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No Greater Love. Revelation evil evilRevelation.

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1 No Greater Love

2 Revelation

3 evil evilRevelation


5 The Face of Evil in our world today

6 evil evil is personal is personal


8 evil evil is personal is personal

9 The Gospel The Gospel is good news! is good news!

10 Don’t be evil

11 Guilt culture and Shame culture Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks Thought for the Day 4 th November 2014

12 Guilt culture and Shame culture

13 NoGreaterLove


15 Revelation Revelation 2: 12 - 29


17 Revelation Revelation = Apocalypse uncovering, disclosure, lifting the veil

18 The Face of Evil in Revelation

19 Pergamum Seat of Satan


21 Asclepius, god of healing

22 Zeus king of the gods

23 Throne of Satan Zeus king of the gods






29 Holocaust = holy burnt animal sacrifice Satan = The Accuser

30 Designing Hitler’s podium - Albert Speer & Adolf Hitler

31 Balaam and Balak false teachers... perverting the truth of the Gospel... advocating compromise with the world...

32 Pergamum = thoroughly married

33 Pergamum – faced an external threat Thyatira – face an internal threat

34 Thyatira Tolerant of Jezebel

35 Jezebel?...never a man like Ahab, who sold himself to do evil in the eyes of the Lord, urged on by Jezebel his wife... 1 Kings 21: 25-26

36 Instructions to first Gentile believers: it seemed good to the Holy Spirit and us... abstain from food sacrificed to idols.... and from sexual immorality... Acts 15: 28-29

37 Compromise Application today? The Holy Spirit will pinpoint the battleground in our hearts this morning.

38 No Greater Love Don’t trash the sacrifice

39 1.Hidden Manna The Bread of Life 2.A White Stone A Personal Invitation 3.To Rule the Nations Kingdom Authority 4.The Morning Star Witness to a New Dawn

40 No Greater Love

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