter walks International Festival of Ghosts and Monsters Children's Day at the castle Fairy tale castle Celebrations of Life - Super night at the castle (Musical) Knights' Days

8 Linden King Matej 1301 planted by Matus Cak Trenciansky Named after Matej Korvin Property of Museum Bojnice 1969: declared a protected national monument

9 Prepoštska cave  caused by the action of waterfalls entrance to the cave: 242 m n.m. dimensions - width:12 m; height: 4,5 - 8 m skeletal findings animals one of the rare Middle Paleozoic archaeological sites

10 ZOO Established: 1955 The oldest and the most visited of the SR Area: 41 ha Exposure section: 20 ha Present 390 species; 2400 individuals Zoo general type


12 Spa The SPA Bojnice treat diseases such as: musculoskeletal diseases nervous diseases kidney and urinary tract gynecological diseases occupational diseases The treatment uses natural healing water (temperature 28-52 ° C) 6 pools, massage, sauna, fitness 1113 - first written mention of thermal springs

13 Personality  Andrej Kraus  Juraj Kucka  Juraj Mokrý  Andrej Sekera

14 Personality  Martin Petráš  Miloslav Mečíř  Karina Habšudová  Pavol Lančarič

15 Resources City of Bojnice Zoo Linden King Matej Events of the castle Spa Personality Prepoštska cave Castle, Castle Castle Official website of city: Official website of zoo: Official website of castle:

16 Thank you for your attention

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